Drivers for digitization - how Corona digitizes companies

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The Corona virus has played a key role in the global economy for enormous problems and will probably continue to do so for many months to come. Especially the Middle class is currently severely affected and, despite support from the state, often has greater problems than most large companies. In particular, many companies are still lacking or have Insufficient digitization is currently falling on the toes of entrepreneurs. At the same time, the Corona crisis is also a good Motorwhich can and will drive the necessary digitization.

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Digitization in Companies - Corona gets things moving

Many entrepreneurs in the SME sector have had the opportunity to outsource many of their employees' tasks for a number of years now, and these tasks have been Work from home to leave. This would not only have been more practicable, but would also have Costs reduced in parts, for example, because smaller premises would have sufficed.

Infographic: The pros and cons of home office | Statista Advantages and disadvantages of home office (Image: Statista)

However, it is still fixed in many people's minds that employees in their own four walls unproductive would be and would not get the job done. Despite all studies to the contrary, this thought could not be gotten out of people's heads. Now, however, in times of Corona, things can't move fast enough in many companies. Because only through a Good and targeted digitization of the company and the outsourcing of work to the employees' homes can still be a Smooth work be guaranteed.

That's because a single employee who introduces Corona into a company can quickly disrupt the entire Paralyze company and thus drive it into insolvency. The Dangers to life and limb The challenges faced by both employees and management are not even mentioned here.

The challenge Home office: control, data security, acceptance

The big problem is that many companies have slept through digitization so far and are now in Corona times desperate for quick solutions. This brings with it a myriad of dangers, some of which entrepreneurs are not aware of at all. Just the possibility of digital video conferencing with the open software Zoom has made it into the news several times in the last few days and weeks, as the Sessions not secure in parts were.

Brand Analysis Template: The Foundation for Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Download Template

In addition, there are other Safety requirements which, depending on the company and industry, can pose completely new challenges. Security alone in the transmission of customer data is an enormously important topic that should not be dealt with in passing. It is therefore important to Comprehensive and professional advice to allow the necessary structures to be built and established even during the Corona crisis. In addition, the Acceptance for these solutions also among own employees be created.

Adapt data and Adapt and optimize communication systems

Overall, it is therefore necessary to Improve digitization not only within the company or even to get it going at all, but also to embrace digitization to the extent that, for example, employees can in the home office with the same efficiency be able to work as before at the company location. Of course, in the current situation, one has to make slight concessions, since, for example, the children are also still being cared for at home, but at least the Work performance of the employee is available.

Statistic: Would you like to work from home in case of possible health risk situations (e.g. coronavirus)?  | Statista
Use of home office as a result of Corona virus (Image: Statista)

As a rule, this even increases as the Stress reduced in parts becomesif, for example, long journeys to the workplace are no longer necessary. In addition, as an employer you naturally also minimize the Risk of infection of your employees, for example, if they no longer have to use public transportation to get to work. Overall, digitization in the company offers in Corona times considerable advantages.

Permanent conversion instead of flat emergency solution

Even if, in the current crisis mode, you have to Later future easily forgotten, you should still keep an eye on them. Because the Costs of digitization and the associated Freedoms of the employees will not be so easy to dismantle once the crisis is over.


It is therefore more sensible and, above all, also more purposeful to Build up the entire infrastructure sustainably and thus enable a change in your own working landscape. In these cases, you as a company are optimally equipped thanks to digitalization and employees continue to be fully involved in the work processes.


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