The best practices for AI in email marketing

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Artificial intelligence is perhaps the most important tool for companies to Freely scalable work with complex data sets to enable. Through AI in the Email marketing this opens up various application scenarios for you to make work bigger and more personal at the same time. From the Qualification of leads through to the follow-up of your customers after conversion, you have a better overview of your target groups and, at the same time, the opportunity to optimize your marketing on an ongoing basis.
Find out what the best practices are for using AI in email marketing and how to combine smart working and artificial intelligence here.

New call-to-action

With artificial intelligence to the best customer experience

Setting up a mailing list or a simple newsletter is technically not a hurdle. Even small businesses or sole traders can keep their customers updated with simple email marketing.
However, email marketing becomes interesting for most SMEs and start-ups precisely where it actually has a Tangible added value for customers and leads brings. Most users have simply become accustomed through social media that their User Experience a personalized should be - and this is easily possible with a well-designed newsletter.

A modular structure can already make subscribers feel more comfortable because they are addressed personally or receive greetings on their birthday.
A newsletter that suggests products should know which products the leads have viewed in the store and which they have already purchased. The measurement of the open and click-through rate allows precise statements about it and look ahead to which emails are opened by which users and which landing pages are well received.

Positive impact of AI in email marketing
AI in email marketing can support you in various work processes (Image:

Some examples of how AI in email marketing boosts performance

Probably the most important keyword for the use of artificial intelligence is the Automation. Even without large investments, companies can benefit from AI in email marketing with little effort.

Simple rules increase the complexity so quickly that the use of AI becomes indispensable.

As an example, the Customer Life Cycle of existing customers who have not visited the store for 180 days. This means that after the initial purchase, they have neither visited the page nor performed any other actions to further qualify as leads.
With a remarketing mail a Trigger to redirect them back to your own page. This can be a clear call-to-action to submit a product review, a suitable special offer or a complementary product.
If this trigger mail is not answered, another mail is sent which uses better incentives (coupons or limited time offers). Retargeting can now be easily measured and is set depending on the following actions.

Do customers click through the voucher, put goods in the shopping cart and then bounce back? Are the emails deleted unopened? Do users respond better to personalized emails with special offers or to reminders with products in the shopping cart?
Even if each of these decisions has only two paths, the complexity increases rapidly due to exponential growth. But how well artificial intelligence can actually do its job in practice also depends on the Number of interactions with customers or leads from.

The more information the AI has on a newsletter's subscribers, the better the lists can be segmented.

Customer Lifecycle
Trigger emails or clear call-to-actions can bring customers back to your attention. (Image:

Best practices for AI in email marketing

So the job of marketers in the future won't be to hand off much of their work to AIs, but to find the right mix to make the Maximize efficiency of artificial intelligence and automation.
E-mail marketing benefits from the same professionalism that Content Marketing needed. In practice, this means that the technical component can only function as well as the human component.

Subject line and descriptions

Emails require a captivating subject and snippetsthat encourage people to open and read on. And even though a personal salutation can be selected by artificial intelligence, humans have to create them. The use of emojis also ensures lightning-fast and unambiguous communication and makes your company look human.

Tests and optimizations

Also the creation of A-B tests in digital correspondence is one of the best practices. So, far from pausing, you should continue to optimize and further test better performing elements. This loop will also help your company segment its strategies for successful email marketing more closely.

By evaluating A-B tests, you can optimize future steps.
By evaluating A-B tests, you can optimize future steps. (Image:

Working with the right metrics

Depending on what the goal of your marketing campaign is, you will need to work with different metrics to properly rank your RoI.
A higher click-through rate is meaningful if you want to improve the performance of your Call-to-action want to evaluate, but qualifying leads in many cases requires more visits to your site.
Here, too, your campaigns benefit from segmented lists.

Quality vs Quantity

The most important rule remains the quality of your content and associated with it a reduction in frequency. Of course, you can send personalized mails twice a day without any problems, but the Frequency of sent mails should be set rather low be used. If you do want to increase this for individual groups, this must be tested accordingly.

Artificial intelligence may be able to personalize and optimize every single mail, but overwhelming customers with marketing material almost exclusively has an opposite effect.

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Artificial intelligence learns and optimizes - depending on input

By using more AI in email marketing in particular, your company has a unique opportunity: you can personalized content without having to collect too much personal data. Responses such as open rate or CTR are used to perfect marketing campaigns and find content tailored for users.
However, without a solid foundation in content marketing, this can't work - making it all the more important that you take the Marketing funnel as interlocking gears understand
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