Checklist - successful briefing for content marketing authors

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Companies usually have a precise idea of the content and tone of your content marketing. As a result, information may be deemed irrelevant that is essential for an internal or commissioned author or authoress are. Brief discussions or so-called briefings are a suitable solution to avoid this problem. Because in this way, the authors of the texts have a Expectations overview of the company. The following article delves into individual points that are essential for a successful briefing and a complete checklist for Content Marketing Authors and authors can not be missing.

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Why a successful briefing is the key to quality content

In many cases, those who write texts are not absolute experts in every subject and therefore rely on research. A detailed briefing is consequently helpful in preventing dissatisfaction or long correction loops. After all, tasks can only be completed satisfactorily if the authors have been properly briefed. Here it is particularly important that the briefing understandable and complete is.

It is particularly helpful if the contents in this respect are Collected in writing and structured be provided as a checklist. In this way, information is not lost and also serves as an aid to thinking during the text creation process. But in order to derive this benefit from the briefing, completeness must be ensured. So what information should your briefing definitely contain?

Know your Customer

For the external authorship, it is first important to know which customer company is involved. A brief description of the company stands out positively in a briefing. This can also include explanatory videos or websites that explain the market, clientele and the company's offering.

The authors can thus create a acquire general knowledge about the subject area.

Of course, a link to the website must not be missing. This gives the opportunity to capture the identity of the company and adapt the writing style and tone. Moreover, to show the company in the best light, a brief must not forget the differentiation or the unique selling point. What makes the company unique? Only when writers know their customers can good content arise.

Clearly defined goals

Content marketing is used to try to, Leads to generate. Maybe you want to create a Call-to-action integrate or persuade the readership to download a white paper. This intent should be known to the writers from the outset. Therefore, it is important to provide appropriate whitepapers and CTAs so that the writers can take into account the respective goal of the content.

A briefing checklist can be used to record desired CTAs.
A briefing checklist can be used to record desired CTAs. (Image:

Important is of course the Target groupFor whom is it written? Should there be a high density of information because the readership is already familiar with the topic? Are you communicating from consumer-to-consumer (C2C) or consumer-to-business (C2B)? Defining these points in your checklist is essential for authors and makes for a successful briefing.

Topic specific input

Having good sources for the varying topics is probably the most important thing for any new article. The points mentioned above can simply remain in the checklist and act as a thought guide.

Instructive sources make it easier for the writer to hit the mark on the direction of the text and integrate the information that the company wants to communicate.

SEO research can also be added here so that the author can gain an understanding of which topics rank particularly well for the keyword.

Uniform text style

  • Text type: Determine what kind of text you want. Is it a blog post or maybe more of an encyclopedia entry?
  • Text length: What word count does the company want for the article?
  • Structure: According to which procedures should the text be written. Should meta title and meta description be included? Are H2 and H3 headings desired or should a conclusion be written? You can also define here whether you want the text to be broken up by key points and several headings.
  • Corporate Language: This item is useful to name specific terms that should be positioned. In addition, you can inform the authors here whether and how you gender.
  • What should be explicitly avoided? For example, do you want no negative phrases or few repeated words?
  • Style: This point is closely related to the previous one. What tone should be set? Emotional, or do you prefer to remain factual? Can the content be practical or give impulses for everyday work? You can send such information to the authors in this section.
  • Reader Address: Would you like to address your readership with you or you?
The Latest Digital Marketing Insights - Get Exclusive Access to Valuable Marketing Knwo-how

Effort that pays off

It may take a bit of time to gather all the information, but most of the work is done once you have created a checklist. And the best part is that this list is always reused can be. This way, you can make sure that company wishes are met and writing is made easier for authors. So don't skimp on information and effort in creating a successful checklist and invest your resources in a successful briefing.


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