HubSpot CMS - features and benefits

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With the innovative HubSpot CMS (content management system), you create powerful websites that enable you to maximize your leads and conversions. Sophisticated tools and custom features allow your marketing and sales team to smooth workflows. Automated processes save valuable working time and costs.

As a user, you benefit from the know-how and innovative strength of one of the leading providers in the field of Inbound Marketing and CRM. You can use HubSpot's CMS to create engaging, personalized visitor experiences for your customers that generate new revenue. We provide an overview of the features and benefits below.


Build complete websites

With the HubSpot CMS it is possible to build complete websites by drag-and-drop. Small companies without their own programmers benefit from the possibility, complete page layouts without programming knowledge to be able to implement in the WYSIWYG editor. Following the Responsive Design approach, websites are automatically adapted to the requirements of any digital output device.

In the Professional version, the CMS solution is aimed at companies with their own small to medium-sized Internet presence. Companies with extensive website solutions make the optimal choice with the Enterprise version.

The intuitive operation and user-friendly interface ensure a quick start.

Anyone who has had no previous experience with CMS systems is well served by the well thought-out "step-by-step" approach.

Convincing backend and frontend

Users' expectations of websites have changed. Technical advancements make it possible to communicate individually to the needs of each individual user. The customer becomes the focus of thought and action. The HubSpot CMS offers you all the important functionsthat modern marketing and sales departments need. On the one hand, to ensure the requirements of user-centered design and, on the other hand, that an optimal support of the Customer Journey is fulfilled.

The sophisticated backend of the HubSpot CMS makes it possible to create visually compelling and successful front-end solutions.

You can choose from pre-built layout at HubSpot CMS.
You can choose from pre-built layouts with the HubSpot CMS. (Image: )

Design an Interaction platform

Digital channels are growth engines. Companies that opt for HubSpot's CMS actively use the Internet as an interaction platform. Their goal is to, To offer the greatest added value to each and every visitor and to convince him of the quality of one's own brand, products and services. Whether multilevel Marketing campaigns, seasonal events or changes in the business model. With the HubSpot CMS, you can also Overcome complex challengeswithout losing sight of the big picture in the hectic day-to-day business of marketing and sales.

Take advantage of the extensive features of HubSpot's CMS to make your Increase productivity and to always present yourself to your stakeholders with the latest content and technology.

Create content for different channels

From a marketing perspective, the HubSpot CMS offers huge advantages in multi-channel marketing. It is possible to manage all content components centrally and play them out on different channels. Multi-channel marketing is an important prerequisite for providing customers with the optimal Touchpoints for successful entry into the customer journey and to provide the User Experience sustainably.

The HubSpot CMS is well suited for mutli-channel marketing.
The HubSpot CMS is well suited for mutli-channel marketing. (Image:

HubSpot's CMS enables your prospects and customers to perceive your company as service-oriented and customer-focused. In the mindset of your marketing and sales team, potential and existing customers play the central role through the HubSpot CMS, so that potentially cost-intensive management errors can be avoided without extra effort.

Why should you choose the HubSpot CMS?

  • Your team can fully concentrate on the core business. HubSpot takes care of all technical aspects. You have no hassle with hosting and maintenance. Updates are provided automatically at regular intervals. Relaunches are completely unnecessary. The HubSpot CMS is suitable for companies of all sizes. Version-dependent monthly fixed costs ensure predictability and transparency.

  • "Smart content" solutions in the form of personalized content for visitors known to the company enable optimal support of individual customer journeys. Adaptive tests, i.e. comparisons regarding the success of up to five different page variants, offer targeted optimization options. The selection is made automatically on the basis of traffic analyses.

  • HubSpot's CMS allows you to conduct precise research into which sources, campaigns, and content types generate the highest number of Generate leads. Based on the evaluations, you can flexibly adjust your online marketing strategies.

  • Linking the CMS with HubSpot's CRM provides marketing and sales teams with outstanding support for their processes. Employees can complete central tasks effectively and in a targeted manner.
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Conclusion - practical features for growth-oriented companies

With its CMS, HubSpot has met the needs of companies that have not yet effectively exploited the potential of their website. Without much programming effort, you can adapt the content and look of your website to the needs of your Target groups align

As a contemporary Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, the HubSpot CMS offers maximum security. Users can easily publish new content at any time without having to worry about technical aspects. Marketing and sales teams can focus their attention on strategic considerations as well as meeting customer needs.



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