Instagram Reel Ads - How to measure success

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Instagram Reel Ads are the answer to TikTok. Companies large and small whose target audiences feel at home on Instagram have Instagram Reels and Instagram discovered reel ads as a marketing tool for themselves. More than 1 billion users log on to the social media platform every month. The spectrum ranges from well thought-out campaigns to exciting experiments. The common goal of all marketing managers is to increase the Branding as well as the Visibility and Range to strengthen. To allocate budget for Instagram Reel Ads, the question of measuring success arises.


Reels feed - content for non-subscribed profiles

Instagram Reels were not released internationally until 2020. The multi-clip videos, which are a maximum of 60 seconds long, are intended to enable companies and influencers to gain additional followers. The Reels feed consists of content from non-subscribed profiles.

Instagram Reel Ads are an advancement - usable since June 2021 - that allows businesses, Run campaigns for reel placement as well as to control these in a targeted manner and to Target groups Customize.

Instagram pursues the idea of making brands accessible to a larger audience within its own platform.

Since Instagram Reel Ads are targeted at smartphone users, it's important to plan Reel Ads campaigns in portrait mode as well as not to forget subtitles for silent playback.

For a good user experience, upload reels in portrait format and with subtitles.
For a good user experience, upload portrait and caption Instagram Reel Ads. (Image:

Mix of organic and sponsored reels

One of Instagram's marketing tricks is to link sponsored Instagram Reel Ads to maximum 30 seconds Show length between regular reels of users. Companies can perfectly align their ads with users' interests so they fit seamlessly into a feed.

The secret is to make Instagram Reel Ads look like organic Instagram Reels and not give them an advertising character. Sponsored Instagram Reels are automatically marked by "Ad" or "Sponsored Post". A big advantage of Instagram's advertising channel compared to TikTok is the very precise definition of the target groups. For example, it's easy to play out Instagram Reel ads based on age, interest, and online behavior.

Potential for business to go viral

The ability to leave comments, save, share and like Instagram Reel Ads ensures that ads have the potential to go viral within a short period of time. Successful examples - not only from large corporations - already exist in the area of Instagram Reels.

This holds enormous potential for companies with low marketing budgets. Call-to-Actions at the end of Instagram Reel Ads encourage users to interact and help achieve marketing goals.

View creation and results in the Ads Manager

The individual steps you need to go through to place an Instagram Reel Ads ad in Facebook Ads Manager are:

  1. Set advertising target, targeting and placement
  2. Determine the freely selectable budget and a schedule
  3. Choose placement for Instagram Reels
  4. Create the display in 9:16 format
  5. Activate campaign

The Facebook Ads Manager shows the results in real time while Instagram Reel Ads are being placed and allows for analysis. The clear reporting tool shows whether the Instagram Reel Ads achieve the desired advertising goals and provides information about optimization potential.

Analyze your Instagram Reel Ads from and optimize them.
Analyze your Instagram Reel Ads and optimize them. (Image:

Measuring success - analyzing relevant KPIs

As with all marketing efforts on Instagram, relevant KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are the number of impressions - which, in the case of Instagram Reel Ads, can be controlled by the marketing budget, among other things. In addition, there are the reach, the engagement, the click-through rate, the number of conversions, the cost per conversion, and the number of new followers.

Marketers can get answers to the following questions by using the Ad Manager:

  • How often was the post viewed by users - differentiated according to targeting criteria, among other things?
  • How many people could be reached through the Instagram Reel Ads?
  • What is the amount of interactions - including likes and positive comments?
  • Does the number of followers grow as a result of running an Instagram Reel Ads campaign?
  • Where are the intersections with established formats - like Posts and Instagram Stories?
  • How many users followed the interaction and landed on our brand's profile?
  • Has the click-through rate increased as a result of the ads?
  • Do Instagram Reel Ads influence the number of successful conversions?
  • Do the ads help increase sales via Instagram as an advertising platform?

The advertising goals for each company are different. For the majority of advertisers on Instagram, it is important not to give the greatest weight to the number of new followers. Relevant goals for companies that use Instagram as an advertising platform are in the area of branding and generating conversions or purchases.

Evaluate the numbers of the ads to draw conclusions.
Evaluate the numbers of ads to draw conclusions. (Image:

Conclusion - great potential for courageous companies

Instagram Reel Ads have a great potential to gain followers, strengthen the brand image and increase sales. In particular, the possibilities of targeting by core, custom and lookalike audiences offer opportunities to precisely narrow down the target group and acquire new leads and customers.

Since Instagram Reel Ads and their success measurement are still in their infancy, it remains to be seen what exciting innovations Facebook and Instagram will enable in the near future. As with many new marketing tools on social media, courage pays off and is rewarded by Instagram - as initial evaluations show - with additional visibility and reach.

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