Successful referral marketing through marketing automation

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The own existing customers to convince new customers is probably the most important point in the area of the Referral Marketing. However, to ensure that customers also participate, companies often have to invest a great deal of effort. By automating various processes in the contact relationships with the customers, the Minimize effort noticeably. However, the most important basic requirements must be met.

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How to use marketing automation effectively

As a rule, the automation of the various marketing solutions is used to to lead customers to sales maturity. For this reason, at each Touchpoint The aim of referral marketing, however, is to provide the customer with information and advertising that is precisely tailored to his or her customer journey. However, referral marketing is all about already Reach existing customers. This means that the Customer Journey does not end with the purchase and is later resumed in the existing customer care, but rather this as a continuous process is defined.

Example Marketing Automation
Example of a marketing automation process (Image:

Thus, you as a company can, on the basis of the automation software you use, control the define different triggers and triggers sothat after a successful sale the customer also becomes your Contribute referral marketing can.

Individual customer reviews are very highly valued

Probably the easiest way to strengthen referral marketing with marketing automation is to ask customers to use the Evaluate performance of the company. This can be automated by a simple trigger.

After a certain number of days or hours after a purchase, the customer is automatically sent a E-mail sent, with the request a Rating to be given.

Via this e-mail, the customer can directly access the desired rating portal and enter his or her Leave feedback. You can even track whether the customer has complied with such a request. If this is not the case, you can automatically ask again and kindly remind the customer of a rating. All tasks that would actually be impossible when maintaining the customer relationship manually. The Marketing automation makes this possible

Customer review to strengthen referral marketing

This is for you as a company directly twofold advantage. On the one hand, you benefit from customer feedback and can for example further improve internal processes once again. On the other hand, the feedback for new and potential customers visible and can contribute significantly to the Contribute to the purchase decision. After all, most customers still consult other customer reviews before making a purchase decision.

Referral marketing thus works excellently and you can enjoy a long-term increase in the Conversion rate and thus about increasing revenues look forward

Further solutions within the scope of marketing automation 

However, referral marketing can also be linked to marketing automation in other ways. Because once you have a whole series of positive recommendations from your customers, this information can also be brought to the interested customers in the customer journey by Marketing Automation.

So why not create a Marketing email which, at a given touchpoint, can be used to Advantages of the company works out? Here you can see the best recommendations and the best reviews From the software send automatically let. Thus, your customers even receive daily updated ratings from referral marketing and can thus convince themselves of the services of your company. 

Email marketing is an inventory point of referral marketing
Email marketing is used at specific touchpoints in the customer journey (Fig:

So you can see that Referral marketing through marketing automation not only faster, but also sustainable can design. You do not have to invest a great deal of personnel and time in the maintenance and follow-up of the recommendations and still benefit from the large and clear effects of recommendation marketing.

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Marketing automation offers you the possibility to Recommendations and Reviews of your customers equal multiple and extremely effective use.


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