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Update as of 01.01.2022 - The go-digital support program will be continued

Funding via go-digital is also possible this year. In addition to the existing three modules, there are two new eligible modules: "Digitization Strategy" for the development or digitization of business models and processes, and "Data Competence" for data collection, processing and analysis, including the use of AI while complying with data protection. Another new feature is that there is no longer a subdivision of main and secondary modules; a project in one module can thus comprise a full 30 consultant days.

All innovations and changes can be found on the page of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection.

The federal government equips digital and we accompany him along the way. With the go-digital support program the German government has created an important opportunity to provide companies with greater support for the digitization of their processes in the future. Through our Extensive experience in the digital field is our Thorit Agency team brought in as a consulting firm. You need to know about go-digital know

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What is the go-digital support program?

Germany is on a good path, but still far from having arrived in the digital present. Especially small and medium enterprises do not yet dare, Automation and fully integrate digital capabilities into their operations.

With the go-digital funding program, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy created a possibility, Helping companies take these important steps. In doing so, the Ministry also draws on the knowledge of our agency.

As professionals, we know what businesses need to effectively implement and leverage digital marketing.

To provide entrepreneurs with an incentive to use digitized files, processes, app solutions and stores instead of relying on paper, the go-digital support program was launched. The program promotes the middle class and is divided into three different areas. The modules "Digital market development„, „IT Security" and "Digitized business processes"The three topics make it easier for companies to get started with digitization. The approach to the three topics splits the new knowledge and also divides the competencies.

In our agency Thorit we are specialized in the topics of Digital strategy and Planning, Creation of websites and stores and Marketing specialized. We are thus authorized for the two modules "Digital Market Development" and "IT Security". About the Cooperation with the go-digital funding program We are very pleased because it shows that our competence is appreciated and perceived by customers and decision-makers.

Thorit as a consulting company in the go-digital support program

The following are supported by the go-digital funding program Companies with up to 100 employees in Germany with a Annual turnover below 20 million euros. This framework sets fair limits on who can finance digitization at their own expense, including consulting services.

As Full-Service Digital Agency we always advise you as a customer comprehensively on all topics that are relevant to you. Especially the Elaboration of a new marketing strategy benefits from a detailed consultation.

Consulting companies in the go-digital funding program are authorized, together with the funded companies, to Education and planning around digital issues to perform. The Budget for the consulting days specifies the amount of funding, which must be applied for together with the consultation.

The important thing here is that you already have an idea of how digital activities can support your company and drive its development. So instead of a business plan, you need a kind of digital timetable.

If we know the goals or can work them out in the consultation, the process is more straightforward and we can check at any time whether and how these goals are being achieved.

The go-digital support program is worthwhile for you!

It is important to us to offer our customers and interested parties a Comprehensive picture of the digital possibilities to convey. Because no matter what the industry, promotion and digitization are worthwhile for your company. We see this in the increasing sales through digital marketingbut also at the Performance of our many satisfied customers.

There is no way back for German companies in the paper industry, which relies on manpower instead of automation. At international competitionbut in the meantime also nationwidemedium-sized companies are thus falling far behind and must increasingly modern companies leave the field.

Yet the German SME sector has a lot to offer. Industrial companies and service providers with many decades of experience, including the skilled trades, are in high demand. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the big, digital players. The go-digital support program aims to change that and offer incentives, catch up with successful competitors and save consulting costs in the process.

Get advice from us as part of the go-digital support program

As authorized consulting company of the go-digital support program, Thorit can assist you on your way to digitization. In a Initial interview we find out in which areas you can benefit from digitization.

Our creations around Website, landing pages, Stores and professionally designed profiles create publicity on the net and draw attention to you. With a digital marketing strategy set the strategic conditions for successful online marketing. Digital marketing like SEA and Content Marketing Increases clicks and sales and also supports reputation management. We would be happy to set up your marketing activities from scratch or support you with monitoring.

Revise the strategy with which your company is to succeed over the next few years and create a digital presence. With Thorit at your side, it's easy and reliable. All information about the go-digital support program can be found on the website of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. We look forward to Your request!

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