Customer Relationship Management and the Help Desk - Optimal Synergies

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A good and integrated into the overall company Customer Relationship Management is enormous. However, many companies forget their own help desk during implementation. Whether online or offline, access to the relevant CRM data should also be possible in this case. This is the only way to ensure an effective and resilient customer relationship. We will show you why you should always integrate your helpdesk into the CRM. Customer Relationship Management should integrate.

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Optimal customer relationship management for customer retention

Customer loyalty has declined conspicuously in recent years. This is due, among other things, to the ever greater opportunities on the Internet and the resulting increase in competition on the national and international market. Accordingly, the Customers have become much more arbitrary and must be actively retained by the company. As a result of this change in customer behavior, companies must also adapt.

A good and well integrated Customer Relationship Management Among other things, it should help to bind new and existing customers more closely to one's own company and to increase the Reach customers more effectively. For this reason, more and more companies are relying on a good Customer Relationship Managementwhich is integrated into all levels of the company and which can be used from marketing to sales for a closer customer relationship.

Access to customer data across all levels for optimal customer retention

Important with a well integrated Customer Relationship Management is that customer data is not only recorded in the various areas, but can also be retrieved from them. Among other things, this is the case with the Marketing Automation of crucial importance. Yet many companies use the Customer Relationship Management only in parts or too poorly to really benefit from this useful tool. Therefore, it is often crucial that a good customer relationship management tool is designed by professionals not only installed, but also integrated will.

Training and assistance can teach employees how to use the various tools and also ensure that the system is also used in all relevant areas. What good is the best customer data if it cannot be used to acquire customers and retain existing ones?

Problems in the helpdesk - avoiding bad user experiences

Most companies offer their customers a helpdesk that they can use in the event of problems. This can be implemented in various forms, which can also be operated side by side. From a simple hotline to an information point in the store, via forms and e-mails to chat offers, the field is very broad. The problem, however, is that customer contact with the help desk is often unsatisfactory.

The customer has to describe his problem exactly and encounters uninformed employees without access to important details and files. This can quickly lead to an already dissatisfied customer becoming even more dissatisfied and turning his back on the company permanently. Avoiding this is a top priority for the help desk. It is therefore important that the help desk is integrated into customer relationship management.

The helpdesk must be integrated into customer relationship management

When the helpdesk is directly Customer Relationship Management this offers many advantages. Regardless of which channels the helpdesk uses, the customer's name, customer number or e-mail address can be immediately assigned. This means that not only can the customer be addressed by name, but the entire processing in the helpdesk is faster and more effective. Above all, however, contact with the helpdesk can also be made in the Customer Relationship Management noted and thus documented.

Helpdesk information directly in Customer Relationship Management

For example, if the customer has already been contacted once about an error or a problem and this has been noted in the customer relationship management tool, the next employee will not suggest the same solution path again. The customer thus not only feels that his problems are being taken seriously, but in the best case scenario can also be accompanied so efficiently that the problems are solved.

This not only convinces of the competence of the company, but also clearly shows the customer that he is taken seriously even after a purchase. Thus, the customer will not only remember the company positively, but also in subsequent purchases much more often turn to the company with which he could make positive experiences in all respects.

Individual service at all levels

This integration of all data and quick and easy access enables help desk staff to work much faster and, above all, in a more targeted manner. For example, if there are known problems with a product, a glance at the customer's purchase history can immediately identify which products they have purchased and which known problems have occurred with these products.

This not only minimizes the customer's waiting time, but can also lead to faster completion of all tasks. This ensures customer satisfaction for the company, which among other things increases customer loyalty. A win-win situation for all involved. Especially since the helpdesk employees also benefit significantly from this solution.

Conclusion: Anyone setting up customer relationship management should not neglect the help desk

In summary, it can be said that an integration of the Customer Relationship Management in the helpdesk area leads to enormous improvements. Not only do the people responsible gain a direct overview of the customer and their buying behavior, they can also respond to their problems and inquiries more quickly and in a more targeted manner. As a result, contacting customer service is a much more positive experience for the customer. Not only are they greeted by name, if possible, but the employees also have a direct overview of the purchase made and the problems more often associated with it.

The customer thus feels much more valued and that his problem is taken seriously. One of the consequences of this is that customers remain more loyal to the company even if they have problems with a product and are much less likely to switch providers.

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Therefore, it is of essential importance for a well-established Customer Relationship Management integrate the helpdesk in any case and give it access to the relevant data. Regardless of whether the customer contacts the company via a chat tool, by e-mail or by telephone, direct access to the relevant data makes work noticeably easier.


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