The top 7 digital marketing trends for 2022 - what the new year will bring

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The turn of the year is not only a good opportunity privately to question the customs of the past year, but also offers the chance professionally to reposition oneself.
In this guide, we show you what digital marketing trends await you in the coming year, what changes there will be in the Search engine optimization and which trends you should definitely not miss.

Our Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends 2022 will give you a compact overview of everything you need to know to stay well positioned for next year.

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The most important digital marketing trends 2022 - our top 7 for your company

1. position zero

The fact that "position zero" and search engine optimization, of all things, end up in first place on this list is no coincidence. Already for years the persistent trend has intensified, with Organic hits still land above the advertising and other organic hits. This SEO pole position is therefore also called position zero.

From Google's perspective, the incentive for this post is quite simple: the search engine wants to answer users' questions as quickly, compactly and simply as possible. Combined with images that are also available, the result is a no-click search. So searchers don't have to click on the article or page to have their question answered.

Zero-click searches increase search convenience but reduce website traffic.
Zero-click searches increase search convenience but reduce website traffic. (Image:

So this is a double-edged sword: on the one hand, increased visibility, on the other hand, fewer clicks. However, you should view this position positively, because Google positions you as an expert in the field, this can become part of a comprehensive branding strategy, and with the right incentives can attract people to your website after all.

Better page titles and listicles are the best way to make your page more attractive to no-click searches as well

2. chatbots

Also one of the essential Digital Marketing Trends 2022 and one that is growing in importance every year. As our habits of searching and conversing in the online space change, so too does our relationship to Chatbots.
Chatbots can help customers do just that, better and informed decisions meet and complement your customer support by an important component. Equipped with a large database of information, chatbots are the first point of contact for potential customers in many industries.

Especially for companies that generate a lot of web traffic, proactive chatbots will be indispensable in 2022.

3. interactivity

Users are no longer used to being passive recipients of information. The democratization of the media Internet has turned us all into creators, so why should your digital marketing in 2022 only be consumed passively?
More interactivity, for example in the form of chatbots or more Messenger marketing can result in a lower cost per lead and help you move real prospects through the sales funnel faster.

Digital Marketing Trend 2022: Gamification
With Gamification improve your engagement in a fun way. (Image:

4. social media engagement

At the interface between true interactivity and Social Media Marketing is engagement. The fact that this metric is becoming more important the stricter the algorithms of Instagram and co. work and the more frequently filters sort out posts for users is an ongoing development.
So for 2022, make sure that you have the User really integrate into your social media campaigns and create a Build active community.
In addition, you should increasingly focus on Influencer Marketing and focus on longer collaborations.

5. search by voice function

People talk differently than they write, and all of our "search engine speak" in the style of "best pizza where" has long since achieved linguistic cult status. For marketers with a focus on SEO, this has created certain challenges, but the new Digital Marketing Trends for 2022 will alleviate them.

The more users search by voice in 2022 and the years to come, the more keywords and optimization will change. Whether Siri or Google, about half of all voice searches already replace conventional search queries (

6. inclusivity

Not only from a marketing perspective, but also from a human perspective, inclusivity should be close to your heart. The more people you actively involve in campaigns, language and design, the larger your target audience will be and the more positively you will be perceived as a brand.
This starts with gender-neutral language, but also barrier-free design is important. For example, how does your site's UI look when people with color blindness browse your site? Do you use tools to make the design accessible?

How can you as a brand ensure that minorities in your community are also heard, what events and NGOs does your company support that make the world a little better?
Doing the right thing is also worthwhile from a business perspective, because people want to be heard and feel comfortable with your brand and find it again. All people.

Show your users the inclusivity of your company or online store.
Show your users the inclusivity of your company or online store. (Image:

7. user-generated content

As a brand, you can only be as successful on the web as your community. Furthermore, you should not work exclusively on social media with the voices of your fans. Whether it's posts, stories, blogs or reviews: Every single opinion is important. Especially from the user's point of view, you make a personal brand out of your company if you increase your reach this way.
User Generated Content offers you opportunities to grow organically, to bind users to your company, and to gather opinions. And all this directly at the interface between influencer marketing and word-of-mouth.

Brand Analysis Template: The Foundation for Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Download Template

Conclusion well positioned into the new year

From the end of traditional Third party cookies to changes in search engines, social media and search behavior. In 2022, a lot will change that will continue to make your online marketing exciting.
If you are interesting Content generate and additionally seek increased collaborations and engagement on social media, you are already positioned. And then you can almost look in the direction of AR and VR with one eye.

Of course, we will be happy to provide you with personal advice and professional support on request. With our newsletter or whitepaper you will also stay well informed in the coming year.


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