Better inbound marketing through marketing automation

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The Internet has taken on a streaming function for so many marketing processes that it can be difficult for you to draw the crucial conclusions from the information available to you. For example, most potential new customers will certainly be online their first point of contact have with your company. They don't even have to look for your products or services, but for solutions to problems where you are exactly the right contact.

New call-to-action

But which customers are really close to making a purchase? From which contacts can you Reliably generate qualified leads and when are they really ready to buy? Analyzing this user behavior on a large scale and acting accordingly can only make sense with a certain degree of Marketing Automation take place. This benefits your entire Inbound Marketing from content marketing to your social media presence and search engine optimization. Find out exactly how marketing automation can support you here in our compact overview. 

Inbound Marketing Methodology
Inbound marketing is used for customer acquisition and retention (Image:

Optimize your inbound marketing with automation processes

With the methodology of inbound marketing Accompany strangers from the first point of contact with your company to the conclusion of a sale. From the first "shy" contacts to Social media or keyword search via a clear call-to-action to mails and finally tailored smart content, you can thus turn a contact into a customer and even a promoter. 

You can efficiently support this process through marketing automation by You personalize email campaigns and offer each customer exactly the relevant information, coupons, discount codes or bonuses that particularly appeal to them.

At the same time, you can use the campaigns within Marketing Automation for constant Control and optimization of your actions use. Metrics like open rate, click rate, conversion rate, and ROI let you know what's really resonating and what's not. That makes your Lead profiling even more selective and brings even more personalized content to your customers.

Marketing automation in combination with inbound marketing helps to segment customers and to address them appropriately.

Automated lead scoring and lead nurturing

You can also take the assessment of the quality and maturity of leads to the next level with marketing automation, because through the automatic evaluation of the data you can use rules to determine when data is shared with the sales team. To do this, you can use different methods to score or profile your leads and better assess when leads are really ready to buy.

But not only on the right Content Inbound marketing is not just about the right message, it's also about the right time. Precise action can only be implemented meaningfully through automation in analysis and action. 

Personal inbound marketing through automation

As counter-intuitive as the thought may be, more automation in inbound marketing will lead you to increase your Send leads more personalized and relevant information and offers can. The more you leverage the quantity of data, the more likely you are to realize the qualitative potential of your data.

They have less effort and therefore lower costs, but at the same time a higher yield.

The core of inbound marketing is really good content with added value for your potential customers. You present yourself as an expert, a problem solver and a contact person. That is what significantly Your brand image shapeseven more than pricing policy and products. Your expertise creates the pull effect, turning prospects into customers because they learn to value your expertise. 

Once you have achieved this standing with your customers and followers, you may even be able to cut back on the number of paid advertising slots, further reducing costs.

Through Marketing Automation you can effortlessly run multiple, customized campaigns side-by-side, compare results, and quickly and efficiently audit, challenge, and optimize your entire marketing operation.

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Marketing automation is an indispensable process that enables you to make your inbound marketing Optimize strategically can. From complex workflows to comprehensive marketing plans to smaller details like sending emails at the best time for each user, Automation makes marketing easier for you. This allows you to scale your content so that you don't have to shy away from competition from larger competitors.


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