Challenged and supported: Working students at Thorit

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Are you still unsure about what career path you want to take? Or are you not clear about how the work in your desired profession explicitly works?

In this case, I can highly recommend working as a student trainee. I myself was able to make this experience at Thorit GmbH. A very good decision, as it turned out. During my studies of internet and online marketing I asked myself again and again which topics from my studies would be relevant in practice later on. I decided to start working as a student trainee.

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At the beginning, I was a bit skeptical about how work at the company and studying at the university could be combined. Surprisingly, I was able to flexibly adjust my working hours of 16 hours per week to the lecture times, which meant that I hardly ever missed any study content.

Combine your marketing studies with practical work

It was also exciting to see the extent to which I could put study content into practice. Working at the company complements what I learned from my studies very well: for example, I got to know many software tools for implementing marketing activities and the professional workflows and teamwork in an agency. In addition, I made a lot of new contacts and received a fixed salary, and I was also able to take pragmatic leave - for the exam period, for example. Another advantage is that you don't have to pay much in social security contributions, and your health insurance status also remains unchanged.

Thorit Team Marketing

An active part of the team from day one: working students at Thorit.

Another question you may be asking yourselves: What requirements do I need to be a working student? This question is easy to answer: All you need is continuous enrollment, your application documents, and a field of study close to the desired job.

After my Bachelor of Science I now had the direct opportunity to be taken on as a full-time employee. I was happy to take advantage of it! In the meantime, I am working in the field of marketing automation at Thorit.

Could I arouse your interest? Would you like to take advantage of the same opportunity and gain your first professional experience in a cool team? Then apply to us now as a working student. We are looking forward to it!



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