DSGVO compliant website with cookie consent tools

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The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) of the European Union has already been valid since May 25, 2018. But even today, there are still many uncertainties among companies and public institutions regarding its implementation. Especially the website, is in the focus of data protectionists. The Compliance of the complex regulations is important - because with Non-compliance threatens unpleasant sanctions. An important topic around the legally compliant Privacy are the cookies.

In the following overview, we have summarized the most important facts about cookies and the valuable support provided by a special Cookie Consent Software summarized for you.

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Cookies: What are they and what do they have to do with data protection?

Cookies are an important element in the Tracking From userswho visit a particular website. With the cookies, a website operator can determine, for example, which region a visitor comes from, which browser he uses for browsing, which content he clicked on and when he visited the website. All of this serves two purposes.

On the one hand, tracking offers the user the possibility of better User Experience for example, a technology that is optimal for his browser or the provision of local content. On the other hand, there are, of course, a whole range of valuable Marketing information. This gives him the chance to closely link these with the interests of the customer.

Cookie use and application statement

With the GDPR, however, extensive tracking is not allowed without the explicit consent of the user - even if the identity of the user cannot be determined with it. 

The ePrivacy Regulation

For the GDPR, the European data protection authorities have developed the so-called ePrivacy Regulation planned. However, the start has been postponed again and again, which does not reduce the uncertainty among companies. The name already documents that it is specifically about the Data security in the network goes. Among other things, presettings programmed by IT are important here.

A website must implement data protection and data security with a high level of professionalism.

Since both technical and legal know-how are important in this context, an expert should be commissioned or a professional software solution used. In the area of cookies, this is generally the special Cookie Consent Software.

Banners are not legally secure

"This website uses cookies." There used to be this sentence on a banner that was displayed when the user clicked on a website. The Cookie notice is no longer permissible today. You have certainly noticed this impressively during visits to websites.

Today appear Cookie insertswhich not only document the use of cookies. They also offer choices as to whether and which cookies the user allows. It is from the visitor put a check mark by the option he selected and the browsing experience continues with the individually selected setting. Through the cookie query, companies and public institutions can be sure to act legally compliant regarding cookies.

Example of the use of a cookie consent tool
Detailed cookie settings via cookie consent tool

Cookie Consent Tools: What is it exactly?

Cookie Consent Software (often referred to as Cookie Consent Manager or Cookie Consent Tool) can ensure that current cookie rules on a website are fully complied with be used. They are designed exactly according to the current data protection requirements.

This is for you with two advantages connected: On the one hand, you protect yourself professionally and accurately with regard to warnings and sanctions. On the other hand, you demonstrate to customers and interested parties (potential customers) that data protection is reliably implemented in your company. This means Seriousness and Professionalism and is a important competitive factorwhich must be used without fail. 

Which software is right for you?

Also in the area of Cookie Consent Software there are a lot of possibilities. Different software manufacturers have taken the GDPR directives as an opportunity and developed products for the appropriate data protection. The most important thing when choosing these products: The software must be labeled in such a way that it complies with the Cookie requirements of the current legal regulations fully met are.

It is best if it is also objectively certified. In addition, the cookie consent software should fit the company (operationally and customer-specifically) and be scalable, i.e. Adaptable according to requirements, be. This includes, for example, that cookie notices in font and color to a company and its Target group adapted and are also easy to change.

Cookie Consent Tools Comparison
Cookie Consent Tools Comparison

It is also important that it is designed to be user-friendly. This means that it should be easy to integrate into existing IT systems, and that it should be straightforward and automatic when it comes to data protection. Of course, it is also important that it works with a wide range of browsers. Perfectly compatible is. The price-performance ratio should also be right, of course. 

What features does Cookie Consent Tools offer to its users?

The purpose of the GDPR is to personal data of every person who exchanges data (in person or virtually) with a company or public institution. The fact that this data is collected, stored, processed and modified is the responsibility of the express consent required.

Cookie consent software that is compliant with the GDPR therefore not only informs the user about the use of cookies. It also contains a selection option in which the user can choose to agree to the use of cookies. Cookie terms of the website agree is or can allow or reject specific cookies. Furthermore, it is important that the cookie consent software can document and prove accesses.

Important: The GDPR does not allow cookie fields that are pre-filled, for example by already having a check mark activated!

In addition, cookie-consent software can store the user's selection, but will - for example after 12 months - query the user again.

Cookie-Consent Tools according to DSGVO - often better from the expert

The importance of the DSGVO compliant cookie consent software makes it clear that the selection and installation of the right product should be implemented professionally, both legally and technically. To ensure that everything can also be implemented in a custom-fit and cost-effective manner, it is generally advisable to hire an expert. On the one hand, you should always seek advice from your data protection officers. We will be happy to support you with the technical implementation.

Brand Analysis Template: The Foundation for Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Download Template

This information does not constitute legal advice, but is to be understood as non-binding assistance only.



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