Google Ads to discontinue enhanced text ads on June 30, 2022

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How to successfully customize your ads

The Google Ads enhanced text ads will be there after the tech giant announced the 30.06.2022 no longer exist. However, this deprives many marketing experts of an important tool for making their own ads more individual. Google recommends to rely on responsive search ads (Responsive Search Ads, RSAs), which - based on Google's own algorithm - are compiled from titles and texts relevant to you. The deadline is approaching! We'll show you how to keep up with the end of expanded text ads at Google Ads and what you should look out for in the future.

How can you successfully generate leads with Google Ads? - Download

No further support for Google Ads enhanced text ads

With many of Google's motivations, one can only ever speculate. But when changing the text ads, Google has already announced that they want the clientele to "always the right message" receives. This is supposed to work by the fact that the ads at the time of the auction dynamic and the user is thus always presented with the perfect advertising message for his or her own search intention.

Screenshot 2022 06 29 at 16.06.13
Google Ads: As of June 30, 2022, Google recommends switching to responsive text ads.

At the same time, however, Google is also taking control of ads away from its advertisers and taking them into its own hands. Several users report that many of the metrics change through the use of Responsive Ads Improve sustainably. However, marketers may now be lacking the tools to make their own Performance to evaluate and correct. Here, it is made more difficult for companies to keep track and to improve and optimize the ads according to their own wishes or analyses.

Get familiar with responsive search ads

Responsive search ads have been a standard feature of Google Ads for some time now. But what do they actually offer and how do you benefit from automation?

Responsive Search Ads offer you the following features:

  • A URL with two path fields of up to 15 characters
  • Maximum 15 ad titles with a character limit of 30 characters
  • Maximum 4 ad texts with maximum 90 characters
  • Ads with minimum 2 ad titles and one text, ads with maximum 3 ad titles and 2 ad texts
  • Ads are automatically adjusted to the screen size of the output device
  • Google's algorithms assist with ad creation and ad targeting
  • Text elements can be pinned at specific positions

Existing extended text ads still remain active

Even though Google will no longer allow the new creation of extended text ads as of the cut-off date, ads that have already been created with the "Google Ads extended text ads" function will remain in place for the time being. This also means that there is no reliable data or figures yet as to whether Google would like to switch them off at all at some point. So if you already have some Ads of this type linked to your various campaigns, you will still be able to use them in the future. However, this also means that you may be under time pressure now.

Don't worry: extended text ads will remain for now and can still be used.
Don't worry: extended text ads will remain for now and can still be used. (Image:

Because the very good comparability of the performance with these ads made them a very good indicator. So, if you want to make good use of the remaining time, you should start creating some Google Ads enhanced text ads right away if possible. These can generate significant Advantages and ensure that your ads are not completely dependent on Google and its algorithms.

Use the short deadline as effectively as possible

Creating Google Ads enhanced text ads right now is advisable and makes sense. Not only that you can use the extended text ads and the associated reporting to get a good picture of the effect of different combinations, you should also be aware of the further use of the ads. So if possible, set yourself a whole series of "Evergreen Ads" which you continue to use and of whose effect you are convinced.

In addition, it is important that you also familiarize yourself with the possibilities of the new automations to get to grips with. Because the Google algorithm also only delivers good results if you compare it with the suitable titles and text passages feed. Thus, the design of these individual elements will continue to be a real challenge that you will have to face.

Conclusion: If Google's idea works, you will profit significantly from the changeover

At the moment, it looks as if the changeover will be permanent take place. And if you look at how well the Google algorithm works in most cases, companies can even benefit from the changeover. benefit. Nevertheless, if possible you should not text ads extended to the ads with Google Ads waive and even supplement them if possible. Some all-time classics should still be up your sleeve so that you don't have to rely completely on the search engine's algorithm.

How can you successfully generate leads with Google Ads? - Download

However, since the changeover affects all marketing departments and companies, the impact - if negative - will affect all other competitors as well. However, experts expect that Google will be right with its own forecast and that there will even be a noticeable and measurable improvement in conversions comes through the almost exclusively responsive text ads. Google Ads' extended text ads thus belong to history.

Would you like to learn more about the possibilities of Responsive Ads and create better text ads in the future, take a look at our other advisors. Because the combination of a technological edge and innovative ideas will secure you the leading position in your industry segment in the future as well.


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