How to win leads with quality Instagram texts and posts

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Instagram is everywhere. We use this platform not only to share in the lives of our friends or family members, but also, for example, to share about our hobbies, discover dream destinations or gather information about interesting products. Therefore, Instagram has become part of the advertising strategy of many companies, especially in the B2B and B2C sectors. That Social media part of a good advertising strategy is nothing new - but good approach to lead generation needs to be learned. That's why today we're going to talk about the importance of Instagram texts under posts.


Anyone who wants to use Instagram successfully must first Know its target group. Understanding the needs and goals of the target group helps to tailor the Instagram texts to the potential customers. For this purpose, it should be analyzed, for example, which Tonality the target group uses or expects in social media. What about Emojis and hashtags out or is more likely to be a Formal text desired?

But before we talk about what a good text looks like on Instagram, it's important to know the framework.

  • Maximum 2200 characters are allowed
  • The first 225 characters (1-3 sentences) can be seen directly below the post
  • A maximum of 30 hashtags are allowed.

Offer added value with Instagram texts

For the success of a company, it is crucial to inspire Instagram users again and again. To achieve this goal, you need to offer added value. That means offering interested parties always exciting topics and tips to deliver. Many think that the more likes their posts get, the more often they are played out by the algorithm. But that's not true. The golden compass for the Instagram algorithm is the "Save" function.

Instagram texts can increase interaction and dwell time.
Instagram texts can increase interaction and dwell time. (Image:

It is therefore generally advisable to include helpful life hacks, recipes, or craft instructions in the Instagram post text in order to benefit from the algorithm and generate more reach for a post. This kind of content is saved by viewers so that they can refer to it in the future.

Create especially varied content

Of course, it is interesting for viewers to find out what your company's position is on current topics. It therefore makes sense to include current topics in your feed and create a create personal reference.

The more honest and open you are with your customers, the more authentic you appear.

Just as important as the integration of current topics is a varied content calendar. If you always inform about the same topic, users might get bored quickly. Therefore, make sure that you always Various topics and to tell interesting stories.

Invite interaction

Even with Instagram posts, a Call-to-action essential. Because in addition to the save function, comments are also important for the Instagram algorithm. Therefore, it is important for a better reach, Encourage visitors to interact more. You can achieve this, for example, by inviting people to comment or asking a question to get an exchange going. This way you generate more traffic on your Instagram page and also on your website.

Add CTA to Instagram texts to let an interaction happen.
Add a CTA to Instagram texts to make an interaction happen. (Image:

Because it's important that on Instagram texts keep linking to other social platforms or your website. This way you generate more leads and potential customers.

Uniform design

An engaging and coherent Instagram profile is more attractive than a wild mix of content. Therefore, when creating your Instagram posts, pay attention to on a common thread. This refers to a uniform structure, font and the integration of CTAs. This way you achieve a recognition value and feel-good factor. Once users understand the structure of your posts, they will scroll through your account much faster and also more confidently and remember your company or service.

Promote brand personality

Make sure that the Instagram texts reflect the personality of your brand. The Instagram caption is the ideal tool for this, as it combines the visual and verbal units. The text gives context to the image and tells a story. In doing so, place important values and the Unique Selling Point (USP) of your company to the fore.

With USPs you show your unique selling proposition and give arguments for your service or product.
With USPs you show your unique selling proposition and give arguments for your service or product. (Image:

Storytelling is an effective strategy for achieving a emotional bond to the brand. Because it arouses curiosity, which helps generate new leads.

Here are a few examples of different types of Instagram caption:

  • In the caption Instructions such as various recipes or projects explained.
  • A humorous caption can be especially effective when targeting a younger generation. Here you can work with a lot of emojis and hashtags. This makes the company more lively and gives it a positive and humorous touch.
  • The Informative text is especially useful for companies and service providers that deal with something scientific or worth knowing. For example, NASA can write long texts under their posts because people are looking for this information.
  • A Storytelling Caption is especially important for brands. Here you can position yourself and stand out from the competition by sharing interesting stories.

Let us hold

Even if there is not enough space on Instagram to write a whole article: The platform offers you the opportunity to present your company briefly and excitingly, while telling captivating stories. This is how you strengthen customer loyalty and generate leads.

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