Best practices for content marketing in the B2B segment

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Content is king. This is not only true for the B2C sector, but also for the Content marketing in B2B increasingly important. We will show you what you should pay attention to with this form of marketing, what special challenges await you and how your company can particularly benefit from this marketing. Because only through Good planning the goals set can also be achieved.

These goals are particularly important for content marketing in B2B

Companies want to achieve different goals through their marketing in the business segment.

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The focus may vary from company to company. The statistics portal Statista asked companies about their goals in a 2019 survey and received a variety of responses. Among the main goals of companies in content marketing in B2B:

  • A significant increase in brand awareness
  • A high level of new customer generation
  • The loyalty of existing customers to the company
  • Improved sales through a higher conversion rate along the customer journey

So you can see that there are some goals that can be achieved by good Content and good content marketing for B2B customers can be achieved. However, it should always be borne in mind that the requirements in the business customer sector are significantly different and the marketing focus must be set accordingly. Among other things, this also requires the Selection of the marketing channels used.

Channels and methods for content marketing in the B2B sector

At Content Marketing various channels can be used and played on for the B2B sector in order to reach the largest possible target group. Above all, however, a large selection of Distribution channels for reaching as many companies as possible, since the B2B area can also cover an enormous number of channels. Among other things, an own blog with expert contributions and also Video content or podcasts very successfully.

But also special landing pages for specific products and work areas, white papers or even detailed product information contribute to information along the Customer Journey at. Email and social media marketing reach the customer more directly and should always be included in content marketing.

Of course, SEO is also one of the important ways to spread your content as widely as possible.

Identify the right channel for your B2B content marketing.
Identify the right channel for your B2B content marketing. (Image:

But also the paid options like the paid advertising on Social media and SEA should be taken into account. Content marketing is usually more expensive in and of itself due to the information density of the content, but it pays off particularly well in the B2B sector.

Develop content suitable for the target group and monitor distribution

In the B2B segment, it is often the case that Thought Leadership and products requiring explanation go hand in hand particularly frequently and companies therefore need to rethink their approach. Marketing is becoming less product and sales oriented and more content oriented. This is intended to underline thought leadership and should ensure that one is seen as a Experts in his field perceived will.

Therefore, it is important to develop the content in content marketing not based on the wishes of the company, but always the Keeping an eye on the questions and needs of potential B2B customers. A change of perspective that many companies do not manage at first glance and which is difficult to implement.

It's also important to measure content marketing success. Through Analyses of the important key figures and through the use of tracking and Google Analytics many important key figures can be regularly monitored and controlled. This makes it possible to fine-tune content marketing in particular and gradually improve the content. Adapt to the target group.

Without consistent monitoring, even the best content marketing is just flying blind and can even be counterproductive in the worst case. In the B2B segment, nothing can be left to chance.

Good and recommendable content formats for the B2B sector

Business customers have different demands on the content presented and, among other things, also accept formats that private customers consider to be less practical if this can satisfy their information needs. Therefore, when it comes to content marketing in the B2B segment, it is important that you offer Diversify formats as far as possible in order to optimally reach customers in line with the content.. Good and important content formats include:

  • Blog articles with technical content
  • Case Studies
  • Webinars
  • Whitepaper
  • Podcasts
  • Videos or tutorials
  • E-books

Here you will find a number of formats that require more time to create as well as to consume. Depending on the topic and focus, it can still be important to use these formats to present oneself as a company as an expert in a topic area.

The credibility of one's specialization is crucial when it comes to content marketing in the B2B segment.

Offer your content in different formats
Offer your content in a variety of formats. (Image:

Content planning according to a fixed model

At the Content planning it is important to always keep the needs of the target group in mind. The main part of the content should therefore be about the important and relevant issues of the potential customers and put them in the center of attention.

With this content you arouse the interest of the target group and are perceived as a helpful expert.

The next step is to provide additional content that supports the Customers to interaction motivated and which ensures that customers continue to interact with the company on a low-threshold basis.

This is where tact is needed in the B2B segment. A few special content articles are at the top of the attention pyramid. Expensive videos, exclusive interviews with stars of the scene, or even important and media-effective studies are worth mentioning here. These primarily serve the Branding and ensure a higher general interest.

If you as a company can safely cover this pyramid, you are on the safe side when it comes to content marketing in B2B.

Conclusion: Good content marketing in B2B is of particular importance

Those who no longer focus on their own products and sales, but instead concentrate on their customers, can register enormous advantages, especially in the B2B sector.

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Here, you can celebrate great successes with content marketing, provided it is well planned and structured. Professional monitoring and regular adaptation of the formats and strategies will help you achieve the desired success in the long term and tap into new customer groups.


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