7 useful applications for Chat GPT in marketing

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Never write for yourself again? Have content creators lost their jobs? The new AI Performance Chat GPT is on everyone's lips. The invention by Tesla manufacturer Elon Musk and Microsoft has also reached the marketing world. But where can Chat GPT facilitate the marketing work? In this article you will learn 7 ways how to use Chat GPT in practice.  

Brand Analysis Template: The Foundation for Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Download Template

Before we get to that point, we first need to understand what this artificial intelligence even is and what it is capable of. The Generative Pre-Trained Transformer is similar to the human communication between people and computer. The Open AI system can be used to ask and discuss questions. It can simplify complicated texts or write poems. These capabilities are based on the millions of texts in social media, books or newspapers, the Generative Pretrained Transformer  have been taught. However, Chat GPT cannot perform an independent Internet search. This is to prevent incorrect information from being fed in. This knowledge and skills can also be useful for the advertising industry to simplify the work. 

Formulate catchy headlines 

A good headline is crucial for effective marketing, but sometimes you lack the sparkling idea.

Finding a catchy headline is sometimes hard to come by, but Chat GPT can help out.
Finding a catchy headline is sometimes hard to come by, but Chat GPT can help out.(Image: dasauge.com)

Here Chat GPT can be a good support and bring new ideas with endless knowledge. In your prompt, explain to the AI exactly what you want to achieve with your headline and what your Target group is. Possible areas of application would be, for example, headlines for posters, ads or even blog articles.  

Article creation 

Qualitative high quality blog entries are particularly important for the Google ranking. However, the production of an article requires many resources. Therefore, it is helpful if Chas GPT can take over part of the work. It is important to tell Chat GPT exactly what text form and topic is desired. Because je more accurate the prompt, the better the result.  

Although care must be taken here to avoid plagiarism, the Chat GPT can already write a rough draft that only needs editing. 

Collect information  

The knowledge of the Chat GPT is huge. It can also be a useful tool for marketing. Whether you need new information for optimization, knowledge for a new customer, a general question about the marketing industry or an analysis, AI is your best friend. Also Ideas for a good editorial plan he can give Chat GPT. Also in design he can help an inspiration with motif ideas.  

An example prompt would be:  

  • Create a list of potential German fashion influencers on Instagram that we could work with. Note that the number of followers should be over 100k. 

Formulate short texts 

Here a newsletter, there a text for Instagram. Short texts that summarize a topic well are needed everywhere. Chat GPT can very good at converting complicated facts and information into a compact textwithout sounding too technical. This is especially useful in the field of marketing, as the time needed to create such texts can be minimized. 

Create structure 

Before content creation can begin, a structure is required. Creating this can be a headache.

Chat GPT can support marketing by creating informative Instagram texts.
AI can support marketing by creating informative Instagram texts.(Image: hotel-gastronomy.ch)

The artificial intelligence of Chat GPT provides you in effective structure in a fraction of a second, whether for videos, podcasts or texts. An example question could be: 

  • Write a script for an explainer video about our corporate efforts for sustainability and paper reduction.  

Compose emails 

In customer contact, but also for the Email marketing the support of Chat GPT can be helpful. After an exact explanation of what is needed for an email format, can be Chat GPT write you a perfect email. The AI provides you with suggestions for formulations and the structure of the e-mail so that the desired communication goal is achieved. 

  • Create a thank you email to send to customers after a purchase .   

SEO research 

Even searching for keywords is passé.

Brand Analysis Template: The Foundation for Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Download Template

Chat GPT can now do that for you. With the right question provides you the AI will generate a list of Keywords, that significantly improve your ranking can. This saves you time-consuming analyses and perhaps also money for certain tools and platforms. 


Chat GPT is a great addition to the world of marketing. However, the system is still new and may still contain bugs, so checking it is essential. Even if it seems that GPT can do all the work for you, you will be content creators continue to play an important role. Because true originality and quality content come from people. Nevertheless Chat GPT a part of the future of marketing and can make your work easier and inspire you to new ideas. 


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