Customer journey with wow effect - how to generate customer enthusiasm

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The Convincing potential customers is the basis of all marketing activities. However, many companies forget that customers are not only Optimally addressed be made, but also enthusiastic have to be made. For this purpose, the customer journey must be Wow effect gThe design of the product must be tailored to the customer's needs in order to offer real surprises that will excite him. We show what possibilities there are for companies.

Effectively staff every touchpoint with the company

The time from the first information to the purchase of a product or service is called the Customer Journey is the term used. In the process, a potential client different levels and, in the optimum case, comes again and again in contact with the company.

If a company concentrates exclusively on the Sale, so practically on the final stage of the customer journey, most go Customers lost along the way. It applies to the customer at each TouchpointThe aim is to reach the customer at every point of contact with the company or the product, and to gradually move them away from the hesitant Interest to to sales maturity to lead.

Marketing automation for the customer journey with wow effect

Probably the most effective way to effectively cover all touchpoints is to use the Marketing Automation. Because this sends not only fixed Mailings with information and advertising, but can also be determined on the basis of the Customer Responses pursue different approaches.

Designing the customer journey with a wow effect

In this way, you can create the Achieve desired wow effect, as your company fast and especially within shortest reaction times on the Wishes and preferences of the user enters

Use user reactions and profit from them

In the first mails to the customer, you can send the customer's Query interests. This is normal and already the standard in many areas. In marketing automation, however, in the best case scenario all data together. So not only the Reactions of the customer to mailings, but also its Movements on the company website.

If a customer has looked at certain products for a longer time in the course of the customer journey, you can respond precisely to this as part of marketing automation. If the customer shows a reaction to a Interest in a product group, you can follow this targeted and fast suitable information provide.

The customer is therefore provided with the things that are in his current interest at each station of the customer journey.

Effectively cover the interests of the user

In the course of a customer journey usually change the interests of the customers. You can achieve the desired wow effect, for example, if you use these Predicting changes of interest in a targeted manner can.

In the case of technical products, for example, most users are first interested in the various areas of application. This is normal, because it is through these that the intersection with one's own life is first created. In most cases, interest is then followed by questions about the function and structure of the device.

If you use the Actively pick up customers in the customer journey with a wow effect and this the present desired information before asking for it, convince this with a wow effect and the Competence of your company.

The customer receives what he wants before these wishes have been clearly formulated. This is an impressive effect that can very often be achieved easily on the basis of the buyer persona and the company experience.

Using customer data effectively to persuade

Anyone who is already involved in the field of marketing automation knows how important the Customer data are to effectively address the customer and the various mailings to personalize. However, you should remember that customers can also seek contact with the company in other ways.

To create a real Wow effect in every area of the customer journey you need to meet the customer at every touchpoint. This means that the different departments access to the most important data must have. If a customer takes Contact by phone and is identifiable during the interview, the employee should Use existing data can, for example, advise the customer or respond to past purchases.

In this way, the customer not only feels particularly valued, but above all also welcome. An important tool of the Customer loyaltywhich no company should underestimate.

Read the customer, understand the customer and act actively

The Combination of the existing data, the own Experience and the fast response times in the area of marketing automation clearly convinces most customers. A company that operates along the Customer Journey can always incorporate a wow effect, convinces through Competence and Customer friendliness.

In addition, these solutions offer other advantages. Because with this technology you can not only Generate new sales and attract new customers, but also very effectively address already existing Encourage customers to make repeat purchases. After all, the customer journey applies not only to new customers, but also to a company's existing customers. In fact, the more data you have at your disposal, the more effectively you can work. Accordingly, it's easier, Convince existing customers of further purchases or upsells.

PowerPoint Template: Effective Marketing Thanks to Customer Journey Map - Download


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