Exploiting the potential of CRM with business intelligence

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Business Intelligence (BI) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are powerful tools that companies are increasingly linking together these days. This is practically true for companies of all sizes, as soon as they start to use To use customers' data effectively and to recognize customer relationship management as a serious part of the decision-making process.

BI and CRM can hardly be imagined separately

If you look at most of the companies that rely on a professional customer relationship management you quickly find out that, as a rule, the CRM and BI always linked are. The combination of these effective tools and instruments is so obvious that hardly any user questions this combination. But why is this the case? What benefits do companies derive from this combination?

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The original field of application of Business Intelligence

For a long time BI as pure Tool for the higher management tiers. Because as a tool, business intelligence provides customer relationship management information, based on which entrepreneurial and strategic decisions can be made. By collecting, independently evaluating and, above all, presenting this information and business data, BI provides the basis for rational economic decisions.

Big Data - Big Problem

The term Big Data already describes the situation in most companies very well. Thanks to ever-advancing digitization, more and more data is available. These must be used for strategic and economic decisions and taken into account in these decisions. This quickly becomes problematic, as the Evaluation this data by hand virtually impossible has become.

The number of data is too large and the data packets are often too distributed.

Here comes the BI into play. She is able to Process and link data and from the data readable and usable information to extract information from the data. Well-integrated business intelligence thus ensures faster and more effective decisions and supports management in decision-making.

In addition, however, the BI will also be directly linked to the CRM used. Here too are the Data sets enormously diverse and always growing. Finally the Data in the Customer Relationship management can be enormously diverse:

  • Customers data
  • Purchase history of customers
  • Search history of customers on own website
  • Tracking data of the customers
  • Customer reactions to marketing actions
  • and many more

Linking and preparation of CRM data through business intelligence

Good customer relationship management is of crucial importance for companies in this day and age. Because it not only forms the Basis for all marketing activities, but also becomes the Customer loyalty and for many more economic decisions consulted.

However, there are also problems with this. Because the Quantity of data in customer relationship management has also multiplied in recent years. This simply means that there are more and more complex from the available data to determine the filter out desired content and to put them in relation to each other in a meaningful way. And this is exactly where the Combination of Business Intelligence and CRM an.

This is because the BI is able to work according to predefined criteria and convert the existing data into readable and usable information.

Thus Companies benefit sustainably from the existing data sets and can use them in a wide variety of contexts. This shows that BI is becoming increasingly important in companies and that the linkage has enormous potential, especially in the area of customer data.

Business decisions based on information from CRM

Of course, interleaving the two systems not only improves the Customer relationsbut the reverse is also important. Because on the basis of the customer data from the CRM processed by business intelligence, it is possible to Fundamentals for business decisions be derived. Is it still worthwhile to continue with product X? Does it make sense to open another branch in region Y?

Such Questions can often be achieved with the help of BI and Customer Relationship Management in combination. more accurate and easier to answer. Thus, another reason why companies should push so hard, or at least push, the combination of these two areas.

In summary, it can be said that the new possibilities of business intelligence will bring CRM significantly further forward and thus improve the direct customer approach runs much better in many companies. Thus, you can both the Professionalize marketing as well as the Optimize customer service, which provides many companies with a clear Ahead of the competition offers.

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