Effective content marketing strategies for e-commerce

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Using efficient content marketing strategies is one of the best ways to reach potential customers. However, not only you know this, but also all competitors in e-commerce. So what can you use to stand out from the competition in 2021 and which approaches are the most promising?
In this guide, we give you an insight into the Content marketing for digital commerce and show you dos, don'ts and best practices.

Develop comprehensive content marketing strategies - how to serve from A to Z

Content marketing is a broad term and encompasses everything from newsletters and blogs to regular Facebook and Twitter account maintenance.

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So it would be too short-sighted to just focus on one medium and put your resources there. If you want to be successful, you need to expand your Content Marketing Split sensibly between all channels and start with the basics.

In e-commerce, this starts with your store page. Already with the product descriptions, many companies fail because they create a technical manual. Of course, customers have a legitimate interest in ingredients, the individual parts, and tabular properties of a product, but they also need to be brought on board emotionally.
Comprehensive thought Content marketing strategies start right here and deliver unique product descriptions that also appeal to the target group emotionally. If a cream is silky, a drill is precision-crafted, or a sports top is athletically designed, this conveys to customers that you don't just theoretically know what purpose your products are supposed to serve.

Due to the global pandemic, e-commerce has grown in almost everything.
Due to the global pandemic, e-commerce has grown in almost everything (Fig: statista.com)

It is about the Address the needs of your clientele and their Communicate wishes adequately, good content marketing can do this better than technical details. So the first thing to keep in mind is that content marketing can be used anywhere you can engage with visitors to your site or accounts through words, images, or sound.
A good example of this can be found, for example, at the cosmetics retailer Lush. The company, which has branch offices in addition to e-commerce, sells its products in the descriptions not simply as a result of fragrances and skin care, but as a unique experience.

Content marketing strategies in practice - what your e-commerce business can do immediately

Regardless of the size of your business, whether you are an SME focused primarily on B2B marketing or as a local hero, you want to attract more walk-in customers to your connected store via Google Suggestions: With comprehensive content marketing planning, you can create impressive campaigns without spending a lot of money.
Here are some specific examples:

Use influencer marketing correctly - not all e-commerce businesses can and want experts for Social Media Marketing become, but they don't have to. With the help of influencers, you can use leverage that makes it easier for you to achieve a greater and relevant target group to reach.
This works via directly sponsored content, where you pay Brand Ambassadors to use products. However, you can also pay via Hashtags Create digital collections around your products and group them thematically and chronologically. For example, as an online boutique, rely on a hashtag around Fashion Week or encourage running influencers to compete in the marathon with your hashtag.

User Generated Content - Influencers have become classic content distributors in social media marketing, but you could also start your campaigns from scratch and rely on User Generated Content Set. Encourage your subscribers to tag your business and share their content. We're talking about a small (per post) organic reach here, but it adds up.

Users appreciate being seen, respected and shared by brands that they also enjoy using.

A great example of this is the Danish company DETAL CPH. From Copenhagen, the paint and plaster company eagerly shares examples from satisfied customers, so followers can see at a glance how the wall paint looks on walls at home. All without the added fancy of an advertising campaign.

Encourage your users to join campaigns and actions and share them with a hashtag.
Encourage your users to join campaigns and actions and share them with a hashtag.

Video marketing - a picture is worth a thousand words, 25 pictures per second is even better. With short and crisp Videos in the appropriate format, you often achieve more than with wordy blog articles and guidebooks.
For many users, it has become a habit to have Google queries answered by expert videos instead of reading through the first results. Approach your clientele and Promote your products on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. In short, be where your potential customers are.

Too much advertising budget - our relationship with advertising and especially targeted ads has changed in recent years. With iOS 14.5, iPhone users now have the choice to allow apps to track. Misinformation campaigns and fake news have led to a general loss of trust, which also affects companies in e-commerce.
A Study from The Drum shows that 70 percent of users distrust content on social media and 40 percent do not approve of targeted advertising.

Therefore, it is even more true for you, Gain (back) trust and distinguish yourself as an expert with the right content marketing strategies. Influencers and user-generated content can also build trust in your brand. This doesn't mean you should stop social media advertising, but be prudent with your resources. Out of respect for your customers, but also for a better return on investment.

Brand Analysis Template: The Foundation for Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Download Template

How do you optimize your content marketing in e-commerce?

Content marketing is a large and growing field, and not all strategies are right for every retailer. This makes the field extremely complex, because you could cover everything from better newsletters to your own technical glossary on the website to your own podcast - even if not everything makes sense specifically for your company.

Want to learn more around the best content marketing strategies and score points in e-commerce with better content? Then start with our free whitepaper through immediately or contact us directly and let us advise you individually. Learn fast and efficientt how to integrate your content marketing into your campaigns and how to use your content to really engage with your customers.


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