7 secret tips for optimizing Google Adwords [Guide].

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Google Adwords belongs to the most important advertising system to reach users through the Search Engine to their own page. For Adwords, for example, Google itself has some tips on optimization, but unconventional methods that have proven themselves in practice often promise more success than the classic way.

With the seven tips you too can optimize your AdWords. Google AdWords Optimize with free guide.

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How can you successfully generate leads with Google Ads? - Download

1. do not be tempted by automatic bids in Google Adwords

For newcomers to Adwords, the option of automatic bids for clicks is an easy and time-saving way to get started with the advertising system.

However, those who want to optimize their campaign should do without it.

Through manual adjustment and, for example, a high cost per click, you can collect better quality data, which you can use to optimize your campaign. In addition, your campaign starts with a very good performance, which in turn leads to a better fit with the search queries due to a high click-through rate. Automatic bids should, if, only be used selectively and then also checked regularly.

2. not always the first place is lucrative

If you want to win customers, you have to be in first place. This is the widely held opinion in search engine marketing. However, this is not always true, because those who are in first place have to spend quite a bit to do so. In fact, those pages that are in the first place are the pages that have the highest turnover. They spend a lot on advertising and also close a lot of sales, but the advertising costs make them very expensive for the company. Those who are still listed on the first page, but are ranked in the midfield, have fewer clicks, but due to the lower advertising budget, the bottom line is a larger profit after a sale.

To save costs you should also continuously optimize your quality factor. This is because the positioning in the ads is calculated from the bid and the Quality factor of the advertisement. The quality factor was composed of several factors:

1. landing page exerience

This factor describes how good the user experience is on your landing page. To improve the factor improve your landing page. Many factors play a role here. For example, the loading time, usability, structure, content and much more.

2. expected click-through rate

Achieve your ad a good Click-through rate this is a sign of suitable content. The click-through rate influences the quality factor elementarily. In order to CTR to improve, experiment with different ad texts, other keywords or ad extensions.

3. ad relevance

How relevant are your ads to the target audience? This is where Google measures how well your ads match the search queries and keywords. To improve this factor, you should also experiment with different keyword combinations and ads. It may also make sense to create several individualized ads with few keywords instead of general ads with many keywords.

Google Adwords
Opteo Quaility Score Overview

3. the "top dog" wins

Stand out in paid Google search. Suitable Ad extensions need more space, but also ensure that the competition has none. Google has gradually introduced extensions, but only a few use them. This means that the competition is often still running ads that are less noticeable to searchers.

Google offers numerous options here such as Page links, Additional information or the Contribution extensionwhich is perceived by users as particularly trustworthy.

In our example, we have compared two ads on the topic of "washing machines".

Which ad catches the eye more at first glance?

AdWords Ad Extension
AdWords ads on the topic "Washing machines" with seller ratings and without.

4. quality does not have to cost much

Those who pay a lot for a click are naturally listed higher up, and as a rule it is always the big well-known companies that spend a lot of money on this. This is exactly the problem of many large companies, because users are not looking for what they already know, but for something new. Therefore, you do not necessarily have to dig deep into your pocket for clicks, it is often enough if you are listed in the upper midfield.

5. the appropriate keywords

Many companies have realized that spelling is not necessarily the strength of users. Therefore, they have deliberately initiated campaigns with misspelled keywords. However, since Google automatically suggests the correct word very accurately in case of typos, such campaigns are just a waste of money.

Also, add negative keywords step by step. These keywords will exclude search queries that may not match your offer and your ad.

negative keywords

6. geographic targeting for financially strong users

Targeting is an important success factor in Adwords. For example, if you sell high-priced goods, then you access external data for the Household income and deliberately advertise for users from these regions in Adwords.

This in turn saves you money by spreading it too widely and in turn increases the number of clicks that actually lead to a sale.

7. deliberately exclude users

Those who want to sell are less interested in users who are only looking for information and vice versa. Therefore, it is important to optimize Google Adwords campaigns in such a way that precisely such users are deliberately excluded.

Typical phrases such as "do it yourself" can be excluded from pure sales pages, for example, as these users are not interested in a finished product, but prefer to do it themselves.

Therefore, in the Keyword analysis not only keywords that come into question are searched, but also keywords that bring the wrong users are decidedly excluded.

How can you successfully generate leads with Google Ads? - Download


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