CRM comparison and overview

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Features and benefits of the best CRM systems

Order and structure are important, especially when dealing with customer data in companies. Employees and customers rely on the fact that correct data available are and treated in accordance with the law become. Therefore, a suitable and modern CRM system of great importance. However, with the wide range of CRM systems on offer, it is easy to lose track of them all and it is difficult to determine which one best suits one's own requirements.  
Therefore, we give here a CRM comparison and overview of the features and benefits of the best CRM systems. Thus, you can make a qualified and considered decision.  

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Choose CRM system professionally  

CRM stands for customer relationship management and includes, among other things, a 360 degree overall view of the customer by the Central processing of all customer data. Thus, a CRM system enables interactions and customer information to be recorded and analyzed in one place.

This makes it easier to develop measures and campaigns that optimize the individual customer relationship.  

But the decision for a CRM system should not be made lightly. The many providers have different focuses. It is important to find out, Which solution best suits your needs and your business. Therefore, you should answer the following questions in advance to simplify the search:  

  • How big is your company?  
  • What budget do you have available?  
  • For which application areas do you need a CRM system?  
  • What integration or implementation to other systems do you need? 
  • Which functions are particularly important to you?

In our CRM comparison below, the selected systems are designed to meet broad customer needs and bring a variety of tools to the table.

SAP Sales Cloud 

SAP Sales Cloud is the CRM solution from one of the best-known companies in the industry. Especially in the B2B (business-to-business) area, the software solution is beneficial to use. You can use the Sales Cloud from Contact Management via Lead Management all the way to improving your sales. It gives you the ability to have a 360-degree view of each individual contact, enabling you to Customer Journey to optimize.

The SAP Sales Cloud scores with its clear and interactive dashboards.
The SAP Sales Cloud scores points for its clear and interactive dashboards. (Image:

Sales Cloud is a general-purpose CRM system, but it lays out Particular focus on e-commerce and online contracting. The following points make SAP Sales Cloud particularly advantageous:    

  • Easy linkability with other external SAP standard solutions. This eliminates the need for complex interface programming. An SAP standard solution, for example, is SAP Business One or Enterprise Resource Planning SAP R/3. 
  • Clear and interactive dashboards enable intuitive and structured work. 
  • Customer orientation is promoted through data-driven guidence and unified networking 
  • Customer interactions can be personalized and sales cycles shortened 


This CRM system is the top dog in customer relationship management. Salesforce links the areas of marketing automation, sales and lead management. Due to the fact that Salesforce has versatile features and models, it can be optimally used in a start-up but also in a multinational corporation. The cloud-based CRM platform scores with its individuality and adaptability and can therefore be used in any industry.  

Salesforce must not be forgotten in a CRM comparison
Salesforce should not be forgotten in a CRM comparison. (Image:

Salesforce offers you 4 different packages. Starting with the Sales Essential Edition, which enables an out-of-the-box CRM for up to 5 users, up to the Unlimited Edition. With this package you then have access to unlimited CRM services and support. Salesforce is a good choice if you Link many application areas and uncomplicated connections want to make. 

The advantages you get from it:  

  • Excellent aggregation of sales data allows you to generate potential customers more effectively. 
  • Despite its high level of functionality, Salesforce is very user-friendly. 
  • Salesforce offers innovative features that help you optimize every facet of your customer relationship management-for example, support from artificial intelligence (AI).  
  • The Chatter communication platform and the Lightning Dialer telephone system make it easy to work.  


In a CRM comparison must HubSpot also be listed. HubSpot is also called a big construction kit, because to the classic basic package you can add on demand add more hubs can. Therefore, HubSpot is suitable for every type of company. Similar to Salesforce, HubSpot is not a pure CRM system, but offers the so-called Sales Hub for special areas of application, Marketing Hub and Services Hub. With this CRM system you have a Allrounderthat supports you from the beginning to the end of your customer relationship.  

You can benefit from these advantages:  

  • The networked CRM platform offers various tools to optimize the customer experience. The tools are easily customizable and can be used individually. 
  • Due to the pre-built email templates, it can also be used well by users without the need for programming.  
  • The central database provides opportunity to take the customer journey and customer relationship management (CRM) to the next level. 
  • Using HubSpot automation, you can automate marketing processes. This allows your team to work more efficiently and effectively - including saving time 
  • Collected data can be optimally evaluated, analyzed and optimized to improve the customer experience 
With HubSpot's all-rounder CRM system, you have individual and matching functions in one.
With HubSpot's all-rounder CRM system, you have individual and matching functions in one. (Image:

The Thorit GmbH is a HubSpot Platinum Partner and can advise you on this CRM system in the best possible way. Contact us if you have any questions or would like to learn more - without obligation and free of charge.


Pipedrive is very well suited for any sales team. It mainly supports companies in day-to-day operations and team collaboration and communication. As the name suggests, the special feature of Pipeline is the so-called Sales pipeline. In this, you can track your deals and get the Status all sales opportunities in view have. This CRM system is especially suitable for SMEs, but can also be a good addition for large companies.  

The advantages of this CRM system are:  

  • Pipedrive scores with its simple and clear operation. 
  • It offers smart automations that relieve you of administrative tasks 
  • You can add optional add-ons with this tool. These include, for example, a configurable chatbot and a dedicated system for outbound calls.  
  • Sales people can easily scale the business to realize more potential 
  • The various functions can be used to simplify lead generation, automation or trend analysis 
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales  

This CRM system stands out in this CRM comparison due to its effective support for both Sales Automation and Marketing Automation and is mainly used in B2B customer care. It helps you build a well-connected business and organize processes, data and customers in one system. With this CRM system you can choose between Three models choose. For example, you can choose between the "Customer Engagement Plan" and the "Dynamics 365 Plan" for a fee. 

The advantages of the CRM from Microsoft:  

  • The direct link with Office 365 makes everyday work much easier. 
  • On the Microsoft B2B App-Store App Source you can extend your CRM system with additional tools. 
  • Because LinkedIn is part of Microsoft, you are directly connected to the business network. 
  • Uniform exchange of information via defined communication channels 
  • Applicable for different company sizes and industry 
  • Agile adaptability to changes and requirements 

CRM comparison and overview: Conclusion

There are a variety of CRM systems, all of which focus on different things, making them suitable for your needs and requirements. To ensure that the CRM system is right for your use, careful selection is crucial. Therefore, take your time, analyze your requirements and perform a CRM comparison to weigh up which one suits you best.  


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