Integrated campaign planning with 7 efficiently applicable success factors

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Through integrated campaign planning spread your Message effective and thus achieve the maximum possible advertising or communication success. Integrated here means that the campaign is communicated consistently on all channels and planned and executed as a unit. This is also the decisive Secret of successwhich you can apply to your campaign with the following seven steps.

Although integrated campaigns promise the most success, a 2018 UK market research firm found that 54 percent of 200 international campaigns studied were not integrated. This means that extremely much potential wasted and money wasted. Do better and follow our tips for integrated campaign planning!

1. define a compelling message for integrated campaign planning.

Anyone who launches a campaign should have something to say. This sounds simple and self-evident, but is disregarded far too often. With your Message you not only have to Reach, activate and convince target groupbut also against the countless Advertising competitors enforce.

Therefore, think carefully about what you want to communicate. To get your point across, there are a number of things you can do when developing a convincing and attention-grabbing message a few things to keep in mind.

It should:

  • exactly to the Target group fit
  • crisp and memorable be formulated so that it easily sticks in the mind,
  • unequivocal and clearly expressed without superfluous technical terms or the like and
  • a clear Value proposition or convey problem solving instead of woolly general passports.

The more unique, relevant and creative a message is, the easier it is for the target audience to notice it and the better it is remembered. Because the message is the Basis of all following communication it is considered one of the absolutely most important success factors of campaign work. Therefore, take the time to work it out.

2. question target groups or customer personas

As part of your overall brand strategy, you should already have your Target group definition or your Customer Personas have worked out. In the case of a campaign with a specific concern and communication objective, it may be useful to take another look at it and, if necessary, to specify.

Brand Analysis Template: The Foundation for Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Download Template

The more specific a campaign is, the more precisely you should also narrow down the target group. It may therefore make sense to target only selected customer personas or part of your core target group with a campaign. However, you should be aware of this, so that you can Message as well as all further work steps precisely target this group of people can.

3. select communication channels

In an integrated campaign, different channels are played in parallel, often a Mix of analog and digital channels sensible. However, there is no patent remedy: For each campaign, you have to consider the Communication channels identify those that promise success for your individual concern. In doing so, it is important where the previously defined target group can be reached.

Nowadays, it is no longer possible to reach a specific target group on one channel. Rather, your goal should be to reach your Address target group repeatedly on different channelsin order to achieve as many positive Touchpoints along the customer journey create.

Advertising effectiveness research shows that messages only become effective after memorize four to six times repetition. The effect is particularly great if the user comes into contact with the campaign on different channels. So it makes sense to use digital channels like Social media and Content Marketing to be combined with analog measures such as posters or direct mail.

4. align communication with the message on all channels

Time and time again, companies or organizations launch campaigns in which you record each channel differently. Exactly here goes the in the previous point described Effect lost. The receiver receives on the channels different messageswhich are conveyed differently and thus no longer cross-fertilize each other.

However, integrated campaigning involves communicating a central message across multiple channels.

To avoid any misunderstanding, this does not mean that you have to use the same wording and motifs in your online marketing as you do in TV advertising or billboard campaigns.

Instead, work out a strategy for how to Play out the message defined at the beginning most effectively on each individual channel. For some channels, the focus is on visual language; for others, crisp claims are effective; for others, explanatory texts are required. So you need Different ways to effectively communicate the same message in a channel-specific way.

5. find connecting elements

The Message and central idea of the campaign must be considered as success factors so flexible be that you have this Adapt for different channels can. At the same time you need Common elementsso that the user can establish a connection between the individual communication measures.

Here are the classic components of the Corporate Designs important, but also ideas like a central formulation or Visual language with recognition value should be used.

6. interdepartmental campaign implementation

The larger the company, the more precise are usually the individual Responsibilities staked out. This is a major obstacle to integrated campaign planning. Marketing, sales, press office, customer relationship management and many other work areas can be relevant for a campaign.

Finally ends the Customer Journey does not end with a purchase, but is more like a cycle in which satisfied customers become regular customers and create new touchpoints for future customers with their recommendations.

Only when the various Departments work together, the campaign can be managed effectively. A Agency can be used for campaign management as a liaison of the various corporate divisions, but there should also be close cooperation internally.

7. control is better than trust

No campaign is complete without comprehensive Controlling. Constantly monitor development as one of the key success factors. Are you reaching your target audience and your communication goals?

If not: Try Alternatives and keep adapting your communication. No campaign is perfect from the start.

Brand Analysis Template: The Foundation for Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Download Template


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