How to use ad extensions in Google Ads effectively

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With the Google Ads Ads extension you have a powerful tool at your disposal. You can make your ads even more visible and more attractive for the user make. Thanks to a wide range of different ad extensions, you can make many Optimally enhance campaigns. We'll show you what you need to know about ad extension and what to look out for in each case.

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When are ad extensions played out to users in the first place

Just because you have a Display extension does not mean that it will be played with every ad. Because also the space for such extensions is limitedso that Google Ads reserves the right to play out the ad extension only if certain conditions are met. The combination of ad and ad extension is evaluated internally by Google. If the rank of the ad is high enough in direct comparison to the other bidders for the desired keyword, the ad with ad extension is played and is visible to users.

Google Ads Ad Extensions
Google Ads offers many options for ad extensions

This is how easy you can use the ad extension

Ad extensions can be conveniently and easily directly through your Google Ads Set account. In the "Ads and Extensions" menu you can conveniently use already created extensions, evaluate them or create new ones. This is especially convenient, as it requires neither special knowledge nor comprehensive instructions to use an ad extension. In addition, you can thus Place and monitor various ad extensionsThe impact of these on the performance of the campaign. Optimal for comparing the different options in a direct live test.

These ad extensions in Google Ads are possible and useful

There is a whole range different display extensions in Google Ads. However, some of them can only be used in a very narrow context or are only convincing for individual industries and companies. We have selected the most important ad extensions for you, which can be used in most companies. Use effectively let. If you use such an ad extension, chances are very good that your company will sustainably benefit from them.

Call extension simplifies direct customer contact

A very good option for many companies is to use the ad extension with the Call extension. Since very many users are now only on the web via smartphone, such a solution can be titled as particularly viable. The ad extension on Google Ads is not only associated with the display of the telephone number, but customers can Initiate a call to the company directly with one click on this ad extension. This is especially helpful for restaurants, bars and cafes, but also for all other businesses and service providers with a direct customer contact or a greater need for clarification between the company and the customer.

Use call extension for Google Ads
Call extension in Google Ads

The site expansion helps local customers

For companies with mainly local business opportunities, the location extension is an important and especially helpful feature. This ad extension in Google Ads allows not only to display the address of the business, but also to display it as a Marking visible in a small map to make. If the user clicks on this ad extension, it automatically opens Google Maps with the selected address. Thus, customers from the region directly to the nearest location of the company be made. This often simplifies decision-making and can sustainably increase the number of customers in many industries.

To add the location extension to your Google Ads, you need to link your Google My Business account to Google Ads.

Site expansion to attract local customers via Google Ads
Google Ads Location Extension

The app extension for technically minded companies

If your company offers its own app, for example, to manage the User experience or to offer users an optimal shopping environment, you should use this ad extension. Because this expands the ad directly with information about your app and especially with the associated download button. This not only significantly increases the download numbers, but also leads to the fact that you can use the app to Generate more user data can. Optimal if your target group is in a technically affine area and does not shirk from installing native apps.

Google Ads App Extension
Achieve downloads via Google Ads with the app extension

The price extension - stand out from the competition

If a product or product group is to be promoted directly via the ad, this ad extension can be particularly useful. If this is switched on Google Ads, you can use extended Integrate information about the price directly into the ad.

The information is displayed below the ad and can convince customers of the excellent price-performance ratio of your offer.

Up to eight different price extensions can be placed in one ad. By clicking on these, the customer is taken to the page is simply redirected to the appropriate or stored page.

Promote products particularly attractively through price extension on Google Ads
Price extension for Google Ads

Is the automated Google Ads ad extension worth it at all?

Google Ads also offers you the option to automatically insert these ad extensions. This happens whenever you have enabled this feature, if Google thinks that through this extension the Improve display efficiency and reach to be able to. However, not all of the available ad extensions can be used automatically. Of the ad extensions mentioned above, only the following can be used and deployed automatic call extensions and the automatic site extensions.

So if you want to use automated ad extension, you should be aware that not all variants are directly supported by Google Ads. 

Whether it makes sense to use the automated ad extension depends largely on whether you have used the extension at all so far. If you use the ad extension regularly and monitor its efficiency, you do not need this feature. However, if you have refrained from using the ad extension so far, you can the algorithm of Google offer you advantages, as the display extension will change the Increase the reach and efficiency of your campaign can.

How can you successfully generate leads with Google Ads? - Download

Conclusion: The Google Ads ad extension is enormously useful for companies

Not every ad extension can work in every context and industry. However, the selection is large enough so that virtually all businesses can use the Google Ads ad extension use and profit from this can. It only needs the suitable solution for your own industry selected and implemented.



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