How to prepare your email marketing for iOS 15

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Apple already caused a stir in online marketing with the update to iOS 14, in that the Tracking via websites and apps has become significantly more difficult. While iOS users can still consent to the use of cookies, app operators have to be actively seek approval. The fact that many users prefer to reject this has caused a rethink.
Now more and more iPhone and iPad users are switching to the new iOS 15 and your email marketing faces a similar challenge. Because suddenly it's no longer so easy to track which mails are opened.
Find out how your company's marketing can still remain at the highest level here.

New call-to-action

iOS 15 - this changes concretely for your mailing lists

Apple has made a big step forward with the new iOS release some Features updated, which put user privacy front and center. Just as tracking across apps and pages has already been made more difficult, the Privacy features now also affects the mailbox.
Privacy protection now allows users to mask their IP in the Mails app, making it impossible for companies to track whether a mail has been opened and which addresses are just deadbeats in your mailing list.
Users who have a paid subscription to iCloud can go even further. Websites can be completely prohibited from tracking and iOS uses a throwaway address when retrieving mails. Thus, even with classic lead magnets, marketers no longer receive as many emails as before.

The iOS 15 release also affects email marketing
With the iOS 15 release, certain aspects of email marketing need to be considered. (Image:

Unlike the iOS 14 update, these features are opt-in features and some even require additional paid cloud services from Apple. So even though there are changes to the Email marketing these will probably not be as serious as with the previous major update.
Even though it's tempting to fall into actionism because of Apple's restrictions - the update isn't terribly bad, even for marketers who work mostly with mail. Apple is not killing email marketing, but the tech giant from Cupertino is once again encouraging a rethink.

How businesses can do better email marketing after iOS 15

Dealing with email lists without Open Rates may sound like a nightmare for many marketers, as it is considered one of the most important key performance indicators. But if you react in time, you can actually benefit from the update and leave your competitors behind. Our checklist tells you how to make your email marketing iOS 15-proof:

Away from the Open Rate

The first recommendation is as clear as it is simple: Move away from Open Rate as a KPI. While Open Rate is important for engagement with your mailing list, it is not the deciding factor.

The click-through rate shows significantly more engagement and will be even more important in the future.

So make your mails more attractive and sharpen the Call-to-action. From the subject line to the action button, everything has to be brought in line here.

A/B tests become more important

How do you ensure that users reach the call-to-action? Your mail must be captivating at first glance. With A/B tests in the subject line with the same content, you can determine which subject works better in the running process. This works as a substitute for Open Rate and invites you to experiment.

Rethinking geotargeting

Before iOS 15, regional marketing worked simply by IP address. If users don't use a VPN, the IP tells you the location of your newsletter subscribers. With obfuscated IP, this will no longer work.

But you have other options: Use surveys or expand the fields when entering your newsletter. Also keep in mind: This will only be really attractive for users if you also Regionally relevant content offer

No time for timer

The last hours of the sales could safely pass without your mailing list thanks to iOS 15, because the use of timers is made more difficult.
Instead, you can provide visible timers on your landing pages or clearly communicate when the time is up from the subject line to the graphic design of your mail. It doesn't always have to be a ticking clock....

Cleanliness and spam threat

You could filter inactive users relatively easily before. If emails are not opened for a longer period of time, the addresses can probably be removed. However, since the CTR is significantly below the open rate and potential buyers also often interact rather passively with your newsletter, you are at a crossroads.

Make sure you have a good click-through rate to avoid the risk of spam.
Make sure you have a good click-through rate to avoid the risk of spam. (Image:

If you remove too many email addresses, you run the risk of making your address book too thin. On the other hand, if you send mails to too many dead addresses, you will end up in the spam filter more often.
There is no happy medium here; both variants deliver potential dangers. In the long run, you should do everything you can, optimize the click-through rate, in order to have a permanently meaningful KPI.

Segment better

With iOS 15, it becomes even more important that you relevant content in your mails. This also means that you should work more with segmentation. Since when have users subscribed to your newsletter? Which products were purchased in the past? Which specific links were clicked in the last mails?

All of this helps you maintain strong personalization, even if Apple makes it difficult for you to track mails.

New call-to-action

Rethink email marketing - and keep finding your way to the inbox

Basically, iOS 15 should give you more of an appetite for modern email marketing and help you to tackle overdue changes. Even if the discontinuation of tracking initially only affects Apple's own Mail app and many users will probably not even use the generated addresses, you should be prepared for the future.

See mail, social media, story and content marketing as an opportunity and stay on top of changes, trends and updates.



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