The most useful project management tools

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With the help of project management tools, the collaboration of individuals, teams and companies can be greatly simplified. These tools help to keep track of all tasks of a larger project and to schedule them optimally. Thanks to such a tool, it is also possible to create teams that work in different parts of the world.
But it is not only the large companies for which the Project Management has a special significance: Start-ups and small companies can also work more effectively if project management is perfectly regulated. So it is precisely they who are dependent on such tools, as experienced employees are not always available to them.
Fortunately, it doesn't always have to be the costly profile solution. There are several useful tools that are available for free.

The best free project management tools

Project management includes the components of planning and collaboration. Most tools are focused on one of these two tasks.
Planning tools include to-do lists, calendars, task management, and milestones. Software for collaboration offers a wide variety of communication options such as forums, chats and messaging. Collaborative file editing is also an issue. Hybrid solutions offer a combination of both fields of activity. For completely individual solutions, project management can also be based on several software solutions.

Free Project Management Tools :

Asana is a hybrid tool used for planning and communication. Companies like Dropbox and Pinterest rely on this application, which offers an intuitive interface, good usability and numerous keyboard shortcuts. Asana relies on lists, which are used in a fine-grained way. It is free for teams of up to 15 people.

Asana Project Management Tool
Asana Tool (Image:

Bitrix24 offers solutions that go beyond pure project management. For communication, various email services can be connected. The tool offers among others:

  • a clear document management
  • practical Gantt charts
  • Timekeeping,
  • Versioning for even more flexibility
  • CRM
  • a task management
  • a personnel management

Bitrix24 can be self-hosted or operated in the cloud. Free use is possible for up to 12 users, who can edit an unlimited number of documents and tasks and get an additional 5 gigabytes of cloud storage for documents.

LibrePlan is a project management tool that takes a very different approach, because it can be managed not only by a single person, but by a whole team, beyond the boundaries of your own company. LibrePlan offers various Gantt charts, an intuitive resource management and a financial management . It is very suitable for larger, cross-cutting projects where a democratic approach is useful.

This small overview shows only a tiny fraction of the possibilities. Thanks to a variety of free or low-cost project management tools, companies of all sizes can keep track of their projects. Often it is already decided in the planning phase whether a project will be successful or not.

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