Effective customer segmentation in email marketing through marketing automation

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A Targeted customer segmentation is crucial for successful online marketing. Instead of performing this task manually and thus wasting both time and manpower, segmentation can also be performed by a Marketing Automation Perform software. Especially for the successful email marketing this option offers enormous advantages.

Why customer segmentation is so important

There are few industries and companies whose offerings are designed to appeal only to a very small target group. As a rule, companies try to as many potential customers as possible in order to increase sales opportunities and sales figures. But the larger a company's potential target group, the more the various customer personas differ from one another.
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However, for effective marketing, customers need to be targeted according to the Customer Persona and their interests are addressed. Through the Customer segmentation it is possible to subdivide the large and hardly surveyable target group. Thus, you can identify the different Optimally adapt marketing measures to the various needs and wishes.

Targeted customer segmentation thus increases the success of marketing and thus also sales figures in the long term. It is therefore enormously important for virtually every company to carry out targeted customer segmentation and to review it regularly.

Keeping email marketing closely aligned with customer needs

A successful email marketing must act closely to the customers. You need to Wishes and the satisfaction of customers always in view. Of course, this is always particularly difficult when the customer group is very broad, making differentiation extremely difficult. It is simply not possible to address and reach all customers equally within the framework of a campaign.

This is where customer segmentation can offer enormous advantages, as the large group of customers divided and efficiently distinguished will be. Thus, for the individual target and Customer groups an individual solution found, so that the efficiency of the entire marketing increases. This applies both to marketing on the various channels, but especially and most particularly to email marketing.

Because here plays the personal relevance play a special role. After all, most people receive a large number of e-mails every day. The decision whether to read an advertising e-mail depends on this, among other things, How well the recipient feels addressed. The better the customer segmentation, the more effectively you can target customers and the easier it is to find the content that will reach them.

Advantages of customer segmentation in email marketing
Positive effects of customer segmentation in email marketing (Image: neilpatel.com)

Marketing automation takes over many tasks

For these reasons, more and more companies are turning to marketing automation. Because this software can take over a large part of the often repetitive work and thus provides relief. In addition Marketing Automation on the basis of the previously defined parameters significantly faster and produces hardly any errors. This not only makes email marketing much leaner and more efficient. More customers can also be convinced of the offers.

What is important here, however, is the efficient customer segmentation by the software. This usually requires some preparatory work on your part so that the software can reliably take over the subdivision of customers into different user and target groups. The advantage is that this work only needs to be done once. You can perform the segmentation based on the following criteria:

Procedure for segmentation
Segmentation criteria (Image: B2B International)

Then, as part of marketing automation, the software will perform customer segmentation according to your specifications and thus the entire email marketing for your company even more profitable make

Effective segmentation depending on customer interactions

The particular advantage of marketing automation is not only the Speed of reactionsbut also the high Efficiency. If you specify to the system the criteria according to which customers should be divided into different target groups, this can be done by the system quickly and reliably.

For example, if you send an opening and welcome email to the entire target audience as part of email marketing, many recipients will react differently to that email. Since you are using the Track customer behavior If you are already able to segment your customers, you already have the first options for customer segmentation at your disposal.

You can for example Interests query, the Reactions of customers to various offers check and thus the Segment customers effectively. This also means, among other things, that the marketing automation following the segmented target groups different emails and offers sent and you can thus reach customers more precisely and efficiently.

Since this form of customer segmentation is always possible, you could even create a Very fine subdivision of the individual customer groups make. Whether this makes sense, however, is still debatable. Because with too fine a subdivision, it can happen too quickly that the entire processes in email marketing get out of hand despite marketing automation and too complex be

Simple and efficient customer segmentation makes sense. Too fine a subdivision makes it too difficult to reach and address each customer effectively.

More effective marketing along the customer journey

If your email marketing is along the Customer Journey move and the customers at every Touchpoint effectively, marketing automation takes on many important tasks here. In addition to the tasks already outlined above personal preferences and wishes of customers you can also use their Waypoints along the Customer Journey use as a means of customer segmentation.

Customers in the Orientation phase usually want less targeted email marketing. They are more interested in well-founded information to the selected products and services. If your email marketing provides customers with exactly this information and thus convinces them, the customer can be brought closer to the product or offer in the next step.

Email Marketing Customer Segmentation Process
Customer segmentation process and email marketing along the customer journey

The Reactions of the user decide which customer segmentation is performed by marketing automation and to what extent the customer is provided with new information or with suitable offers can be supplied. Thus, after the appropriate preparation of the automation, you can sit back and relax and take care of the particularly important or lucrative cases. After all, the majority of potential customers are taken care of comprehensively and professionally by marketing automation as part of email marketing.




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