Content marketing as a lead magnet - 7 tips for lead generation

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In online marketing, good content always comes first, because even without the really big investments, your company can keep up with any major player through content. Correspondingly high is also the Place valuethat content marketing has become today. in the marketing mix takes.

And this is about more than just prestige in social networks or a pleasantly readable website.

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Good content marketing as a lead magnet - at least if you do it right. Find out here how exactly this works, why it's actually not that hard, and why so many companies still find it difficult. And that in seven concrete steps!

1. blogs and listicles are a lead magnet in text form

That blogs and Listicles (i.e. that mix of list and article popularized by Buzzfeed) a Path to success you can observe in yourself right now. After all, you are reading this article.

Also your (potential) customers search for relevant content and want Answers to their burning questions have

So work out a attractive Blog, in which you can find all the important in the subject area of your product Discuss. Point out problems and demonstrate how your products or services can solve that. Be there modern and design the articles entertaining, loosen them up with lots of Pictures on and do not focus too much on the Call-to-action.

Especially in an open form like the blog, you can also try things out once and see what works and what is an Lead Magnet becomes.

2. content marketing with visual content

When Fist that in the beginning there was the word, then this is especially true for modern content marketing. Blogs are good and insightful, but The written word has long since ceased to be everything.. After all, your leads are meant to be held straight and need to spend every second on your page or pages on Instagram, Facebook and Co. enjoy.

Useful content, which have a high value, you do not always have to write with the pen. Images and above all Videos are often easier to consume and offer a promising call-to-action (especially for younger target groups).

Calling viewers to do so, contact you at the end of the video, own results of DIY projects or to show experience in the Comments to discuss, has an effect on YouTube or Instagram quite authentic. Therefore: don't be afraid to use the media!

Straight Tutorials or Tips and tricks are optimal for videos.

3. chop growth where you can not create it organically

But sometimes the best is enough Content Marketing not to reach your customers with mere content. After all, you can only generate a successful lead if your potential customers find their way to your site at all.

In this case go SEO and Content Hand in hand, so use tools like Google Analytics and SemRush, analyze your target group and their Search queries and plan exactly how and where you will use your Place content want

In doing so, you should of course also keep a sharp eye on the Competition and see which competitors are performing better than you in which areas. And why...

4. life is repetition

Life is repetition. And that also applies to your content; useful content doesn't appear to you as an inspiration every day. However, that's not a bad thing either, because you can also reprocess old content, discuss again according to the latest knowledge or with a new product/service.

Keep in mind that any article on your blog or video on your channel can be the first for a customer. And often it is also interesting for long-time followers to once again to look at an old topic from a new point of view.

It is important that you Regular content with added value deliver. Then you also get from Instagram, Facebook or YouTube the so important Boost in search algorithm and news feed. This will keep you present on the net and in the minds of the users and a functioning lead magnet needs exactly this presence. Only then are Users ready to become followers and subscribers to become and give contact information to you.

5. create structures

Content needs structure and that in several forms at once. This applies, for example, to the Text structure, which was created by a captivating headline is crowned and over Subheadings clearly guides you through the continuous text.

But the structure must also Aesthetically appeal, should therefore distract little and the Bauhaus principle follow "Form follows function" In content marketing, this means that your readers and viewers will be find your way intuitively and also immediately know what they can find and where on their first visit.

About visual communication you can also set content weight and, for example, the area to the Entering the e-mail address for the newsletter or a free e-book Highlight.

Just remember that any form of content on the web, even pure text, is visual. And accordingly, your blog should also be a real feast for the eyes.

6. simply stay tuned through retargeting

You won't be able to convert all visitors into leads on their first contact with your site. To Qualified leads from one-time visitors to make, you should be ready for repeated contact with your fire.

Content Marketing as a Lead Magnet for Successful Retargeting & Contextual Targeting
Successful retargeting with content marketing as a lead magnet

About Retargeting Strategies you can create a new user profile for users over several Portals, Contact points and also Devices presence across the board. Typically, users need about three to five contact pointsbefore you are ready to make a purchase.

So lead and lead magnet don't have to spark the first time, constant content wears away the stone.

7. precision is the key

Content Marketing as a lead magnet does not have to serve every problem in the world. If you want to win an e-mail address, you should for it Not a Wooly Pig that Lays the Egg present Specific problems require specific solutions and good content solves a problem, but very precisely.

Because of course users are looking very specifically for a certain added value and do not need a broad-spectrum antibiotic for a clearly defined problem. When in doubt, offer several individual solutions on, this will even help you to Sort leads better and easier to utilize.

How to benefit from content marketing as a lead magnet

Just these 7 tips will help you devise a strategy to generate better leads in high volume faster.

But even with the knowledge to properly build content marketing as a lead magnet, it's just a feat, Present content in a truly high-quality manner. Good texts, impressive images and easy-to-understand videos - that still sounds easy to implement on the drawing board, but can become a stumbling block in practice.

However, this is precisely why you should take your chances online to get a Network (also with External and freelancers) and build a little experiment. Not every blog post has to be a smash hit, but you do need to be ready, learn from successes and failures. Then your content highlights can be replicated and Visitors are so happy to become a lead for your company.

The Latest Digital Marketing Insights - Get Exclusive Access to Valuable Marketing Knwo-how


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