Successful customer retention through webinars

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With a Webinar use an interactive format that helps you with the Deepening customer relationships and thus assists with lasting customer loyalty. Webinars take place as informative and entertaining formats are increasingly being used in online marketing. They primarily serve to impart knowledge, thus providing a permanent added value from the customer's point of view. Customers will gladly return to you if they find such valuable content find.

Webinars and their Potential for customer retention at a glance

The term webinar is composed of Web and Seminar and represents a format for conveying knowledge content. In online marketing, you can use the webinar as a format, for example, to educate your customers about products and their application.

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While webinars were still largely unknown in online marketing about 10 years ago, Today, they are increasingly replacing the previously widespread face-to-face lectures..

The webinar presents a interactive format with which you can make direct contact with your customers. It thus makes a significant contribution to the Customer confidence and thus contribute to longer-term customer loyalty.

Customer acquisition and acquisition are usually time-consuming and long-term processes. Therefore, the lasting loyalty of already acquired customers is of particular importance. Webinars support you in building a sustainable relationship with your target group.

Customer loyalty through Personality and contact

Webinars represent one of the most direct and personal tools in online marketing to get in touch with customers. In the webinar you are live for your customers and business partners and in real time to see. Thus, this format offers a more personal and more authentic appearance than, for example, a classic e-mail. Unlike on the phone, facial expressions and gestures are also visible here. Therefore, you do not have to fear that it will turn out impersonal due to the online character.

Customer engagement webinarsInteraction in the webinar by connecting participants.
Interaction and direct contact in webinars (Image:

Especially in smaller online events, the production of a direct relationship with customers simple. Webinars are not one-sided in this respect, but enable the direct exchange and dialog. You can add other participants at any time. In the technical realization, the webinar usually offers additional helpful functions such as chats or Surveys. In maintaining customer loyalty, you can use Web Events to maintain current contacts as well as revive older contacts.

Customer loyalty through trust and credibility

Trust and authenticity are essential cornerstones of customer loyalty. This makes them among the most important currencies in online marketing. Without trust in a provider is unthinkable, Permanently customers to retain customers. This is particularly true in certain industries and in higher price segments. Webinars are a valuable way of eliminating any skepticism in direct contact with the customer.

With a webinar you show presence. You offer your customers an immediate contact person.

This way you can Answer questions, take suggestions or get feedback. At the same time, customers know not only an impersonal website, but also your face and your voice. These are valuable contributions to customer trust.

Feedback through Interaction

Introducing a new service or new product can be a challenge. If the introduction is one-sided, questions may remain unanswered. Through screen-sharing webinars, you have the opportunity to make a Demonstration live to design.

Direct feedback through surveys
Direct surveys in webinars (Image:

Participants can meanwhile contact you directly and provide feedback. For this purpose, the webinar holds options such as Chats, polls or drawing functions ready. Unlike a pure product page or even a brochure, the webinar offers significantly more opportunities to present the content in a varied and appealing way. The direct Interaction option is a form of appreciation towards your customers and thus a valuable contribution to customer loyalty.

Range and Automation

Webinars offer you the opportunity to work with a large number of customers at the same time to get in contact and to reach them. This offers a great advantage in the case of frequently asked questions. On certain topics, certain questions come up repeatedly.

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By switching a seminar, these can be worked off against a large number of customers. Thus the webinar contributes to the Saving time and costs dar.

Webinars are a format that equally Automations enables. It is not essential that you actually attend a live product presentation or similar webinar presentation. You can already prefabricated records provide viewers and participants with the impression that you are live.

Webinars On-Demand
On-demand webinars can be made available on demand (Image:

Such an automated system is especially worthwhile if it is a particularly high number of customers and spectators acts. This automation also allows you to schedule multiple webinars of different content in advance and spread them out over the week or month.

Independence and Flexibility

With webinars, you gain a piece Independence. You can time sovereign and act independently of location. All you need is a recording device with a camera (such as a notebook, tablet or smartphone) and a working Internet connection. A webinar can therefore be held from the office or on a business trip. Regardless of whether you are in Germany or abroad:

The webinar is a format that you can use at any time.

The independence of the webinar in terms of time and location also increases the Flexibility in the scheduling of events. In contrast, face-to-face events are tied to a specific location, which may not be available to all participants or customers at the time of the event. Recorded webinars can be Repeat at any time or from customers retrieve at own choice of time. This is also appreciated by their customers.


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