The new Google Ads campaign type "Performance Max"

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Aiming for optimal performance, the new Google Ads Performance Max campaign type relies on automation. The development sounds understandable - after all, artificial intelligence (AI) have become ubiquitous. Through automation, the Effort, create, manage and optimize campaigns clearly reduces.

In this article you will get an insight into how Performance Max works and the main benefits.

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What does Google Ads Performance Max mean?

In November 2021, Google Ads introduced Performance Max as a new campaign type. With the new Google Ads Campaign type it is possible, With a single campaign on all Google channels to place ads with minimal set-up effort. This means, after a small effort, the Google algorithm takes over essential tasks.

Google Ads Performance Max is designed to complement existing keyword-based search campaigns and reach more potential customers.

Relevant target groups are reached on all Google channels, such as:

  • Google Search
  • YouTube
  • Google Display Advertising Network (GDN)
  • Google Discover
  • Gmail
  • Google
  • Maps

Performance Max campaigns: how it works

Performance Max campaigns are created in the usual way within the campaign overview. First, the advertiser specifies the goals. These are for example:

  • Sales
  • Leads
  • Accesses to the website

Likewise, without setting a target, on the next page you can select the campaign type, among others Performance Max (depending on the ad also "Maximum Performance").
It should be noted that the various Google Channels each a different phase in the Customer Journey of the customer. Therefore, it makes sense to specify multiple goals for Google Ads Performance Max.

The higher-level goals such as sales or traffic can be achieved by the suitable conversion action can be specified. These can be purchases or sent lead forms, for example. During playout, the Performance Max campaigns are automatically optimized for the specified targets. Targets can be prioritized by assigning a conversion value to them.

Bid and budget strategy

Matching the target, as an advertiser you can choose between the following strategies:

Cost per action (CPA) target

Here, the focus is on the Maximization of conversions and additionally specified the target costs. This means a more sales-related target.

Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS)

The focus here is on the Conversion Value Maximization. The focus here is on the efficiency of the advertising measures. In this strategy, sales, operating expenses and advertising expenses are put into perspective.

Zoom with margin

The so-called "brand safety measures", which ensure that ads are played out to the relevant target groups, also apply to Google Ads Performance Max campaigns. For example Keywords be excluded. Individual Google channels, in turn, cannot be excluded.

Different ads are automatically created with images, videos and texts

The different assets can be uploaded to automatically create ads for the different formats. Google recommends to start from the Upload possibility to make abundant use.

In this way, possible combinations can be tested at an early stage and the learning effect takes effect all the more quickly. The Google algorithm works more efficiently when it has many creatives at its disposal.

Helpful for this are Asset Groupswhich are similar to ad groups. Each asset group contains creatives on a specific topic. For example, an asset group that targets lead forms or one that targets phone calls.

Furthermore, a target group signal is added to each asset group. This is intended to achieve additional conversions on Google for the Google Ads Performance Max campaigns. The advertiser uses the target group signal to indicate which customers are particularly likely to convert. This signal can also consist of data collected by the advertiser. In the campaigns, this signal is used to search specifically for users who have a minimum of similar purchase intention have. This is how conversions are achieved in search campaigns, display campaigns, and video campaigns.

Enjoy the benefits of Google's new campaign type

Performance Max is designed to optimize the performance of existing campaigns in Google Ads. The following advantages in particular speak for testing the new Google Ads campaign type.

Customers are reached via all channels. Since the campaigns are played out across all Google channels, the possibilities of generating conversions are significantly higher. Finally, the different habits of customers (images, moving images or text) are taken into account. Google uses real-time data. This means that changed customer intentions are immediately incorporated into the campaign.

Through machine learning continuous optimization. Google continuously analyzes which ads perform best in which combinations. Thus, the contacts that are proven to be most likely to lead to customer actions are automatically optimized. This keeps the focus on the defined business objective.

Advantages of Google Ads Performance Max campaigns
There are some advantages with Google Ads' new campaign type. (Image:

More efficient controlling for advertisers. Meaningful asset reports give companies better insight into the performance of individual Google Ads campaigns. The reports make it clear which creatives have an impact on the success of the campaigns and how. Google takes into account recognizable changes in trends in search interests. In this way, you receive valuable information for interpreting changes in the performance of your campaigns. The profitability can thus be continuously optimized by the advertiser himself.

Automation saves time. In addition to the increase in performance, you as an advertiser experience an enormous reduction in workload and thus time savings. You control the efficiency of the automation by providing targeted information to the Google algorithm.

 Easy customization of Google Ads advertising campaigns. Through the simple exchange of assets and creatives, i.e. your advertising elements, the automation results in a rapid optimization of your entire campaign.

How can you successfully generate leads with Google Ads? - Download


The new campaign tool from Google Ads, Performance Max, makes it possible to advertise in all Google channels simultaneously with just one campaign. The goal is to optimize conversions in addition to making work easier for advertisers. According to Google, the cost-benefit ratio is optimized and more new customers are generated. In addition, around 13 percent more conversions are generated with the same budget.

Especially in companies that do not have their own qualified marketing experts, the new campaign type of Google Ads offers efficient possibilities. Advertising campaigns are optimized and with little effort are advertised on all Google channels simultaneously.



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