TOFU, MOFU, BOFU - how a funnel helps with lead generation

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Digital marketing plays a central role in many companies. Every contact with potential customers is valuable and should be used in the best possible way. The concept of the "funnel" in lead generation contributes to the Acquiring clientele and increasing sales at. But what do TOFU, MOFU and BOFU have to do with lead generation? You can find out here. 

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What is a funnel? 

The word "funnel" comes from English and means "funnel" translated into German. This has a large opening at the top and a small opening at the bottom. Whereas with a conventional funnel exactly the same amount comes out at the bottom as was filled in at the top, the sales funnel behaves more like a filter: fewer potential buyers leave it than came in at the top.

From the large number of visitors and contacts, those who have a genuine interest in buying are filtered out. 

Funnels describe the ideal-typical process that a contact goes through: From the first interaction with the company to the purchase and beyond. Service and special activities for existing customers also influence future buying behavior. 

Sales Funnel and Customer Journey 

A sales funnel therefore describes all interaction points that a company has with a potential buyer. This applies to both the B2B sector and the B2C sector. In this context, the Sales Funnel on the interaction points perceived from the company's perspective.  

In a sales funnel you can win over potential customers and clients.
In a sales funnel, you can attract potential customers and clients. (Image:

The Customer Journey on the other hand, describes the process as it is perceived from the perspective of the interested parties. A customer journey is therefore usually more comprehensive. Here, above all, the experience with the company, the product or the service plays an important role.  

But how does the funnel help with lead generation? 

Lead generation funnel - these phases are important 

When a funnel is used in lead generation, the goal is usually to turn interested parties into buyers. At the top of the funnel is potential customers with less interest in buying. At the bottom of the funnel, the contract has been signed. The target group goes through different phases within the funnel. Basically, we speak of three stages here: TOFU, MOFU and BOFU. These are acronyms that stand for the following terms: 

  • TOFU = Top of the Funnel 
  • MOFU = Middle of the Funnel 
  • BOFU = Bottom of the Funnel 

Each phase has its own function, to attract and increase the attention of clientele for a product or service. When designing the lead generation funnel, companies should analyze their marketing measures: Which tools are already being used by the marketing department? How can these be used in a target-oriented manner? 

Top of the Funnel 

At the upper part of the funnel are users and users on the Search for answers. You have a problem and want to find information and solutions to it. A great many people can arrive at TOFU for a wide variety of reasons. It can make sense for companies to be broadly positioned in terms of content here. Goals in this phase are: 

  • Attract attention 
  • Communicate brand identity 
  • Offer content with added value, entertainment and information 
  • Present yourself as an expert in a field 
  • Build trust 

At TOFU, the target group is still broad, a purchase or a Decision are not yet urgent. Here you can offer tutorials, videos, eBooks, checklists, and whitepapers. In return, you ask for a newsletter subscription, for example. 

Middle of the Funnel 

In the middle of the sales or marketing funnel arouse the interest. You have implemented lead generation measures and have been able to attract attention. Now it's a matter of taking this further. The users have a problem or a need and you as a company offer the solution: Your service or product could be the answer. Now it's a matter of Attract customers

CTAs we eBooks and webinars support lead generation.
CTAs we eBooks and webinars support lead generation. (Image:

In the middle of the funnel, visitors arrive expecting a potential solution to their problem from your company. As a rule, however, your offer is still one alternative of several. However, this also means that your service or product is is already on the shortlist. However, a purchase decision has not yet been made. 

In this phase, it is important to support interested parties in this decision-making process. This is achieved, among other things, through relevant content and suitable information. You present yourself as an expert with your specialist knowledge.

Potential buyers and shoppers need to feel that they will find exactly what they are looking for with you.

This can be achieved with webinars, video tutorials, catalogs, brochures or FAQs, for example. 

Bottom of the Funnel 

Having reached the end of the funnel, there is only one small thing missing from the purchase decision. Whoever lands here usually has a strong buying interest. Now it's time to encourage them in their decision. They have arrived at the right company. You have a solution or service and the right answer to a problem. The purchase decision can now be accompanied and substantiated. You can offer consultations, preliminary discussions, product demos, coupons, trials and the like. 

Customers should also be satisfied after the purchase. For this reason, the funnel does not end here, but continues with services and customer care. 

The Latest Digital Marketing Insights - Get Exclusive Access to Valuable Marketing Knwo-how


With a lead generation funnel, you standardize your marketing process. You create your own funnel by building marketing and sales according to the three stages. Check for yourself how you can use the concept of the funnel in your company, we will be happy to support you. 


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