Facebook now enables Instagram Reels ads - here's how to use them properly!

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Instagram Reels are the logical evolution of Story Marketing. Stories are for content creators and Social media Users an easy and quick way to reach followers. For companies, Stories primarily mean that Instagram Reels ads can be placed very natively and visual storytelling can help a brand gain more visibility.
Instagram Reels now embed this format in a longer form factor (up to 30 seconds) and let you place reels in a page's feed. At the same time, filters, music, stickers, and effects are available, so skilled content creators can create stunning reels.

So far, this has been especially good for those companies that rely on Influencer Marketing or already have a respectable organic reach.
With Reel Ads you can Facebook Ads now also switch as Reels. Find out what this means for companies and whether you should already let your IT department practice dance challenges here.


What exactly are Instagram Reels ads?

For Instagram, Reels are primarily the answer to the success of TikTok. Reels are a full-frame experience in portrait format and thus very similar to Stories. Medially, they are therefore Adapted to the usage habits of smartphone owners who mainly use their device vertically.
Through short music and video elements or filters, the reels offer more editing space than stories and remain on the platform at the same time, so unlike Instagram Stories, they don't disappear after 24 hours. Currently, the length of an Instagram reel is up to 30 seconds; TikTok recently increased the maximum video length to three minutes - it is quite conceivable that Instagram will follow suit in some time.

For Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Co., longer videos mean more time on their own platform, more opportunities to place ads and thus more revenue

That's another reason why reels are so omnipresent on Instagram right now. They are the feature that Instagram is desperate to push.
In addition, you should know that the reels play in a loop, so when you create them you can start with Endless loops work. Only when users actively swipe your video away, the playback ends.

Users have the option to like, comment, or share (in Stories) your reels. So you have a better chance of creating viral content with reels than with stories. This is especially good for companies that can deliver high quality content in video format.

With Instagram Reels you can reach your desired target audience in an individual and creative way

Instagram Reels ads - what you need to know about the format

Users can find reels via various functions that Instagram has embedded in its platform. Special fields are displayed in the feed, also via the Explore function, and ultimately also in the regular feed (albeit slightly trimmed). Once users click on a reel, the playback starts immediately and users find themselves in the reels window until they leave it.

After a test phase, Instagram Reels ads are now available to all brands and content creators worldwide. As with story marketing, the main thing you should make sure is that your Ads fit organically into the reels. So consider the young target group and deal with the formats and Trends on Instagram Reels. If you use songs, the reels can only be used on Instagrams for licensing reasons.

The use of music and sound effects is advised in any case, as it works like a cross-reference to your content. So, in a way, songs act as an additional hashtag. Hashtags should receive more attention anyway, as they are among the most critical success factors to increase their organic reach. If you work with Instagram Reels ads, you can create them like Facebook Ads.

Create an Instagram Reel

Reels can be created directly in Instagram or uploaded as external video files. Pay attention to this if necessary, important contents also in writing as an insert to be highlighted. Reels are mostly consumed with sound, but transcription of texts and a good font to image ratio turn good ads into excellent readable reels.

Create your Instagram Reels ads

You create Instagram Reels ads in the Ads Manager by clicking on the "+Create" field - then you just need to select the goal for your ad (video views, traffic, conversions, etc.).
Finally, select budget, duration, campaign, target group and optimization of your campaign.

Select placement

Setting an ad as a reel is done in the placement options. Use the "Manual Placements" function and click on "Placements" there. In the drop-down menu, deactivate Stories and activate Instagram Reels.
After selecting a call-to-action, your ad will now be checked and will then enter the distribution.

Instagram Reels Accessibility
Instagram Reels offer the opportunity for users to stay on your account longer.(Image: onlinemarketing.com)

Instead of placing simple Facebook Ads, place colorful Instagram Reels ads - how does your content stand out?

So now you know how to create Instagram Reels technically and just as easily as ads on Facebook can switch - but what should your reels look like?
With our tips and tricks, you can get started right away:

Talking faces

It's no secret that the algorithm on Instagram prefers faces. Moreover, here you have a very simple low budget option, create exciting reels. Just talk into the camera and add sounds and stickers to the video. Or collaborate with content creators from your target audience.

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Getting to know

Instagram reels allow for easy and seamless edits, you can use that as a business too. A store could show a model before and after wearing the latest collection, or you could give a tour of your halls. Don't worry: the fades are very simple and work as a jump or with your hand in front of the camera.


This video format allows you to do storytelling and bring to life, for example, the About Us section of your website. With photos and images, you can tell the story of your company or success stories from your team


Or take charge and show what your products are good for. By flicking or pointing (at type overlays), you reveal all the things people can do with your brand. Or what makes your brand so special. It's a fun short version of your USP.

Instagram Reels ads and story marketing go hand in hand

Instagram now offers Reels, an additional format that offers many interactions and allows your business to communicate more with your target audience.
Especially if you Appeal to younger customers you should definitely try this out. By integrating with Facebook Ads, you can now use Reels ads to reach your target audience even more accurately.



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