Identify appropriate digital platforms for your customer persona

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Your customers are unique, but can be identified by intelligent analyses and evaluation of collected anonymized data in different Target groups groups. These groups are represented by a handful of different Customer Personas. Not only do they change over the years, but they also bring very different backgrounds and digital lifestyles to marketing. Aligning your campaigns with the digital interests of each customer persona makes them even more effective and sharpens the marketing profile.

PowerPoint Template: Effective Marketing Thanks to Customer Journey Map - Download

What actually is a customer persona?

The concept of Customer Persona, often also called Avatar means in marketing not only the creation of an age and employment profile. For example, you can target your advertising to the female 45+ demographic, living in Hamburg and Lower Saxony, with an upper education and an interest in cooking, in order to attract these Addressing the group of people in a targeted manner. However, the customer persona goes much further. This sample customer not only has a roughly regional profile, but also lives in a specific place, for example in Eppendorf. She is not "from 45 years upwards", but concretely 48 years old, has a job, hobbies, children and family, a past and a future. 

The customer persona has a life of its own and is stored in a database so that you can update it regularly. This is because changes in the age structure of your customers should also be reflected in the respective persona. This detailed profile, which you can also illustrate and name with stock photo models for illustration in meetings, also includes digital platforms and habits.

Digital platforms: Who will use which service in 2020?

It is important to know on which social networks your customer persona is present.
Different people use different social media channels. It's important to know which platforms your customer persona uses (Image:

Twitter: At 21 percent, 14-19 year olds have a strong presence on Twitter, followed by 20-29 year olds, who account for 16%. Only 10 percent of professionals use Twitter. 

YouTubeAround two-thirds of 14-19 year-olds actively use YouTube, with interest continuing up to the 40-49 age group. Still, every fifth person between 60 and 69 watches videos there, and 6 percent of those over 70 consume clips from time to time.

WhatsAppMore than half of Germans use WhatsApp for communication. 81% of 14 to 29-year-olds have installed the app, 73 percent of 30 to 49-year-olds and still one in five over 65.

Facebook: Interest in Facebook continues even after 15 years. 41 percent of Germans and all age groups are represented on the platform. At 78 percent, 20 to 29 year-olds in particular use Facebook intensively, but more than one in three people between 50 and 59 also have their own profile.

For more detailed Information and statistics on the topic of "social media use", we recommend these pages:

Advertise better through intelligent platform selection according to Persona key points

There are several ways to create the customer persona you want to work with. On the one hand, wishes can flow in, which group you would like to address. However, the desired group is not always the actual interested customer group. You avoid this mistake by first the data from analysis tools like Google Analytics or Facebook Insights to identify your customer persona in terms of demographics, interests, and Channels to analyze.

Customer Persona Template
Template for creating a customer persona

Improve customer journey through individual social media targeting

The customer persona is, of course, only one of the means by which, in the end, your customer will be offer even better service to be able to. Once you have found the right channels for your persona, you must also provide them with suitable content. Only then will the exchange with your target group on the respective channel be purposeful and your potential customers feel understood by you.

PowerPoint Template: Effective Marketing Thanks to Customer Journey Map - Download

When you address your customers on Facebook, they also expect to receive information about your products on Facebook. An ad that is placed on YouTube as a spot should not only be of high quality, but should also be based on a lead appropriate landing page, which opens a sales funnel. All these facts come together to create the Customer Journey simple, functional and comfortable. 

Step by step to success on digital platforms

Our Thorit experts are happy to help you create customer personas and find out which platform works ideally for your target group.

For this

  • Together with you, we develop one or more Customer Persona,
  • analyze we understand the needs and wishes of your target group,
  • find out where we can find the persona pick up digitally
  • and how we can Precisely target can.

Schedule your no-obligation initial consultation now and learn how a Buyers Persona can help you sharpen your marketing profile and increase sales. 


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