Google Ads for Online Shops - These tips will make your campaigns successful

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For several years now, nothing has worked in the field of digital marketing without Google Ads. The expansion of the offering to include interactive advertising and retargeting has also made Google Ads even more more attractive for online stores made. So for your shopping campaigns you should use this tool in any case. But what makes a Campaign successful and who do the Google Ads reach? With some tips and tricks, these campaigns via Google Ads become an important pillar for the company.

Tip #1: Know your target audience

When switching from print and outdoor advertising to digital shopping campaigns, the first question you need to ask yourself as a retailer is, Who you want to target online and who actually buys from you. As an advertising agency we can create for you a Target group analysis make. With data from experimental Google Ads, you can increasingly refine the target group. The target group you think you are addressing is often not interested in your products. Then it's a matter of to the actual buyer group.

At the same time, you can also influence to whom the campaigns are played out via Google Ads. However, in some cases other parameters are important than in offline advertising. You should know, for example, On which devices your target group shops. Today, many people use mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets for shopping. But online stores are also visited from desktop PCs and Apple Macs. Of course, also demographic values contribute to whether a click occurs. What searchers look for online besides your product group interest can be important.

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Tip #2: Adapt to your clientele

As a dealer you know that Service everything is and you become a better service provider by putting in a little extra effort for customers. The has a positive effect on sales and thus the profit. This effect can also be observed in campaigns on the web via Google Ads. Here, however, it's not so much a matter of being friendly, but of adapting to the circumstances in which customers click on your ads. For example, do you want primarily mobile users address, the online store must optimized for mobile access be

With a largely responsive layout and a additional mobile pageto which can be diverted, you are prepared for many eventualities. But also the Accessibility is increasingly coming into focus. Elements that, for example, the Text size adjustment allow and a reader-friendly layout with Alt text are essential for online stores, which are also People with disabilities and seniors want to address. Alt text can be replaced by Voice output read aloud be displayed. In this way, even the visually impaired customer can "see" which item he or she is choosing to purchase. This is particularly important with regard to Alexa, Siri and Co. More and more important. The checkout process must also be adapted to this.

Tip #3: Experiment with Google Ads

When it comes to cost, many companies shy away from experimentation. But testing with Google Ads costs only a few euros per day and gives you a feel for who is clicking on your ads. Google Ads and Google Analytics offer extensive Statistics and data about it, who when and how long has lingered on your pages, in online stores or on ads. For example, you can see if people order often and a lot at night. The online store layout can be a little less flashy for nighttime visitors than during the day.

Data like Age, interests and click numbers by motifs give you deep insights into the Wishes of your customers. Use this knowledge to create the "real" Google Ads more effectively. It is also essential for the progress of the Shopping campaigns that you multiple motifs and ads with the same target and switch off the less successful ads after some time.

Tip #4: Landing pages instead of subpages and start pages

It's tempting to run Google Ads directly to your online store and to hope the customer finds what he is looking for. Sometimes this strategy works, but most of the time you have to get away from the Customers as convenient go out. After a click, they want to see directly what lies behind the ad and not search through your store first. Therefore, within the shopping campaigns, lead all users first to a Landing page. There he finds directly the relevant products in an overview, possibly combined with a Advantage e.g. a voucher or discount for newsletter registration. Then customers are happy to take advantage of it.

Home pages in online stores can be used for Google Ads campaigns in other ways. Here you can use Slider various offers in the foreground. In the course of the shopping campaigns, these sliders can then be clicked on the advertised articles lead. You can achieve this by marking the selected products as a promotion and thereby creating a category that can only be accessed via this link.

Tip #5: Get support

At Thorit we look at many years of experience in online marketing back and have already many Online campaigns for success guided. We know the mechanics of Google Ads and which ads appeal to which type of customers. This makes us, within the framework of your campaigns, a irreplaceable partnerwho stands by you in all problem situations from the first minute. A bad campaign is also always bad advertising and can scare away regular customers. Therefore, before the next Online Shop Relaunch and the next Google campaign with our experts. We advise you on strategy and imagery and maintain your shopping campaigns for you.

As a retailer, you know your goods and the best sales tools. We know online marketing. This division of labor not only makes sense, it also creates time resources, through which you can expand your offer and take care of what really matters to you. By working together, your next campaign will be a complete success. Contact now and plan strategy!

How can you successfully generate leads with Google Ads? - Download


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