Google Multisearch - Effects on your SEO Ranking & your Google Ads

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With Multisearch, Google is once again reforming the search engine market and presenting a completely new feature. In the future, customers will be able to use Google Multisearch to conduct their search not only using search terms, but also using images, text, and even Sensory impressions can perform. An innovative idea that could further expand Google's leading position among search engines.

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What is Google Multisearch anyway?

Prabhakar Raghavan, general manager in the search engine division at Google, described Google Multisearch with an application example. In his case, a faucet was dripping and he was looking for a component whose name he did not know. Using image search, Google Multisearch was able to identify the matching product and offer it to him for purchase.

With Google Multisearch, a new search experience will accompany us through everyday life.
With Google Multisearch, a new search experience will accompany us through everyday life. (Image:

The result is a solution that enables users to find the products or services they are looking for by uploading images, text, videos or even sounds and speech. In doing so, the company relies on AI technologiesthat analyze the different data for and thus present the best results.

Images and videos are more important than ever

With Google Multisearch, users will therefore follow more complex search paths in the future. This means additional work for your marketing staff, as there will have to be a completely different approach to optimization. The Algorithms of the search engine must be adapted accordinglyso that the products from your store or website are also presented to your customers. How exactly this will look, is unfortunately not yet clear.

It is assumed that Google will also focus here primarily on machine learning and a AI which will be able to compare similar images and content and then suggest the best answers to users. However, this also means that there will be implications for how we currently Advertisements and also design their own website. More and more information must be provided so that the algorithms are able to react to the corresponding eventualities.

Keyword links and image descriptions for ads & stores

The linking of search terms and Keywords has always been particularly important for images and videos. But what about Google Multisearch? Will this feature render the solutions used so far obsolete? No, of course not. First of all, the normal search queries also remain active and the Users continue to use keywordsto be redirected to your page and offers.

Google Multisearch Example
Images from different angles have a higher chance of being shown to clientele. (Image:

But the Product photo quality will play a greater role. For example, products should be shot from different angles so that Multisearch is able to match the products with the image search of the clientele. Accordingly, the amount of information provided will often also determine success.

Optimized pages have a clear advantage

You can see how much searching on the Internet will change thanks to Google Multisearch. More and more people will move away from the classic use of search terms. Companies, which are early have decided to adapt their own Internet presence and their own advertisements accordingly will be ahead of the game in this development. Especially since this is a creeping process of change.

Those who deal with the topic early on can offer suitable content for Google Multisearch with automated processes.

After all, people will not change their behavior overnight, but will only gradually discover the benefits of Google Multisearch for themselves.

Beyond the describable

In the future, Google will try to use all of people's sensory impressions to show them the appropriate products or offers. And all of this goes far beyond images and videos alone. This could also become the renaissance of a technology that had actually long since disappeared into oblivion: the Google Lens. This is because users can use it to access the various sensory impressions directly, even in normal everyday life and without any awkward detours. Sounds, movements and even images can be easily captured and sent to Google.

The Google Lens was the forerunner of the Google Multisearch
Google Lens was the forerunner of Google Multisearch (Image:

Google Multisearch will then search for the matching results. Thus the Search engine even more intuitive and moreover more closely linked to our everyday lives. It will certainly take time before this technology is implemented in a meaningful way in everyday life, but it can be assumed that such a solution will be sought.

User behavior will change with Google Multisearch

Those who already have a well-positioned and modern Webshop has or places ads itself via Google, should watch this announcement and the introduction of Google Multisearch carefully. Not adapting here and optimizing your own offers for Google Multisearch can put your offer on the sidelines. Thanks to modern solutions, it is already possible to Implement many small and large changesto be prepared for Google Multisearch with your own web presence.  

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Waiting is not the solution. We strongly advise you to get to know the technology behind Google Multisearch and to use it. into the company's own strategic planning to let. Otherwise, the company's own ranking will not only drop slightly in the long term, but noticeably, which will be reflected in sales figures, among other things. Companies should therefore take precautions early on and focus on the requirements and possibilities of the new key technology. This will help them stay ahead of the competition.


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