Win Gen Z as leads: How to succeed!

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Gen Z are the young people of today, the successors to Generation Y, which was born between 1980 and 1995. But what makes the second generation of digital natives tick, what is important to them and why?  

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What is characteristic of Gen Z? 

People from common birth cohorts will be served by shaped certain socio-cultural events and grow up under comparable general conditions. Therefore, they also react similarly to certain things. In the case of the different generations, specific characteristics can be worked out in each case, which can be traced back to common experiences with the circumstances of their time. 
Of course, Gen Z - like any other generation - consists of single individuals with distinctive personal characteristics and preferences. The categorization of certain values, characteristics and preferences of a generation serves to highlight their commonalities and make it easier to deal with them. 

Like every generation, Gen Z has its characteristics and preferences when it comes to Internet use.
Like every generation, Gen Z has its characteristics and preferences when it comes to Internet use. (Image:

Gen Z was born into uncertain times between 1996 and 2012, into a world where terrorism and Crises existed. But just as commonplace were the Internet, digital communication and information accessible at all times. Gen Z has witnessed how Generation Y was unable to turn its dream of a work-life balance into reality. As a result, it has developed a realistic view of things, is very self-centered and meticulously separates private life from work. 

Gen Z in the focus of lead generation - what is important to them?  

As Gen Z gradually flows into the labor market, their purchasing power increases. This makes it increasingly attractive for companies to attract them as leads. In the U.S. alone, Gen Z has $150 billion in purchasing power, and globally, it has $4.4 trillion in purchasing power. This generation is At home in the digital world and social media. They love content that keeps them current, inspires them, or aligns with their values. 
75 % of Gen Z are more likely to remain loyal to a brand if it is dedicated to social causes and committed to social change. If a company wants to win over leads here, it has to have a positive impact on society can demonstrate. In addition, it is important to Gen Z that: 

  • Companies provide fair working conditions and treat their employees well 
  • Employees there are offered a healthy and inclusive work culture 
  • Production processes run sustainably 
  • Companies act actively, honestly and transparently 
  • Companies respond to new circumstances

Brands can quickly lose favor with Gen Z if they don't in a timely manner and respond appropriately to controversies regarding the working conditions of their employees or other ethically motivated criticism. In particular, on the social networks Opinions and information sharedthat go viral in a very short time. In addition, well-known personalities are asked to make a statement, as they are often the brand face of the brand or are in cooperation. It is not uncommon for Gen Z to radically and quickly distance themselves from a brand because it does not align with their social or ethnic values. 

Winning Gen Z as leads - what do companies need to look out for?  

If you want to attract leads from Generation Z, you need to keep two things in mind: First, that this generation grew up with social media and is very well rooted here. Second, that their top priority is to buy from companies that are corresponds to their values. Follow these steps to help you successfully attract leads from Gen Z: 

  1. Talk to your Target group where they are - on social media. But watch out! You won't find Gen Z on Facebook, but mainly on TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram. 
  1. Be creative. Offer your young audience content that is entertaining, fresh, and original. Package your message in short TikTok videos - you're less likely to impress this target group with long sales texts on social media. 
  1. Stay in touch with your target audience. Be available and talk to your potential customers and clients. A live chat is a great way to communicate with your leads. Find out what makes them tick and what they need from you. 
  1. Shine on your website with high-quality content. Offer your young target group added value that other companies don't offer. This will give them unbeatable arguments to buy from you. 
Create appropriate content for the platform your target audience is on
Create appropriate content for the particular platform your target audience is on. (Image:
  1. Create a landing page that appeals to Gen Z customers. Don't forget to mention your social commitment or your sustainable production methods in a prominent place. 
  1. Prove your trustworthiness with excellent reviews and testimonials. Ask existing customers to tell you about their good experiences with your brand. 
  1. Bring your target group together - in a forum on your website or on social media. In this way, you give interested parties the opportunity to exchange ideas and make contact with each other. 
  1. Host virtual events. In virtual conferences or webinars, you can provide background information about your products. Explain how the creation process is, show what can be done with it, provide behind-the-scenes insights and, above all, demonstrate customer proximity. 
The Latest Digital Marketing Insights - Get Exclusive Access to Valuable Marketing Knwo-how

Score points with authenticity and commitment with Generation Z 

If a company wants to win over Generation Z representatives as leads, it must understand, what is important to this target group is. Their top priorities are values such as social responsibility and sustainability. On the other hand, this generation is very familiar with the Internet and social media. Here, companies have to prove that they also have their finger on the pulse and understand how to entertain their target group. In addition, companies must deliver deeds instead of fine words: That is lived social commitment or the immediate correction of a mistake that has been made. 
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