The 7 top features of the HubSpot Marketing Hub

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More and more industries and business areas are shifting to the Internet. As a result, professional online marketing has become a decisive factor for economic success. The HubSpot Marketing Hub acts as an ideal tool and supports you in the implementation of various tasks. The associated tools provide you with an overview of the important competitive advantage and increase the range of your company.

But what specific features does the HubSpot Marketing Hub actually offer? Below you will find a comprehensive overview of the key features and the added value for your business.

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An advanced CRM module as a basis

The integrated CRM module in HubSpot Marketing Hub forms the basis for the various marketing activities. The corresponding contact data is collected centrally and displayed clearly. For this purpose, the following can be Synchronize and map data from a wide variety of sources. This includes your website and third-party systems such as Salesforce.

In addition, the HubSpot Marketing Hub offers a Open interface (API) for the connection of further data sources. The transferred data records can be displayed as digital contact cards. This way, you have all important information, such as e-mail addresses and telephone numbers, immediately available. In addition, all customer contact points (Touchpoints) is displayed, which enables an individual analysis.

All in all, the CRM module of the HubSpot Marketing Hub should be seen as the starting point for your target-oriented advertising strategy.

Create and manage custom ads

Paid advertisements make a valuable contribution to professional Online Marketing. In the HubSpot Marketing Hub, you can create your corresponding Connect accounts and manage them centrally. To do this, simply link your advertising accounts from providers like Google Ads and Facebook. After the successful connection, you can, for example, use the Control and optimize performance of individual ads. Furthermore, new ads can be created and published directly via the HubSpot Marketing Hub. Both the integration of graphics and the setting of parameters is uncomplicated and self-explanatory designed.

Have your ads including evaluation at a glance - with the HubSpot Marketing Hub.
Have your ads including evaluation at a glance - with the HubSpot Marketing Hub. (Image:

Innovative and user-friendly email marketing solution

Sending newsletters has been a proven method for a long time and is one of the classic measures of online marketing. The corresponding mails can be composed and sent within the HubSpot Marketing Hub. In combination with the wide range of options for evaluation, you can use your Optimize newsletter step by step.

For the design of the mails, you can choose from various features, such as the integration of blog content. In addition, the HubSpot Marketing Hub includes an enormous range of templates that you can use to give your newsletters an individual touch.

The advantages of the email marketing module are rounded off with a practical drag & drop editor that guarantees excellent usability.

HubSpot Marketing Hub has a simple drag and drop feature.
HubSpot Marketing Hub has a simple drag-and-drop feature. (Image:

Tools for a professional web presence

Meaningful and representative landing pages are indispensable for a successful web presence. With the help of the HubSpot Marketing Hub, you can both technical as well as content adjustments make. Accordingly, you can, for example, define the page title as well as the meta description and create the design. The available tracking data also creates the perfect conditions for continuous optimization of all landing pages. However, the functions of the hub are not limited to individual parts of your web presence, but cover the entire programming. Thus, you can create a complete website with the associated CMS and attract new customers and clients online.

Realizing the full potential of social media

Social media plays an important role in an effective marketing strategy in the digital age. In the HubSpot Marketing Hub, you can directly connect your accounts on Facebook and Co. Subsequently, new Create and publish posts within the Hub. In this context, individual plans can be created that perfectly fit your target group. Thanks to the integrated monitoring, you have the reach and results of your posts in view at all times. The supported networks include Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Planning and publishing on different social channels made simple and structured.
Planning and publishing on different social channels made simple and structured. (Image:

SEO functions for more visibility

For a high volume of traffic, the targeted Search engine optimization of central importance. The HubSpot Marketing Hub includes comprehensive SEO reports that help you improve your Improve rankings in the long term can. As a result of the analyses, you receive concrete and easy-to-understand recommendations. This way, potential problems such as missing meta descriptions can be quickly identified and remedied.

By consistently using the SEO reports and implementing the improvement suggestions, you will get measurably more traffic, which is crucial for customer acquisition.

The smart automation of marketing

With HubSpot Marketing Hub, you can automate a whole range of tasks. Thanks to this feature, you'll have more time for your core business while the marketing strategy increases your awareness and reach. In doing so, the software enables you to Creation of individual workflows, which include, for example, welcome emails for a new blog subscription.

Automation can be flexibly adapted and tailored to the specifics of your business area.

EBook - Read now: HubSpot, Salesforce or SALESmanago - 7 Marketing Automation Tools in Comparison - Download

Conclusion about HubSpot Marketing Hub

The presented functions underline the manifold added values of the HubSpot Marketing Hub. The input of your sales data also creates synergies that can take your business to a new level. Thanks to the detailed reports, you can also quickly see which measures are producing the desired results and which are not.

Do you have questions about individual functions or the specific use in practice? Then please do not hesitate to contact us for an individual consultation. We look forward to hearing from you and are at your side as an expert partner.



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