7 steps to a digital marketing campaign

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A successful digital marketing campaign can turn unknown products into groundbreaking bestsellers in the long term. But the Planning and implementation of a digital marketing campaign must be well thought out. Here's how to get there in just 7 easy steps.

Brand Analysis Template: The Foundation for Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Download Template

Step 1: Realistic target setting

Marketing is always preceded by the idea, what exactly is to be advertised. Businesses and solo self-employed workers should be included in periodically Place advertising, not only for individual products, but also to promote the Strengthen corporate image and new Target groups address. The first step in planning a campaign is therefore to answer the question "What do I want to achieve with this campaign? For a service provider, for example, this could be awareness of a certain competence in the target group, or for manufacturers the sale of a product group.

Step 2: Find a target group

Who is your Target group? Is your target audience for the planned digital campaign identical to the demographic that has bought your products in the past? To find out, you should use statistics on keywords, but also classic market research, to find out who is interested in you and your offerings. This often reveals surprising insights, even for experienced entrepreneurs.

First define the target group for your digital marketing campaign
Predetermine target audience based on characteristics, interests, buying behavior and more. (Image: tutorcompass.com)

Young people, for example, are increasingly interested in traditional handicrafts and ecological alternatives, while electronics, for example game consoles or e-scooters, are purchased by the 30- to 50-year-old group. Such a discovery can make the planned Influence the course of the campaign as well as the choice of the material to be Platforms and media.

Step 3: Flexible budget planning

One of the most important factors around planning your digital marketing campaign is the estimated Budget. Without a realistic and above all Flexible budget most campaigns are doomed to failure. Marketing is not an accessory to offering services and products, but lays the foundation for marketing. Instead of employing their own in-house marketing department, SMEs usually also benefit financially from working with a professional agency.

There should be a realistic and flexible budget for a digital marketing campaign.
There should be a realistic and flexible budget for a digital marketing campaign. (Image: blog.hubspot.com)

Step 4: Digital media selection

As part of digital marketing campaigns, companies today have a huge choice of channels such as social media and Online platformson which they can advertise their products. It may be worth combining the digital campaign with billboard advertising, flyers or giveaways. But even purely digital, everything from cinema-quality spots to Google Ads advertising is possible.

Good content, meaningful landing pages, a high recognition value, and familiar faces like influencers round out the overall picture. A look at the different demographics of the networks should definitely be part of the selection process. For the last federal election, for example, many parties deliberately targeted young first-time voters via Tiktok, thereby significantly increasing their voter base.

Choose the right channels for your digital marketing campaigns
The choice of digital platform is important and can influence the course of a digital marketing campaign. (Image: marketinginstitute.biz)

Step 5: Creation of a roadmap

In addition to budget and, of course, the design of the ads, the success of your digital marketing campaign also depends on the Running time and the timing of the campaign off. Seasonal campaigns generate the main revenues of the year in some sectors. In particular, holidays such as Christmas, Mother's Day or Valentine's Day, but also Black Friday, now an entire Black Week, encourage customers to make more purchases.

Service providers also benefit from seasonal advertising. Whether it's a nursery or a painting service, every industry has different seasonal characteristics that can be emphasized through targeted advertising.

The campaign roadmap determines when which ads will be placed and ended.

The planning itself can also be divided into individual sections to facilitate organization within the company.

Step 6: Realization and publication

Converting the advertising concept into a functioning campaign is a major step that takes place across various platforms. The realization should be accompanied by experts who unify the visual language and claims and give the advertising a recognition factor. If companies are still at the very beginning, the branding of the ads is particularly important.

Before rolling out the digital marketing campaign, be sure to check that all landing pages are working and content is complete, accurate, and functional.

Step 7: Optimization

Playing out the first ads is not the end of the campaign. Because now the ads generate, for example via Google, new data on access, the target group reached, clicks, dwell time and much more.

Through A/B test The statistics allow you to find out which ads work and which products or offers are used more as a result. Using the statistics, you can find out which ads work and which products or offers are used more as a result. This way you can avoid delivery problems and steer the marketing in the right direction.

Brand Analysis Template: The Foundation for Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Download Template


Planning a digital campaign is possible in just a few steps, but the steps themselves should be fully utilized. Only through complete and accurate planning will you rule out typical problems such as wastage or a budget that is too tight right from the start. Our Thorit experts will be happy to advise you on your next campaign and ensure that your marketing always achieves the goals you set.


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