Increase customer loyalty with marketing automation

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Marketing automation is still a foreign word for many companies. Yet this modern and up-to-date solution offers a multitude of advantages for companies. Especially in the area of Customer loyalty distinguishes the Marketing Automation has many distinct advantages over traditional methods and solutions.

But what should be paid attention to and what priorities should be set?

Why customer loyalty is becoming increasingly important

Customer loyalty has weakened enormously in today's world, and in many industries it is even almost non-existent? But what is the reason for this?

Above all, the ever-expanding market and easy access to a wide variety of offers via the Internet. Thanks to direct and constant availability via smartphones and tablets, shopping has never been easier. Being tied to a brand is now only really in or relevant in a few areas.

For companies, on the other hand, the loss of customer loyalty is a real problem. In the past, customers were more loyal and many individual customers could be converted into regular customers. There was therefore a stable base of customers who regularly used the company's offers. This security is now very often lost.

With the Marketing Automation it is, however, possible to strengthen customer loyalty again and to address the customer in a targeted and effective manner, thus generating enthusiasm for the company and its offerings.

Marketing automation can cover the entire customer journey

Every potential customer is on what is known as a customer journey, from the moment he or she first becomes aware of a product to the moment it is successfully purchased. This is a term that is often used, but which has become obsolete in the course of the Marketing Automation takes on an entirely new meaning. Because while many older marketing interactions only occur at certain points in the Customer Journey marketing automation offers a significant expansion of this playing field.

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By means of targeted marketing automation, the customer can be specifically addressed and promoted at virtually all touchpoints on the customer journey. Thanks to the ever-increasing data streams and thanks to the fast data processing within the processes used, marketing automation in these areas has become the superior to classic marketing by worlds.

Nevertheless, it is important to plan the various automated processes well and to design them in a strategically favorable way. Because only in this way can the targeted automation of the various marketing measures contribute to the Customer loyalty to the company and the brand in the long term and thus to strengthen the Brand identity of a company.

Set targeted impulses, profit from customer attention

This important marketing automation tool can be used both reactively and proactively.

The aim is to attract the customer's attention to a particular product or brand and to the company itself through the targeted creation of new stimuli. There can be many different ways to actively encourage customers to engage in new interactions.

Through the provision free information, by targeted advertising, by Social Media Marketing or also by the own Newsletter customers can be attracted in a very targeted manner according to their needs.

Since marketing automation can and should accompany the customer throughout the entire customer journey, the proactive portions mentioned here often alternate with the reactive portions that follow. This is important in order to always leave the customer with the feeling of their own freedom of decision and not to scare them away with a flood of information and offers.

Set effective responses to customer impressions

Marketing Automation always means a reaction to a specific event. Be it a special date like the birthday of an existing customer, be it a mail from the customer, a reaction to a newsletter, a review or a complaint.

The Touchpoints the Customer Journey offer many opportunities for customers to come into contact with the company and its products. Each impression of the customer must be answered with a targeted and effective marketing automation response. This offers several advantages.

On the one hand, the customer is thus in direct interaction with the company and can be targeted on its Customer Journey accompany. On the other hand, the company can inspire with its fast response times and direct reaction to the customer.

The company's reputation with the end customer already rises further as a result of this marketing automation. An important step towards customer satisfaction and thus better customer loyalty.

Critically scrutinize the performance of marketing automation

There are very few solutions that work perfectly the first time they are used. It is therefore also necessary to check the various areas of automation and to verify the specified and possible actions and reactions. To do this, it is important to work in a team and to be involved in the role of the customer.

A good method in this section is the Development for example the so-called Six-hats methodwhich was founded in 1986 by Edward de Bono was developed. This original Creativity technique helps enormously to get into the different roles and to get along with the Arguments and counter-arguments to an issue intensively.

Only when you are jointly satisfied with the options and solutions of marketing automation should you use them in productive everyday life. It is important to find obvious errors and misinterpretations in advance and change them.

In many cases, it is also helpful, more employees from the individual Departments as they have their own view on many measures and can offer a direct experience from the respective source. In this way, you gradually sharpen the performance and capabilities of your marketing automation.

Leverage data and linkages for even more effective customer engagement

The field of marketing automation benefits more than almost any other from Big Data and the use of the diverse information streams via the different marketing channels.

Similar to the process of creating a Customer Journey Map Here, too, it is important to focus on the buyer persona and to relate the various pieces of information to one another via a wide variety of interfaces. In doing so, it is important not only to consider the probable actions of the Buyers Persona but to be able to react to these actions in an automated manner.

So it is not unlikely that at the beginning marketing automation often leads nowhere and does not act exactly and appropriately to the wishes and requirements of the customer. However, over time, this percentage of missteps decreases significantly due to an improved and consistently refining data situation.

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The effective use and, above all, the preparation of this data for marketing automation is a challenging task, which, however, considerably simplifies the process of customer retention over time and strengthens general customer loyalty. In addition, new capacities are freed up among employees so that they can focus more intensively on special and unique cases.

See for yourself the many benefits of marketing automation for your customer retention. Request your free SALESmanago trial now.


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