CRM-based marketing as a success factor

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CRM based marketing is more than considering the customer relationship. It includes the structured and target-oriented handling of customer data. Every company has individual requirements and individual goals. By means of professional support and the appropriate CRM software, it is possible to achieve long-term increases in sales and, at the same time, to improve the Customer satisfaction to increase

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Customer relationship management as the starting point for success

The term Customer Relationship Management (CRM) describes customer relationship management. Companies analyze processes that are related to customer relationships. Activities are focused on customers and customer processes are used as a basis for decision-making. Customer relationships are designed in such a way that Long-term economic benefit arises for the company.

Relationship marketing is strengthened so that sustainable effects result.

The basic assumption for CRM is the high importance of customers for the company's success. Customers enter into a relationship with the company by making a purchase or showing interest in products.

How do I find the right CRM software for my company?

The wealth of information available about customers is high. At the same time, there is a challenge because the Data usable must be made. This requires suitable software to efficiently handle the available data.

CRM-based marketing succeeds with the right software and strategy
With good CRM software, you can work efficiently in the long run and optimize customer-related interactions. (Image:

There are different software offered on the market. To find the right products, you should first learn about the Goals you want to pursue through CRM based marketing clearly become. Based on company-specific preferences, starting requirements and goals, evaluate the available software.

The value of customer relationships

Long-term customer relationships have a high value for companies. You need to know your customers so that you can Effectively implement CRM-based marketing can. One example is the E-mail-Marketing. Offer your customers a newsletter subscription and inform them regularly about current offers and developments. Important questions must be clarified beforehand:

  • For which customers is a newsletter suitable?
  • What content do I communicate via the newsletter?
  • How do I design the newsletter?
  • How do I address the customers?

The better you know your target group and your customers, the more effective newsletters are. Newsletters keep you in touch with customers, they make an important contribution to maintaining relationships.

What services can I expect from CRM systems?

CRM systems have different scopes of functions. Compare the performance of the systems with the Requirements of your company off. Possible wishes include the following:

  • Detailed address information
  • Complete customer history
  • Implementation of individual reporting
  • Keeping customer statistics
  • Quick retrieval of order information
  • Documentation of specific marketing actions
  • Coping with time management
  • Multichannel management
  • Integrated email client
  • Quotation
  • Possibility of customer selection
  • Integration or interfaces to existing document management systems
  • Realization of task management with resubmissions
  • Possibility to import and export data
  • Data migration support

The interfaces to existing systems are important in CRM

Modern systems enable the Integration of functions or interact with other solutions. For CRM based marketing you do not just choose a new software, you design a whole system - an IT landscape. The CRM systems manage the customer data and you have the opportunity, Filter customer data - for example, on the basis of the purchase history or the postal code.

Statistical analysis of customer data is equally important. Classify customers and focus on specific customer groups to make CRM-based marketing cost-efficient and effective.

Making practical use of theoretical knowledge

The relationship between customer and company is characterized by numerous properties, such as the amount of revenue generated by the customer. One business possibility to evaluate the related information is the ABC Analysis. You divide customers into A customers, B customers, and C customers based on sales.

A-customers are responsible for the largest share of sales. It is particularly worthwhile to focus marketing activities on these customers. B customers generate less sales than A customers, but more sales than C customers. But it is not sufficient to consider only one perspective: If marketing activities were focused only on A customers, then you would be taking a big risk: The churn of A customers is associated with a high loss, which is difficult to compensate. The reactivation of customer relationships is therefore another important topic in CRM.

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The reactivation of customer relationships as a task of CRM

Based on the data in the CRM, you can see which customers have been active in the past and have not shown any buying activity recently. The cost of reactivating existing customers is lower than the cost of acquiring new ones. For this reason it is purposeful to Reactivation of customer relationships to aim for.


CRM based marketing is an important success factor. A company-specific software and strategy helps in the realization of this task. The software should be selected based on the individual objectives in the company to achieve maximum benefit.


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