H2H Marketing as a pioneer in performance marketing

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Everyone has a favorite brand. A brand that you think is great, where you can't walk off the website or out of the store without buying something. We personally identify with that brand. And that's exactly what the rather newer digital strategy aims to do H2H Marketing.  

B2C and B2B tell us something, but H2H is still an unfamiliar segmentation. Business-to-consumer and business-to-business have dominated and divided the marketing world until now. But now they have been overtaken by the human-to-human strategy. Especially in the Performance Marketing this form of advertising is taking on a leading role. In the following article, we explain what H2H marketing is and why it pays to rely on this strategy in performance marketing.  

Brand Analysis Template: The Foundation for Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Download Template

What is H2H Marketing 

Translated, it means "human to human". It is based on the simple principle that behind every logo, every computer, and every purchasing decision, there is a person who led the communication with other people and guided the ways. Digitization is an important factor in the success of this marketing. No matter what the function or position of a person sitting behind the screen or using the mobile device. This person should addressed in an interpersonal manner and at best touches be 

H2H as the latest neuromarketing form deals with how a purchase decision can be supported in the digital age. And here H2H marketing relies on human communication and being "comprehensible".  

Reach your clientele with H2H Marketing.
Reach your clientele with H2H marketing. (Image: fapcom.edu.br)

To explain H2H in an example, a small candy retailer and Amazon can be compared. The candy store always has its packages signed by the person packing them, thus greeting the clientele. Due to the fact that with the package not only the product, but also a person is in the foregroundthe commitment is immediately emotionally charged. With Amazon, on the other hand, we have the pure product and possibly the invoice in the package. Here there is complete anonymity and no touchpoint with another human being. It's not hard to tell which package the customer is more excited about.  

Why does H2H work so well?  

American author and entrepreneur Seth Godin has already said: 

"People do not buy goods or services. They buy relations, stories, and magic. 

The quote alludes to the fact that nowadays the expectation and the Purchasing behavior of the people. The Internet provides a surplus of information and facts that can quickly overwhelm users. They then decide in favor of a service or product whose Internet presence touches and attracts them on a human level. They want feel a personal relationship with the product and the company. The buyer and the buyer do not want to be lectured, but make an independent purchase decision, which is best based on personal values. 

Build an emotional connection with your clientele.
Build an emotional connection with your clientele. (Image: wpduo.com)

The Social media offer the optimal channel for H2H marketing. While Instagram, Meta and Co. are still crucial for successful advertising, users are now hardened against the imaginative claims of B2C companies and are looking for something honest. That's why H2H Marketing especially uses online marketing to develop emotional relationships. To do this, it's important to keep the following points in mind:   

  • What problems does the person or company have? 
  • What would the person like to achieve for themselves personally or for the company? 
  • What are the person's fears or what keeps them from buying the product? 

When you look at these points in the Marketing measures and addresses them, you gain an advantage over the competition.  

A better understanding of the needs of the clientele  

It is important to know the needs of potential customers and clients, but also to address them well. Human-to-human marketing relies on Storytelling. Stories have always offered the opportunity to generate attention for yourself. Package the fulfillment of needs through your product or service into a relatable story and publish it on multiple channels. This will ensure that really all people with this need can be reached and touched by the story.  

Your brand appears more credible and authentic  

Cold numbers and fact-rich advertising measures make sense for technical products, but can otherwise quickly bore viewers or even make them wonder. Don't come across as aloof and detached; instead, share real, honest reviews and information from people. In this way, you appear credible and close to your clientele, and potential customers get a sense of Authenticity.

Show yourself authentic, genuine and approachable with honest customer reviews.
Show yourself authentic, genuine and approachable with honest customer reviews. (Image: exclaimer.com)

Remember that when H2H marketing works, so does the Company side human should be. Show the interesting people of your company and thus convey the information you want.  

An emotional connection is created  

People feel first and only then they think. This is very important for H2H marketing. The goal of marketing is to create a emotional connection with the customers. When you tell your customers exciting stories and give them touching moments, as in the example above, positive emotions are created. These in turn ensure that your Brand remembered and long-term customer relationships are created.   

Increased word of mouth   

Once customers identify with your brand and are part of your "community," they're happy to talk about it. Your brand is recommended to friends, colleagues and family. In this way, through humanity, you have managed to get your customers to advertise for you themselves.  

Brand Analysis Template: The Foundation for Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Download Template


B2C and B2B are overtaken by H2H. With this effective marketing activity, you will manage to leave the competition in the woods and build a stable clientele. By using this online marketing tool, you will create a promising performance marketing that will increase your Conversions increased and your Retargeting more effectively makes. With H2H Marketing, you become the next favorite brand.  


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