Link Google Analytics with Google Search Console

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Without the keywords from the organic search, you now have to cut back on Google. Because now you can no longer easily see what users have entered into the search engines to find your site or store.

However, so that you do not have to live with this disadvantage permanently, you can Google Analytics Link the Google Search Console with each other. This not only gives you easy access to the keywords that lead to your company's page, but also allows you to view other soft factors that improve your ranking.

How to connect both tools in a few steps, we show you here step by step.


Good reasons to link - this is why Google Analytics and Google Search Console work so brilliantly together

Google Analytics is a familiar term even to users with a very superficial knowledge of online marketing. Web analytics tools are nothing new and there are many external solutions, but of course Google's Analytics service is worth a closer look, as it perfectly combines the bridge between analysis and advertising. Google simply offers a great and comprehensive infrastructure that modern businesses depend on. It therefore makes double (and often triple) sense for companies, Google Analytics to keep track of traffic, campaigns and RoI in a single tool.

The Google Search Console, on the other hand, collects datahow your company's page (or a subpage) is indexed, read and evaluated by Google. For this purpose, not only search terms are evaluated, but also backlinks. Therefore, using Google Search Console is also useful if you want to check whether there are technical factors that worsen your ranking.

However, integrating both tools gives you even more options for user behavior, comparisons between impressions and click-through rate, and of course your ranking on keywords and your average positioning. This is important, for example, if you want to optimize your page for a specific term or semantic field and improve your standing compared to the competition. This way, you can allocate targeted resources for SEA and thus achieve the desired (search) results.

How to link Search Console and Google Analytics

The linking of Google Search Console and Google Analytics only works if you Website owner are whose data is to be connected. In addition, the Google ID must be entered in Search Console and at Google Analytics and you need administrative privileges for the Analytics Property. If this is the case, you must first log in to your Google account.

First steps

Since Google Analytics 3 (February 2021), linking has been significantly simplified. In Google Search Console, click Settings and then Linked Services. In the Property settings you will also find Google Analyticsif the ID matches.

Google Search Console
You activate the link between Search Console and Google Analytics in Search Console under "Settings".

Google Analytics is not displayed

If no banner is displayed for the link, this may be because there is a link to a URL prefix property (address starts with https://). You need to disconnect this link first. You will find Google's three points for settings and after that you just have to click on Unlink. After this URL Prefix Property is removed, you can enable a link to the Domain Property (address without https://).

Link Google Analytics

At the very top under Settings / Shortcuts you will find a banner that asks you to enter your Google Analytics-property with the Google Search Console property. To do this, click the Link button. You will see a list of linkable Analytics properties, all properties that are linked to the same Google Account as Search Console. Now select the appropriate property and your Google Property with Analytics 3 is now linked. After a few minutes you should see the link in Analytics.

Google Search Console
Banner to set up a link with Google Analytics

Check connection in Google Analytics 3

If you want to make sure that the link has worked, all you have to do is log into Google Analytics log in. Here you will find the column Property in the main menu under Administration. click there on Product Link / All Products and you will find the Google Search Console. By clicking on Customize Shortcut, you can view the associated domain. The prefix should be "sc-domain:", then both tools have been successfully linked.

Google Analytics
By clicking on the corresponding button you should find a corresponding domain after the linking

Google Search Console and Google Analytics are linked - what now?

Once both properties have been connected, you can continue as before in Google Analytics continue working. All Search Console data can be found under Acquisition / Search Console.
If you have worked with Google Search Console before, you should already know the classification into countries, devices, search queries and landing page.
You can now access the reports directly in Analytics individually, or you can superimpose two data sets over a desired time period. You can also categorize metrics by days, weeks, or months. In addition, you can of course save individual reports. Reports for search queries and keywords can be found in the respective tab under Acquisition / Search Console / Search queries respectively Channels /Organic Search / Keywords.

Screenshot 2021 07 27 at 11.12.34
Search Console reports in Google Analytics can be found under Acquisition / Search Console / Search Queries

Be found better with the integration of Google Search Console and Google Analytics

The fact that organic keywords are no longer displayed in Analytics is a bitter blow for many users. For this reason alone, it makes sense to connect Google Search Console to Analytics 3, even if Google no longer displays all keywords. On the other hand, Search Console helps you to better understand which search queries really lead to your site and how this corresponds to your SEO strategy. For efficiency reasons alone, the connection of both tools is absolutely recommendable.

How to extract the data from Google Analytics to your advantage and how you can improve your ranking organically, along with many other online marketing topics, in our whitepaper.

The Latest Digital Marketing Insights - Get Exclusive Access to Valuable Marketing Knwo-how

Of course, our team will also be happy to support you personally, a request is sufficient - after all, we know that Google Analytics and Search Console are exciting and comprehensive tools, but for long term campaign planning they are only the tip of the digital data mountain.


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