Turbo for SME lead generation - automation as a success factor

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With content and marketing automation, small and medium-sized companies no longer have to rely on large budgets for lead generation. For a long time, the manual nurturing effort of freshly generated leads stood in the way of smaller companies. Because that cost a lot of time and money. If you couldn't compete with your competitors' marketing budgets, you were effectively left behind in lead generation. Modern marketing automation, however, makes it possible to quickly and automatically Scale lead management. As an SME, you benefit from this turbo in lead generation: qualitatively and quantitatively.

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In this article you will find an overview of the most important techniques, tips for automation and a simple guide to generate leads.

Generate qualified leads - put an end to cold calling

Your customers do a lot of the work for you when it comes to generating leads - if you're smart about it. Thanks to the extensive options for finding information on the web, customers can search not only for products, but also specifically for solutions to problems. Even in this research phase, potential customers leave behind a highly visible trail of data that you can use.

Do you manage to get here position as an expertcustomers will notice you very quickly. And not only as a company or dealer, but as a the right way to solve a problem.

This is where the interface to the Content Marketingbecause without the right content, customers either won't find you or will have to research further. Content marketing is the Link between the products and services your company offers and the customer's problems, wants and needs. Good content marketing shows that your company is not only interested in closing sales, but also in sustainable and comprehensive thinks along.

Content marketing as a lead generator
Through interesting, helpful content you will be found by your target group

Often you reach potential customers even before they know they are looking for your solutions to their problems.

With this workflow, SMEs set the turbo for lead generation

Whether with a simple or extensive marketing campaign, generating qualified leads always starts first with the Content. It can be an e-book, a blog article, or a social media post.

The right content is what you use to generate the necessary attention for your company.

Spreading content widely or focusing it has different advantages and disadvantages. SMEs in particular should consider before a campaign whether they have the time and resources to work broadly or whether they would prefer to focus on a specific area. reach target group in a targeted manner would like to

Through the attention generated, you create a trigger with content that leads potential customers to the Contact entices. This can be signing up for the newsletter, signing up for a video series, or downloading an e-book. This first step sets the stage for the content and marketing automation that follows. With simple tools like the Lead scoring you can, for example, better classify how well your measures really work.

Automation helps you probe the leads with the highest scores who are close to making a purchase and convince them with tailored offers.

All this can only work with larger amounts of data if you rely on Marketing Automation set. To set the bridge between personal address and individual content as well as the Addressing many leads at the same time. At the same time you get a direct feedback, for example, by the click-through rate (CTR), which shows you room for improvement.


Marketing automation with personalized email marketing

Your company has gained a lead via a free e-book. It is not yet possible to make a precise statement about the quality of this lead. Your newsletter now arrives at your lead via the distribution list and has a personalized address. A good start, but with the right data you can go further. Your email links to various landing pages. Through a Website monitoring you will learn not only whether users click on your emails, but also which links they choose.

This allows you to create a difficile Lead segmentation. Based on the link clicks, you know which service area the lead is interested in. You can therefore send out further automated emails on this topic. The Lead scoring measures how often the user interacts with their content. This gives you an instant overview of the quality of all your collected leads and ensures that your actions are actually generating qualified leads.

Target your leads precisely according to interests
Marketing automation lets you segment your leads based on link clicks and website visits (source: support.salesmanago.com)

What's so appealing about this for SMEs? You can use such Define actions already in advance and determine when it is worth making which offer to which leads.
Automation is therefore a turbo for SME lead generation. Because even without a large marketing department, it is possible to generate leads from huge amounts of data. meaningful content to distill. In the case of lead generation, this means strong probing for quality and thus a stronger focus.

Add fuel to your lead generation fire

Targeted lead generation and lead nurturing only succeed if you really know who you are dealing with. However, the volumes of data that are made available to you by Google, Facebook and Co. are impossible to keep track of manually in a meaningful way. Only through a certain degree of automation can you keep the Gain overview and thus create a High quality lead generation.

Marketing automation always allows you to go one step further. This is how you could improve your Tailor content perfectly to the interests of the user. Automated, you suggest the right e-book or offer a discount code on a matching product. Automation is the key for your company to continue to be as personal as has traditionally made sense for small and medium-sized enterprises, but at the same time to adhere to a much larger audience to turn.

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However, content and marketing automation by no means mean that the human factor is no longer required. Your expertise, experience and know-how are still in the foreground. Because the best automation still needs your content.


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