Successful implementation of a CRM system - here's what you need to keep in mind

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A Introduce CRM systemsounds simple at first glance. But in order for such a system to also meet its Purpose fulfilled and the company the desired benefits you need to pay attention to a few points. Because besides the Selection of the appropriate system must also be implemented prior to the introduction of various Areas optimized to ensure that all parts of the company benefit from the CRM system can. We show you what you need to pay attention to.

Customer relationship management more important than ever

The Relationship between company and customer is particularly important in today's world. Because the Customer loyalty towards the company is dwindling, due to the ever-increasing choice in the global marketplace. Accordingly, in today's world, companies must make a great effort and struggle to attract customers. Existing customers to make.

A Custom Relationship Management System is of particular importance for this reason. Because if you want to introduce a CRM system in your company, then this becomes the The linchpin in all mattersthat have to do directly or indirectly with your customers. For this reason you should have a CRM system only if you are aware of the tasks involved and the opportunities they present.

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Break down data silos, prepare information

The problem many companies face is that the various information remain in the individual departments and thus Data silos arise. Often, this data and information is even jealously guarded. They are thus no longer available to the other departments or the other parts of the company.

This approach must become a thing of the past if you want to implement an effective CRM system. After all, data silos become a problem if this data is not available to the CRM system and thus to all the people involved.

So the first step is, Centralize all data and these to sort and To be edited. This is especially important because in this step you will also be Detect duplicate data or Sort out wrong data can. Of course, this involves effort and considerable expense, but it clearly pays off in the long run.

When young companies introduce a CRM system, this is due to the smaller amounts of data much easier. Long existing companies, on the other hand, have to spend correspondingly more time and effort to prepare all the data and collect it in the CRM.

Introduce CRM system - enter all contact channels

Many companies make the mistake of using the CRM exclusively for digital communication to use. This means that only data recorded via these digital contact channels is entered. However, a lot of important data is lost in the process and can no longer be used by your company. When you implement a CRM system, you should Record all contact channels in the CRM.


The Purchases of the customer through the website are used in the CRM just as recorded as Request by e-mail or Newsletter reactions. That's all well and good. Now but the customer calls the company and asks, gladly also with his customer number, for certain products or offers. This data is not recorded in most companies.

Even worse, often the People on the phone do not have access to the CRM system. This means that they can't even access the existing data. How is a customer supposed to feel flattered by the company if there are already problems with these things?

The better you link the various contact channels with the CRM system and the more normal it becomes to use the system for every customer contact, the more you will benefit from the system in the company.

Optimize access rights and access options

Of course, this also means that many employees potentially have access to the data. So if you're implementing your own CRM system, make sure you're following the Privacy and the Data security meet the requirements of the market. In the process, the various CRM systems certainly the possibility the Access rights and the visibility of certain information to certain users and User groups to be coupled.

So you should already think in advance about how you want to Rights and the assignment of rights want to structure. Then you can already structure the data accordingly when entering it into the system. categorize. This means that the individual departments and the individual employees have access to the information they need. relevant information available and they can use the data effectively. You should also regulate and secure the addition of new data accordingly.

Connecting CRM to marketing - creating important interfaces

When you introduce a CRM system in your company, the main beneficiary is of course the Marketing and with this also the Distribution from the innovation. Accordingly, it is important that for both areas you have the necessary interfaces create. Because among other things the Marketing Automation draws on a wide range of data from the CRM in order to personal suggestions to make and individual campaigns to drive. For this reason, you should always check in advance whether the vehicle you are the CRM system you want is compatible with the solutions you use is and to what extent the systems can be interconnected.

Maintaining data and servicing the CRM - healthy data management

Even if you have already sifted through and updated the data before implementation, if you already have a CRM system in place, you still need to remember the Data maintenance think. After all, customers drop out, no longer respond or simply die. Often, however, this data is not used; instead, customers who can no longer be reached remain as File corpses in the system.

A good and regular care of the data is correspondingly important in order to Keep system lean and above all fast. So calculate the corresponding Working time if you want to profit from your new CRM system in the long term.

You see, it is basically not difficult if you want to introduce a CRM system. The prerequisite is that you do the necessary preliminary considerations and the preliminary work, then the system can be quickly used to your advantage.

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