Successful campaign management with HubSpot

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Managing marketing campaigns is a fine art. But with the right tools, the entire process can be simplified significantly. Collaboration within the team can also benefit significantly from professional solutions such as HubSpot benefit. We would like to show you how HubSpot campaign management works, where the advantages and disadvantages lie and what costs you should expect.

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What distinguishes successful campaigns

Successful marketing campaigns don't just happen; they have to be carefully planned from the outset and monitored and optimized as they progress. The clientele wants to be satisfied along the entire Customer Journey Optimally accompanied and with care and the right content addressed become. The transition from marketing to sales is particularly critical here. If there is a break in communication or a change in style, this can put customers off for a long time.

For this reason, it is important that the different teams not only work on the same database, but also coordinate with each other. A tool like HubSpot simplifies this point of campaign management because it is a complete, cross-divisional customer relationship management tool acts.

HubSpot Campaign Management offers these features

To ensure seamless collaboration in campaign management, HubSpot convinces with numerous functional possibilities. Among other things, tasks can be created and assigned to individual employees or teams. Deadlines and due dates are possible, as well as adding notes and other tasks related to the same campaign.

Comments can be used to organize communication within teams and across teams.

In the calendar, all data and important resources remain in view. As a user or team leader, you can use the calendar to manage practically all workflows and processes in HubSpot Campaign Management. organize and via a central dashboard Keep all relevant information in view.

With HubSpot, you have a consistent, structured, and optimized view of your campaign management.
HubSpot gives you a consistent, structured, and optimized view of your campaign management. (Image:

The tidy interface and very good customizability make HubSpot an optimal tool for structuring, organizing and optimizing large and small campaigns. Let all teams operate optimally in their own workspace and keep the Overview of the entire progress.

The prices and costs at a glance

When it comes to prices, HubSpot offers three different price models with different focuses and a different scope of services. One advantage of all three offers is that you only have to pay for the contacts that are directly addressed. The database size for possible contacts is practically unlimited.

The various packages are adapted to different company sizes and marketing budgets and accordingly offer a enormous range and difference of functions. From the Starter Package, which can be booked from 41 euros per month, to the Professional Package for 740 euros per month and the Enterprise Package for 2,944 euros per month, there is a wide choice.

In addition, HubSpot also offers in the area of campaign management free of charge usable toolswhich, however, are limited in their scope and performance. Nevertheless, you can already get an idea of HubSpot and the possible campaign management without having to pay for it.

HubSpot is worthwhile for different company sizes

As already mentioned with the prices, it quickly becomes clear that HubSpot is very well suited for campaign management of various sizes. Companies with a large number of employees and thus also a large number of customers require completely different tools to manage them and to look after their own diverse campaigns. In the Enterprise variant, HubSpot offers the following tools for campaign management, among others:

  • Single sign-on functions
  • Hierarchical team structures and authorizations
  • Frequency limits for e-mails
  • Sandboxes
  • Multi-Touch Revenue Attribution Solutions
  • Triggers for behavioral events and reports
  • Lead scoring automation
  • ... and many more tools
HubSpot Enterprise offers worthwhile tools for smooth campaign management.
HubSpot Enterprise offers worthwhile tools for smooth campaign management. (Image:

As HubSpot grows in cost, it also grows in features and capabilities, enabling it to Requirements of large corporations equally met become. Many of these functions are not very useful for smaller companies with lower budgets and small target groups. Since it is likely that the monetary capacity for these functions are too small and thus the respective packages, from an economic point of view are not useful.

Interfaces ensure efficient transfer of all data sets

For HubSpot campaign management to work, companies should use the program for more than just this purpose. It is HubSpot's complete Customer Relationship Management - program, which among other things also has many marketing functions. Therefore, it is sensible and purposeful as a company to focus entirely on the broad functionality of the program and to establish it as a standard in their own company.

With HubSpot, a structured and clear CRM is possible.
With HubSpot, a structured and clear CRM is possible. (Image:

Among other things, this ensures that the Data sets always up to date and can be used equally by all participants. The transfer of customer and user data can be realized via various interfaces, so that an integration or migration of the systems is possible. completed without problems can be.

Tests and uniform standards promote successful campaigns

Large campaigns on different channels can be managed and organized very well because the different areas of campaign management work hand in hand at HubSpot. This is thanks to the given overview of tasks, task areas, and retrievable deadlines at HubSpot. In campaign management, a clear communication and a clear division of responsibilities particularly important. And here, too, it is clear how well thought-out HubSpot's entire interface is and how quickly the employees of the individual teams can familiarize themselves with these work areas.

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By allowing related marketing materials to be combined and organized into individual campaigns directly in HubSpot, the design of campaigns becomes much more consistent. The various dashboards as well as user-defined reports for individual campaigns or subsections provide for Control and overview of active and ongoing campaigns. Monitoring, testing, and optimization becomes easy. Intuitive campaign management can be implemented quickly and efficiently with HubSpot - and is good for profitability.


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