Successful content marketing for winter

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The Time just before Christmas can mean two things in particular for companies. For Online stores the hot phase of the shopping season begins. Companies outside the retail segment, on the other hand, can already prepare for the break between the years.

But in both cases, that doesn't mean there isn't something that can be optimized about online marketing. Because even if your marketing department is on Christmas vacation, your customers, fans and followers are not.

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In content marketing for the winter on Social media you will therefore be No rest indulge yourself. And of course, you can continue to be as committed as you are throughout the rest of the year. But in this guide, we'll show you why it's worth it, Adapt your content marketing strategy specifically for winter.

Get in the mood for the holidays

When it comes to social media marketing, you think daily updated on what is happening in your company and in the world. And the cold season offers you, of course, more than just sufficient impulses to Plan ahead with the holidays.

At Center of a winter campaign are the Christmas holidaysbecause in this country these simply stand for the High season of shopping. The perfect opportunity, therefore, to show your potential customers once again why your products and services are so essential. Just that Why should be in the foreground here. Because the senses of your customers are already overloaded with advertising shortly before Christmas. Back therefore much more strongly the Advantages of your company to the fore.

Convince with the content and the real benefits of your products. For example, give a particularly ecological gift with your products, offer special deals for the holidays or your product is simply timeless as a gift.

The special trick here also lies in this, not only convince to buybut to convince people that they are buying the right thing for their loved ones. That customers then also like to discover something for themselves once when they are anyway browse for gifts, of course, you should also pay attention to that.

With targeted content marketing, you can convince your customers that they've made the right gift choice.
With targeted content marketing, you can convince your customers that they've made the right gift choice.

Content marketing for winter voted

In addition, you should pay strong attention to the content, especially also Respond to the needs of people at the holiday season. How do their customers survive the holidays stress-freewhat does your company offer to Colds to facilitate or the Pass time? What about pets on New Year's Eve, what footwear to stay active and fit even in the snow?

Find the intersections on classic winter topics like cold weather, weight gain and loss, healthy cooking, Christmas, the new year, and much more.

Just to the New Year many people think about turning their lives around and look for a new hobby or work on the Self-optimization. Encourage your customers to make the most of their resolutions. Show how your products and services do just that.

From the annually repeating trend of the good resolutions The main beneficiaries are companies that work with Subscriptions work. From online learning at Skillshare, Udemy and Masterclass to athletic subscriptions at Freeletics or Runtastic, January is all about self-optimization.

Content marketing for New Year
New Year - New You (Image: INJOY Lohne)

And because the Content Marketing for the winter not only about your product should go, you tease again and again with blog posts and Advice articles an. Show that you also care about the well-being of those who simply follow you on social media because you have a offer real added value.

And no sooner is January over and the first resolutions gone or the Christmas pounds trained off, than the Valentine's Day a day for lovers. Closely followed by the preparation for spring and the ringing in of the active season.

So you don't get a real break in the winter, and the most you can do between major events is return to everyday content marketing.

Use side effects that the competition omits

However, making your content a real success across all social media channels means not only that you do the same as the competition also. After all, even the best guide on how to quickly shed the Christmas pounds in January will achieve little attention if you simply follow the trend that your competitors also follow.

So what is the unique selling point of your content? What twist does your special hand in marketing have in store for your users? And in which points do you deliberately work against the trend?

Show about, How Christmas can be lived more ecologically and consciouslywhat vegan alternatives there are to Christmas dinner or what bargains are waiting after Christmas for all those patient people who have not already spent your annual budget.

Every trend always creates a counter trend and if you do this with authentic and sympathetic voice can sell, then your content may be just the right haven of peace that people crave at Christmastime and in the winter.

Because just as you can serve people's positive emotions for the holidays, you can also benefit from the Weariness of winter and Christmas time benefit. Because this perceived negativity of users means nothing other than a Longing for positive experiences beyond the winter event horizon.

For every successful recipe for the mulled wine evening, there also needs to be an article about why salad is perfect, especially in winter. After all, just because the temperatures drop outside doesn't mean that the Diversity of your followers and fans would freeze.

Be ready for the events and latest content

The Content Marketing for the winter you can in large parts conveniently preparen, but just not everything. Especially if you're more tied to social media and rapidly changing media like Instagram Stories, you should always have the camera ready.

Finally Authenticity in social media something like cash currency. Therefore, also show how it looks in your office/company or store in winter. Give Insights into the packing of the packages or a view outside when it snows above the plant.

Winter atmosphere
Give them winter impressions behind the scenes

Inscenate your customers as wellwhen they show on social networks how they use their products in winter. Whether it's a speedy ski ride down the black slope or simply cuddling up on the sofa at home with child and cat.

Winter as a season is dark and heavy - show that it can be lighter.

The Latest Digital Marketing Insights - Get Exclusive Access to Valuable Marketing Knwo-how


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