Content Marketing vs Online PR - Differences and Synergies

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Marketing and PR could be distinguished well and reliably for many years. But with the advent of the Content marketing the demarcation became more and more difficult. Today it is increasingly difficult to Differences between content marketing and online PR to be recognized with certainty. Because there are many Synergieswhich companies can use specifically for their own benefit.

Content Marketing: Convincing content

Content is king. For some years now, companies have been increasingly relying on content to make their own products and offerings more comprehensible and to differentiate themselves from the direct competition.

Thereby there is the Content based marketing actually for ages.
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Even the then Storyteller tried to influence their fellow human beings through the stories and persuade them to take certain actions. This is exactly how it looks today.

Editorial content are used to draw users' attention to problems, solutions and ideas on a particular topic. But where is the difference to PR? Because public relations also means Public Relations.

What is the difference between content marketing and online PR?

The definition for PR is not easy to find. The German Public Relation Society has published its own definition, which we would like to adopt here. It reads:

"PR is the conscious and legitimate effort to understand as well as to build and maintain Trust in the public Based on Systematic Exploration."

This sounds obvious at first, but it does not make the distinction any easier. Because just as with PR, the Content Marketing Trust and understanding to the basic pillars that are needed for success. So we have to use a different approach.

Marketing is increasingly focusing on the Advertising effects, which is due to direct sales and other key figures can be clarified. As a rule, online PR cannot use such KPIs, but is measured on the basis of other successes, such as Image building dimensioned. Nevertheless, both variants often make use of the same tools and mechanisms, in order to take into account the different Achieve goals

Influencer marketing: Open to both variants

Influencer are Opinion Makerwhich are enormously important for a specific target group. Influencers support both marketing and PR to achieve the desired goals.

Within the framework of the Online PR Influencers are used, for example, to promote the brand name. known to make the brand itself stronger, or to strengthen the special commitment of the company to present in certain areas. Sponsorships, Environmental protection actions and other changes can be made very easily via influencers. communicating with a wide reach.

Also in the Content Marketing influencers come into play. Here they advertise the various Products and services by using these Include in a particular story or spin. So you create content that is appreciated and accepted by the user.

Social media in content marketing and Online PR

Also in the area of social networks marketing and PR can operate excellently side by side and even merge without any problems.

Whereas the focus in marketing is on direct sales and in the Presentation of stories and contentHowever, PR can cover many more areas. From the direct Customer communication about the Service Management these channels can be used in a wide variety of ways. Especially since also the Press work via social networks works excellently and is crucial for online PR.

The goals in marketing and PR - differences and similarities

The easiest way to explain the whole situation is to first take a look at what the two disciplines have in common in a company before approaching the differences. Because this is the only way we can Opportunities and synergies particularly clear work out.

The clear similarities

Both disciplines focus strongly on quality content for external customers and business partners as well as for the company's own employees. Content marketing and online PR would like to Strengthen brand essence and the Spread the brand message of the company. Both strategies make use of Different channels and try the Customers personally and individually to address.

Glaring differences between PR and marketing

While the Online PR puts the company in the spotlight and would like to present the company as positively as possible, the Content Marketing above all, the goal of Customers at the center of all activities to put.

At first, this sounds absolutely contradictory, but in the wake of social media and many other channels, this Opposition more and more off.
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The differences are visibly narrowing, while the Similarities between content marketing and online PR continue to increase. Thus, the future of both disciplines is actually clearly evident.

Conclusion: Content marketing and Online PR are merging more and more

In many companies merge content marketing and online PR into a strong and almost inseparable unit. The advantage lies above all in the fact that you can combine the various Using synergies effectively can and the Presentation of content uniform and cohesive takes place.

Important is a balanced approachin which neither of the two areas is given too much weight. This is because both elements are important for the economic success and standing with customers are equally important. Accordingly, you should regularly provide both with content. This strengthens the company and at the same time ensures greater economic success!


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