Colors in web design

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The importance of colors in web design cannot be overstated. Color tones address the visitor subconsciously, but have a definite effect. Their use counts as neural marketing. What is particularly important when using colors in web design?

You need a coherent overall concept that includes not only your website but also all other advertising media and means of communication, i.e. your stationery, advertising materials, etc. Once your branding is fixed, it should not be changed.

Colors in web design - how you work

Goethe was the first to deal intensively with Colors engaged. Today, we do not want to address the different color circles and mixing methods, but aim at an intuitive approach to this topic, which should help you decide on certain colors for your website and exclude others.


Everyday language usage gives us an idea of the associations that certain sounds evoke in us. This is how we speak of them:

- Driving into the blue.
- to deal with the gray theory.
- Turning yellow with envy.
- Being green behind the ears.
- See red.
- to have a clean slate.

and much more. A doctor's gown is always white, anything else would probably worry us. Most wedding dresses are also bought in this color - unless you are in China, where red is the wedding color. "Attention" in traffic is associated with red for us, because this tone, which is the same as our blood, alerts us and startles us. A blue sky, which is reflected perhaps in addition on a water surface, we connect with vacation feelings. If, on the other hand, we are in mourning, we wear black.
What does this mean for you now? Even though the subjective reference to certain colors may differ from the general effect, due to our cultural background certain associations are clearly imprinted.

Use colors consciously in your context

The choice of the appropriate colors depends, of course, entirely on your Target group off. It's not for nothing that insurance companies like to decorate themselves with blue, while Coca Cola uses the stimulating red. So you should ask yourself:

What is my product?
What does it stand for?
What emotions do I want to trigger in my target group?

In this way, you are already getting closer to the right color for your web design. However, it is not enough to use a single tin, web design always lives from the combination of several shades.
Here, you can simplify things a bit and go for a trendy color like gray as the base tone, which is reflected in the navigation, for example. Gray makes all other tones shine and is thus a perfect partner.

There are some color combinations you should avoid. Pink on the homepage of a funeral home, red for a pharmacy page or the use of light colors on a dark background, just to name a few examples.

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