Human Success Factor - Why Marketing Automation Needs Human Intelligence

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Can marketing automation replace employees or even entire departmentsby providing your company with professional digital tools and using them automatically? The answer is quite clear No, because the "Human success factor" creates the decisive advantage in marketing. Marketing automation, however, can Break routine and create new fields of work.

Many entrepreneurs share a diffuse Fear of the future. On the one hand, the keyword marketing automation promises to make it easier for them to collect, evaluate and use data. On the other hand, they feel inadequately prepared for this change and fear being overtaken by fully automated processes. According to a Study on Digital Transformation in 2018, around 60 percent of large companies in Germany were concerned that their employees were not keeping up with tasks digitally enough. This is where marketing automation comes in directly.

Marketing automation as a tool instead of a complete solution

In your marketing processes you are involved with many different challenges confronted. As an entrepreneur, you know your customers from many different sides. You know which projects the customer has responded well to, which campaigns work on a personal level, and you know the risks of a provocative advertising claim. Your digital tools complement this by knowing the exact numbers.


How long did the customer view the ad? Was the retargeting successful? At what times of day do your customers use your offers and what return of investment (ROI) were your current advertising measures able to achieve? Through automation, you can use a once keep started campaign up to date for many months and always the best option for the highest revenue or click-throughs let them choose. The human success factor comes into play when it comes to personal customer contact, advice and the Finding and developing individual solutions goes.

Build creative strategies around marketing automation

Marketing automation built on human intelligence benefits from the know-how and creativity of your marketing experts.

Thus, the Marketing Automation repetitive tasks that Playing out personalized content to the right contact at the right time and number-based evaluations. This leaves more time for the marketing team to develop creative strategies that set you apart from your competition. In addition, you can create high-quality, unique content, which in turn can be targeted by marketing automation.

Creative strategies are still only possible through the human success factor
Creative strategies are still only possible through the human success factor

An example of this would be a regionalization strategy with appropriate content for different regions. Ads placed on displays in your area can point directly to your location or be linked to local terms, dialects, and regional events through localization. Use marketing automation to distribute discount codes and special offers to anyone who has visited regional outlets, for example, based on localization data.

You can also use automation in the social media space to Interested parties identify. This allows you to automatically invite users who interact with your Facebook Page to "Like" the page. A chatbot takes direct messages to the Page for you until an employee can respond in person.

In short, combine your human expertise with the use of digitally collected data.

Making successes visible and working with data

As a business today, every action you take to attract customers, promote products, make online sales, and advertise, you collect Data. You may use this data internally anonymously for all matters relating to Marketing automation, reports and statistics use. You can work with it as long as the data does not leave the house and get into the hands of unauthorized third parties.

For example, identify new revenue targets to be achieved via marketing automation. If the desired ROI does not show up, it is time for the human Troubleshooting. When renting advertising space, for example, the advertising environment can be decisive for success. However, you may also be addressing the wrong target group. Claim against coupons and other benefits Feedback from existing customers to detect weak points.

Marketing automation opens up new opportunities to improve your Use working time wisely, instead of the same routine over and over again. Set smaller goal stages to celebrate successes and translate success into new ideas. Develop communication further and work with storytelling and avatars. You can assign a specific advertising strategy to the avatars, which will then be executed via Marketing Automation.

People are not losing their importance as a success factor

Well-trained staff, expertise in specific service areas, excellent and close customer service and working with generated data perfectly complement marketing automation. The human success factor still plays the main role despite digital possibilities. Align your strategy with what purely automated processes can't do and offer the customer a personal setting that can't be emulated, at least not yet.

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