Content marketing: 7 factors for success

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More reach, more visitors, more customers and more sales: Content marketing campaigns are essential if you want to attract attention on the Internet. With content marketing, as the name suggests, the Convince contents.

The Latest Digital Marketing Insights - Get Exclusive Access to Valuable Marketing Knwo-how

The focus is therefore on an informative, advisory and entertaining character of content that is intended to convince visitors of your range of products and services. We have compiled seven factors for you that are essential for the success of content marketing campaigns.

1. know and analyze target group

If you know exactly who you want to target with your content marketing campaigns, you'll have a clear idea of how best to do it. If you have your Target group want to reach, they need to speak their language and know where to find it. The type of medium is also crucial here. Some target groups are more likely to be reached with Videos and images via appropriate portals, while others want well-researched information as text and in the form of a detailed blog post or e-book.

Take your content to where your target audience usually spends time

Be it lawyers, homeowners, drivers, students, employees, self-employed or engineers. Find out what the respective target group attaches particular importance, what the preferences are and try to put yourself in their shoes.

Good and exciting content marketing can have a positive impact on the business.
Good and exciting content marketing can have a positive impact on the business (Image:

2. a good story instead of flat slogans

Keep in mind that your target audience is confronted with all kinds of advertising messages every day, whether they are interesting to them or not. Standing out from this continuous stream of information with a specific offer - that's where the art of a good content marketing campaign lies. So let yourself be good, traceable stories that will engage your readers, listeners or viewers, with which they can identify can. In this way, an awareness of the problem and a certain affinity for a brand or product can develop. Stories that are particularly emotional have the property of lingering in the memory for a long time if they have left a correspondingly good and lasting impression on the target group.

3. well structured is half written

Especially among readers of news articles and blog posts, the attention span often does not last long. Usually, only the first two or three paragraphs are read. For a reader to even click on their article, it first requires a appealing title, the short and precise summarizes what he can expect. Under no circumstances should you rely on any exaggerations or so-called "clickbaits" that make false promises. Your readers will notice this, classify the page as unserious and disappear never to return.

Immediately after the title follows the Teaser, a kind of appetizer, in which it is presented in one or two sentences or a short paragraph what exactly your article should be about. The main purpose here is to clarify for the reader whether the article is a solution to his problem and whether he will find the information he is looking for.

The text itself should not consist of a pure desert of lead, but rather sensibly structured be. This makes it easier for the reader to maintain an overview. Therefore, pay attention to subheadings, sensible paragraphs and further enhance the whole thing with bulleted lists and infoboxes where appropriate. You can supplement your content marketing campaigns with various media such as images, infographics and videos to further increase the benefit for the reader.

4. short, concise and understandable

When writing the text, always keep in mind the target audience for whom it is intended. Generally it is recommended, short, meaningful sentences to formulate. Accordingly, avoid sentences that are too long and highly convoluted, because these can cause the reader's attention to wane and they wander off the page or click on another article. Remember that search engines such as Google also register the length of time spent on a particular page and factor this into the rating and thus its Ranking to be incorporated into the process.

The longer a reader stays on the page, the better for your page in the search results list

Accordingly, it is important within the framework of your content marketing campaigns to only relevant and unique content (unique content).

Find out the appropriate content presentation for your target audience or refresh your content with different content types.
Find out the appropriate content presentation for your target audience or refresh your content with different content types (Image:

5. what are your goals?

In order for content marketing campaigns to be crowned with success, precise and comprehensible objectives are required that can be used as a guide for all those involved. The typical overarching goals of content marketing are:

  • Establishment and positioning of a brand
  • Lead generation and new customer acquisition
  • Customer loyalty

6. find the right strategy

Before your content marketing campaigns, you should be clear about the right strategy. Do you want to sell an article or is it enough, Generate leads?

The Latest Digital Marketing Insights - Get Exclusive Access to Valuable Marketing Knwo-how

Consider which processes are necessary for this and how the Customer Journey of your prospects should proceed. In the course of the customer journey, it's important, Bringing the right content at the right timeso that interest remains and visitors first become leads and leads become customers.

7. cross media: Attention on all channels

As diverse as the media you find on the Internet are, so can be the formats you use to distribute your content. It's best to use several of them and distribute content across multiple networks at once. There are plenty of options:

  • Blog posts
  • Software products
  • Tests
  • Surveys
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • E-books
  • Studies
  • Infographics
  • ...

Do you want to communicate something to your customers and address them on as many channels as possible? Then you should communicate your content via As many platforms as possible make it known. For example, if you have published a new article on your company blog, you can share it on Twitter and Facebook. Perhaps you also have a suitable video on the same topic that you can use to explain a product and its function. Then you can include it in the blog post and link it to YouTube at the same time.


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