The Top 6 Inbound Marketing Trends for 2021

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Inbound marketing combines social media, content marketing and SEO. It gives you a strategic platformfrom which you can reach your customers. For you, this means a higher return on investment, more loyalty to your brand and More qualified leads.
But precisely because the technological aspects behind inbound marketing are evolving so rapidly, it's important that you stay on top of current trends. We have summarized the six best inbound marketing trends for 2021 for you.

More engagement, better targeting, full potential - bet on these inbound marketing trends

Inbound marketing is not just about content, Targeting and reach, it's primarily about trust. Your company needs Competence and qualityto signal to users at the first click that you are the right contact - and that across all channels. This trust not only translates directly into conversions, but is also the right foundation for Build sustainable brand loyalty.

And precisely because inbound marketing is such a multifaceted umbrella term, you'll always find the right arsenal in your marketing portfolio to meet your challenges.

Brand Analysis Template: The Foundation for Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Download Template

1. moving image that moves

In a survey conducted by HubSpot the platform determined which content brings the most engagement. The result was quite close, but video content (with 54%) accounts for the highest share worldwide.

The outlier in Germany, by the way, is the newsletter via mail, which is more popular here than video content. However, the survey was conducted in 2017.
Videos on YouTube, but also on Facebook and Instagram, are an important part of a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy with which you present yourself as a competent and approachable brand.

Video content is a trend in inbound marketing
Video content resonates most with users (Image:

For your marketing department is also the Form of optimization and engagement relevant. On Google and YouTube, your content must be optimized for search engines, as users are presented with it either via active searches or via suggestions from the algorithm. On Facebook, Twitter and (to a lesser extent) Instagram, video content is shared, i.e. suggested to one's own circle of friends. This requires a fundamentally different approach and form of video content.

Also important: Grasp briefly.

Produce short and specialized clips rather than full-length tutorials. The rise of platforms like TikTok or Instagram Stories is a clear indication of the popularity of crisp videos that get to the point and can accurately communicate your brand message.

2. better user experience for lead generation

Forms are essential if you want to generate qualified leads. But the more fields you ask users to fill out, the more likely they are to bounce.

One way out are Progressive forms. Here you create the profile of your users not through a long form, but little by little. The download of each new resource requires only one or two pieces of information, which you can use to build a sharper profile of your users over time.

You can assign this profile information via name and/or email. The more customers engage with your company, the better you get to know them.

Progressive forms can improve and simplify the user experience.
Progressive forms can improve and simplify the user experience. (GIF:

3. personal marketing with real personalities

Among the most important inbound marketing trends in recent years was the Influencer Marketing. But when it comes to your brand collaborations, you should now rethink and focus less on quantitative reach. Instead of collaborating with A-listers, your brand benefits from micro influencers whose credibility does not suffer from weekly brand deals. It also allows you to tap into very specific market niches or regional markets, and with generally lower spend.
Even as a small or medium-sized company, you can find micro influencers who fit your brand concept and share your core values.

Authentic collaborations support your inbound marketing
Weigh whether a Mirco Influencer or a Macro Influencer has more potential for you. (Image:

4. engagement through interactivity

The web has become faster and your content should pay tribute to that. The direction of travel is similar to shorter video content: if you allow your users to actively search for the content they really want, you reduce the bounce rate.

The fact that users today still largely read page-long blog articles is a noble notion, but not much more. Add value to your content by interactive graphics, maps or VR tours on. Your content is no longer the word of your company preached from the pulpit, but users are part of the message through their engagement.

5. from number one to featured snippet

There are also new inbound marketing trends in search engine optimization. Featured snippets are the solution favored by Google for customer loyalty, because users do not migrate via the snippets, but stay on the Google site.

Featured Snippet
SEO optimization for featured snippets supports your inbound marketing strategy

Your optimization should change to be listed in the relevant Featured Snippets, ideally as the first hit of course. The snippets provide answers via Google when users ask the search engine questions. Since many search queries are still set at a point of diffuse information gathering during the customer journey, it is important to be placed as a problem solution where customers cannot yet properly define their own problem.

If your company manages to answer these search queries expertly, you naturally present yourself in the snippets as a competent contact whose link people are happy to click on.

6. find the right communication

Messenger services like WhatsApp have changed the way we communicate with our contacts. This applies not only to communication with each other, but also to conversations with brands and companies.

Not every customer necessarily wants to send an e-mail for a small inquiry, and messenger marketing in particular will become more important in the future. Even if German consumers are still relatively shy in this respect. Basically, the more more communication channels you offer, the lower the hurdle for users.

Brand Analysis Template: The Foundation for Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Download Template

Technologies and trends in inbound marketing

Even this small overview into the most relevant inbound marketing trends 2021 shows how versatile the possibilities are with which your company can optimize the contact with your target group.

In doing so, in each of these tips you will find ways to reach your Target Audience faster, easier and better, and create meaningful dialogue and exchange. The most important factor here is Engagement and short speechesthat fully meet the information needs of the target group.


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